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Nate, What is this?
What'd you bring me?
I see that, and it looks like a lot of money.
Where did you-- where did it come from
and why are you giving it to me?
Because it came from a lemonade stand.
You had a lemonade sale?
OK, and you're giving it to me?
How come?
Because it's for your gorillas.
It is?
You're so sweet to do that.
You know, the gorillas are losing their habitat,
so that we need the money.
That's why I brought it.
Thank you, yeah--
Duh, look at that.
It's a lemonade stand.
Or as I like to call it, LemonNate.
LemonNate, because your name is Nate.
LemonNate stand.
I like it, well that's very sweet of you,
and the gorillas appreciate it too.
I am going to put this money in the fund
and inspire other kids to do that too.
That's great, you must've sold a lot of lemonade.
There's a lot of money in there.
How much money is in there, do you know?
That's a lot of lemonades, wow.
Thank you Nate.
Do you want to have a seat?
You want to sit for a while?
What about your girlfriend?
You still with her?
What's her name?
Bella, how's she doing?
I don't see her that often, so I don't really talk about her.
Sorry I brought her up.
I don't-- OK, but you're on good terms?
OK, so now the newest thing you're learning you're
just so smart now you're learning license plates
in the states that they--
what got you interested in license plates?
Because I like cars.
I like cars too, but I don't really
care about the license plate.
What made you decide to do that though?
Because I like cars and license plates are on the cars.
So that's why I like license plates.
OK, so you're going to point to--
we're going to have a monitor.
And you're going to point to a state,
and you're going to say which plate, right?
Here's your pointer, and then gonna see how this goes, Nate.
Alright, let's see what we have here.
New York.
That's New York, you're right.
Alright, let's see the next plate.
Do you know something about that plate?
Do you want to talk about the plate?
I know one fact about it.
That it's the last state that required a license
plate on the back of their car.
Oh, really?
Before that, they didn't need one.
Good, OK.
Let's see the next one.
Alright, what do you know about Delaware?
That it's the only state in the USA that has numbers on them,
because it's such a small state.
I see, so it doesn't have the letters as well.
Yes, OK, let's see the next one.
Where's that?
New Mexico.
New Mexico, wonderful.
So and what is--
What is New Mexico, what do you know about that?
It's the only-- it's the only state license
plate that says USA on it.
Oh, interesting, Yes it--
Alright, let's see the next one.
Idaho, yes, alright.
What do you know about that?
That it's the first--
it was the first state that required a picture
on their license plate.
Oh, really?
Why do you think it required a picture?
Do you know?
But I know what the picture was.
What was it?
A potato.
Look at that, that's really impressive.
Every time you're here, you just really impress me
with all of your knowledge, because you really keep
learning about more and more.
I think it's impressive just that you know all the states,
and now you're knowing all the license plates.
And I appreciate this so much.
I want you to have another LemonNate sale,
because I want you to raise more money for the gorillas,
and I want any other kids out there
to raise money for the gorillas, for my Gorilla Fund.
So we got you something to have a really good lemonade sale.
Look at this.
Isn't that good?
Alright, so now you can have another sale,
and you can make some more money for the gorillas, OK?
Alright, Nate.
Thank you so much for being here.
We'll be back.
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Nate Seltzer Shows Ellen His New License Plate Knowledge

275 Folder Collection
Christy published on April 12, 2019
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