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-You're in the Guinness Book of World Records.
-Yeah, right?
-I think this is a cool -- This is a pretty amazing thing.
-It is amazing. -What is it, now?
You're the longest-running live-action Marvel superhero?
-From Australia, over 6'2."
-Wow! That's a tough record to beat.
Wow! -That's Hemsworth included.
So let me be clear.
My whole childhood --
I don't know if anyone else here was like this.
My brother and I -- yeah, maybe winning a gold medal
at the Olympics, maybe.
But being in the Guinness Book of Records --
that was the ultimate goal in life.
So, we flicked through everything.
We even -- We contemplated the longest fingernails. Gross.
-Oh, dude, always longest fingernails.
-Because that doesn't take talent.
That's just commitment.
-Okay, all right, all right, all right.
-I'm like, "All right.
It's gonna be difficult to write the essay but worth it."
-Yeah, exactly. -Fail school, whatever.
But we went through everything.
We went -- I remember, at one point,
we were trying to catch coins off our elbow.
The record is like 194 or something.
-And we thought, being geniuses with our 7-year-old hands,
that that's the one we should go for.
-So you tried to master that. -We tried to master that.
-I was pretty good at that myself growing up.
-Were you good?
-I'm just saying... -You can catch every...
-I would catch a couple coins.
We have some quarters.
I just -- How many can you -- How many can you do?
-I'm going to confidently say 10.
What do we got there? All right. Come on.
-Serious? -Come on, Jimmy.
[ Drumroll ]
-I'll try it, too. -Are you good?
-No. I haven't done it in years.
-Are we going -- -Like that?
-Are we going shirts up?
-We have to wear shirts. Yeah, I mean, one of us does.
One of us has to wear a shirt, yeah.
Wait. 10? Oh, I can't do 10.
Let me see if I can do five. -Where do you want me? There?
Are we going to go simultaneous?
-Why don't you get out of the way.
Oh, do you want to do it at the same time?
But what if it goes awry?
-I know.
[ Foghorn ]
All right, let's see, let's see. Here we go.
-All but one. -Let's see.
[ Drumroll ]
-Yes. Watch the desk.
[ Foghorn ]
-They went everywhere. Dude, I have five in my hand.
-They're in the Empire State Building.
-There's some in the Empire State Building, yeah.
I guess I won't be in the Guinness book for that.
-That one didn't go well. We went for badminton.
-Oh, really?
-So, there's a world record for badminton.
Well, there was when I was 8.
So, if you play continuously for 56 hours,
you're in the -- And my brother goes, "That's the one."
You just have to stand up. You don't have to be good.
We actually rang them up and found out
that you can accrue breaks.
So, that's five minutes every hour.
So if you accrue that,
you can sleep for two hours every 24 hours.
So, we're 8 and 9, and my brother goes,
"We've got to train."
I said, "Playing badminton?" And he goes, "No, not sleeping."
-He sounds like fun. -He did.
He stayed up all night one night,
and then, some point during the second day, during school,
he got sent home because he hit his head
on the desk or something.
-Yeah, of course. You got to sleep.
-Yeah, we weren't the sharpest tools in the shed.
-Let's talk about --
-Look at us just leaving money everywhere.
-Yeah, I know.
There's, like, quarters everywhere.
Yeah. You make it rain when you get here.
"Missing Link." -Yeah.
-Let's talk about this movie.
I'm excited about this this weekend.
-I'm worried about this. You got other guests.
Very important guests. -Oh, yeah. Of course, sure.
Yeah, thank you. -Sorry.
-Yeah. That's very thoughtful. -That's it.
-Do you want to trade blazers? Maybe yours would look nice.
-Yeah, no, mine's more valuable.
-All right, I gotcha. No problem.
-Actually, maybe not.
-No, no, I don't want it. -Definitely not.
There you go. -No!
-Yo! -No, I don't want -- Come on!
Fits. ♪♪
-Wow. You look pretty good.
Not bad. -Man, this fits. This is good.
But that's a touch.
That's a nice touch.
-Yeah, maybe I'll start doing this.
-I put all the money in the pocket square, clearly.
-Yeah. I like that.
Maybe that's my move from now on.
I like that.
-I'm sorry.
You're listening to the longest "Tonight Show" of all time.
-No, it's good. I don't want you to leave.
Let's break the record. Guinness Book, are you watching?
That's what we should do. The longest-ever "Tonight Show."
-The longest continuous "Tonight Show."
-The longest continuous -- -Are you guys up for it?
-Hey, Roots, are you guys up for that?
-Yes. -Yeah. We're gonna try it.
-They're like, "Absolutely not."
-Yeah, they're already asleep. Yeah. No.
-Someone Google. -They're down for it.
Let's do that next time. -Without a commercial break.
-Yeah. -Oh. No.
-I can't afford those suits if we go to that. Yeah.
Please, let's talk about this film.
Zach Galifianakis. -Yeah.
-Is it Zoe Saldana? -Yes.
-And the idea of it is --
you're an explorer trying to find Sasquatch.
-Sasquatch. So, he's out in the beginning of the movie,
finding the Loch Ness Monster.
He's desperate to become an elite sort of explorer,
so he goes out to find the Sasquatch
and literally finds him in the first 10 minutes of the movie.
Played by Zach -- And then he's got to bring him back.
But the Sasquatch -- And Zach is so brilliant.
The Sasquatch is just lonely and wants to go over, and he says,
"I'll come back with you, but could you first take me
to try and find anyone else like me?"
And so my character is like, "Oh, all right."
So they go on this trek together,
this journey together.
And it's made by Laika Studios,
which if you saw "Kubo and the two strings"
or "Coraline" -- it's all real stop-motion animation.
It is the most beautiful animation.
It's a beautiful story, and Zach is hilarious.
Zoe's great.
But this animation itself -- you've got support these guys,
because they're one of the few people left
doing real stop-motion animation.
So, yeah, check it out. -Let's check it out.
I want to show a clip from your new movie.
Here's Hugh Jackman in "Missing Link."
Take a look at this.
-You are exactly as I imagined.
8 feet tall.
Chest circumference -- 70 inches.
Total weight around 650 pounds.
-Well, I would say it's more like, you know, 630 pounds.
You know, it's the hair that makes me look heavier, I think.
It's a little deceptive. It can be frustrating.
-Oh, and look at the size of those metatarsals.
-Whoa! Sir -- Wow, your hands!
-Do you mind if I smell you? -Um...yeah, sure.
I mean, I bathed recently,
you know like two weeks ago in a creek, uh, so sure.
You didn't drink from the creek, did you?
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Welcome back, everyone. Day 3 of "The Tonight Show."
-Day 3. -Day 3.
The longest-running guest in the history of "The Tonight Show,"
Hugh Jackman, everybody.
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Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Attempt a Guinness World Record

288 Folder Collection
吳即平 published on April 11, 2019
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