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Sweden has produced quality engineers for generations,
and a testament to their ingenuity was the country's tank destroyers,
which recently made their debut in World of Tanks.
Filled with eclectic vehicles, the top TD really is one-of-a-kind.
Also arriving with these new vehicles are new mechanics:
Travel and Siege modes.
The TD branch deviates from the Strv fm/21 light tank.
The first tank destroyer is waiting at Tier II,
and its name isn't an easy one:
the Pansarvärnluftvärnvagn fm/42, or Pvlvv fm/42 for short.
Playing it is like taking off a heavy winter coat.
You become lighter, quicker.
This is a small, agile, and maneuverable vehicle.
But these features come at the price of poor view range and lack of armor.
This TD also features decent gun variants and low detectability.
If you have experience in playing this type of vehicle,
the Pvlvv fm/42 won't surprise you.
All the standard tank destroyer tactics work well with it.
The Tier III tank destroyer is the Ikv 72.
The vehicle still has thin armor and a short view range.
But its mobility, available guns,
and small dimensions will cheer you up.
The Swedish Tier III tank destroyer has an even lower profile than the Tier II one.
The Ikv 72 boasts the best concealment of all vehicles in the game.
Long live the new king!
This accolade was previously held by the French Renault UE 57 —
also a tank destroyer, also at Tier III.
To crown it all, this Swedish vehicle enjoys
an excellent gun depression angle: 12 degrees.
This allows it to take some unusual firing positions.
The next vehicle is the Sav m/43,
a machine without significant drawbacks and sweeping advantages.
Its weaknesses are short view range, poor HP,
and virtually no armor on the sides.
However, the frontal armor isn't bad for this tier and vehicle type.
Strengths include mobility, a small profile,
and a good selection of guns.
Here you'll have to think about which gun you want to install.
You either sacrifice high damage per shot
and take the accurate 75-mm gun with good penetration capability;
or you pick the 105-mm cannon
and deal three times as much damage—
but not all the time because its penetration
and accuracy aren't as reliable.
The vehicle's gun depression angle has become even better—14 degrees.
So it can successfully make use of terrain.
In the middle of the branch, you'll find the Ikv 103.
On the surface, it looks like the Ikv 72.
Its drawbacks are the same, too: armor and view range.
This is also true for its strengths:
small profile, great mobility,
and a high gun depression angle.
One thing is unusual, though:
there are only HEAT shells in its ammo rack.
The velocity of these shells is pretty slow,
so you'll have to get used to that.
But their penetration capability doesn't reduce with distance.
The next vehicle in the branch is the Ikv 65 Alt II.
Among Tier VI tank destroyers,
it has the highest reverse speed—20 km/h.
Other than that, this vehicle doesn't have any unique characteristics.
It's a typical compact Swedish TD with poor armor and health.
But it's agile, very fast, and sports an excellent gun.
This vehicle can reach a speed of 60 km/h — only the Hellcat is faster.
The Ikv 90 Typ B.
The last vehicle of the branch with familiar mechanics.
However, its exterior already bears a resemblance to the top Swedish TDs.
Usually, a cabin in the rear creates problems,
as it seriously impairs the elevation and depression angles.
But not here.
The Ikv 90 Typ B is an exception to the rule.
Its gun mounting doesn't affect performance.
It has decent specifications for its type, tier, and nation.
It's a delicate and quick machine with a good gun.
You can apply standard tactics on the battlefield in this vehicle.
However, standard is no way to describe our next three vehicles:
the UDES 03,
Strv 103-0,
and Strv 103B.
These machines possess unique gameplay features,
and are incomparable with any other vehicles except themselves.
Let's review their specifics.
These TDs have two modes: Travel and Siege.
The first is for fast movement;
the second is for effective firing.
In the first mode, the vehicle is agile and maneuverable.
It has a high maximum speed.
In this mode, forward speed is comparable to reverse speed.
The Strv 103B can reach 50 and 45 kilometers an hour, respectively.
You don't need to waste time turning around to escape.
And with that, we've run out of positives,
so let's look at some things to be wary of.
In Travel mode, you can't alter the gun elevation angle.
It's fixed.
For horizontal movement, the hull moves too.
When you fire, the dispersion is enormous—SPG-like.
It's extremely difficult to hit anything.
Compared to this, direct firing from an SPG is a sniper's job.
Everything changes when you press X.
In a couple of seconds, the vehicle becomes completely different.
Forward and reverse movement slows to a crawl.
But now you can shift the hull up and down, together with the gun.
And the gun takes on excellent characteristics
in accuracy and aiming and reload time.
The main tactic of top Swedish TDs is ambush.
Even small cover will be enough to hide them.
These vehicles are low and have a good profile.
They're the best for their tiers, in fact.
The Strv 103B at Tier X; Strv 103-0 at Tier IX;
and the UDES is the least detectable Tier VIII vehicle in the game.
Apart from that, the Camouflage Net
and Binocular Telescope work in Siege mode, even if you turn the hull.
In general, the Swedes have all the abilities
needed to make full use of their guns,
which are quick-firing and have high penetration values for standard shells.
Of course, at close range, on the march,
or lacking proper cover, Swedish high-tier TDs are almost helpless.
But they are formidable opponents from a distance.
What comes to mind after looking at Swedish TDs
is that branch research will be anything but dull.
And the main course awaits players at the top tiers.
That's all for now.
Take these new vehicles for a spin, good luck in battle!
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Swedish Tank Destroyers Review

601 Folder Collection
raychen0918 published on April 11, 2019
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