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living in New York City it's hands-down one of the most unique places on earth
to inhabit but sometimes it can be pretty easy to get lost in that daily
grind and forget just how special this place truly is on this channel I've
shown you some of the most luxurious extravagant things that this great city
has to offer but today today I'm showing you a
realistic view of what it's like to actually live here that is right I am
taking you on a day in the life and a day in my life starts at just around
five o'clock in the morning oh it's so cold my eyes are tearing off I'm gonna
go down to the street so like I was saying up there on the roof before that
wind blew us over I wake up at 4:45 at the 5:00 a.m. the main reason I do this
is because it's uncomfortable it is not comfortable to wake up and get out of
bed and walk to the gym in the middle of the winter and we live in a world where
it's very easy to be comfortable so I think we actually have to put ourselves
in positions where we are now uncomfortable to grow as humans first
real thing on the agenda for today is given a nice hard leg workout my general
rule is that I need to break a sweat for at least 60 minutes a day today is leg
day so I'm doing traditional squats which is a staple strength building
workout overhead single arm dumbbell cleans for explosive power dropping down
to lighter weight standing kettlebell reverse lunges and ending off with
kettlebell swings for extra endurance disclaimer I am no means a fitness
expert but I do have a strong foundation in fitness from Division one growing in
college and if you're interested in seeing a full depth video all my
training regimen comment down below another benefit early morning workout
is that the gym empty I mean just there's no one here one thing I've
realized is that in life it's really important to have interests that are
outside of your profession just to keep it fresh and to keep learning yeah you
always got to keep learning the minute you stop learning you're dead in the
water you're stuck that's a game over and I have always been fascinated by
real estate especially in New York City so I spend a few hours per week just
learning about the industry it's easy to forget about your hobbies but because
it's important to me I make sure to schedule the time on my calendar block
off two hours sometimes three hours maybe an hour depending on the day just
to make sure I have time away from the editing videos planning videos filming
videos just basically anything that is not related to YouTube recently I've
been experimenting with intermittent fasting so I don't have my first meal
until around 11 o'clock in the morning the first meal of the day is a
nutribullet shake and it's just about a thousand calories of health goodness
very healthy for you but it tastes like I like these shakes because you can get
in all of your nutrients fast on those busier days when you have to head right
out the door normally I'll bite but today I'm taking a cab across town to
meet up with the one the only manager jeredy at his humble abode then I went
up to the roof of Jared's apartment to take a call at noon the call is about a
project that I'm filming which you'll see a little later in the day now the
reason I met up with manager jared is to plan the first big trip of 2019 is to
the Philippines now this is a spot that people have been requesting I make a
series on since since I started doing travel videos and we're actually
planning this trip out now and here's a little bit of a look at how we plan
these trips we create a spreadsheet timeline itinerary with all the
destinations we make a Google map and we plot all the points of interests
creating the best route and then we plan out what we're actually going to do in
destination meaning where are we gonna stay how are we gonna get there what
shots do we have to get what do the activities entail there's actually a lot
more involved in planning a travel trip than I feel like a lot of people think
because when you watch these videos you see the final product you see all the
beautiful shots but I would say we spend for some
trips a solid month if this is something that you're curious about how I run my
youtube channel how I choose destinations how I plan trips comment
down below and maybe in 2019 I'll make a full video dedicated to how I plan my
travel adventures alright man good meeting
make sure you say a wall shave I'll see you in like two hours I am not even sure
the last time I took the crosstown bus but I have to say it is very very fast I
am now on my way to the world-famous B&H Photo to buy some gear for the trip to
the Philippines this B&H is my go-to spot for camera gear in the city I've
got all my gear I got a new drone which is coming new batteries whole bunch of
good stuff in the bag now I have to go home a very quick shave off this kind of
scruffy mess and meet Jarrod to film something pretty special alright so we
are now at the sales room for this project the sales room has actual
mock-ups of what the apartments will look like when the building is finished
in the start of 2019 and right now we are filming some promo marketing videos
with the sales rep from the development company of this new building and I'm
pretty much sold the new building is in a very very unique part of town it's
right on the water with views of the Brooklyn Bridge and behind me this is a
model of one of the newest luxury development buildings in Manhattan I'll
just say that this building probably has the most incredible amenities of any
luxury apartment I've ever seen or that probably exists in New York City comment
down below if you want to see a tour of this one-of-a-kind and it actually is
one of a kind luxury high-rise that's coming very soon it's almost completed
it's a comment if you want to see this I can't really show any much more than the
model but yeah I'll have to leave you hanging there overall super productive
afternoon now back to the Casa now this is the time of the day when I sort of
just kick back relax chill all my work is done my favorite thing to do
especially this time of year it's cold it's getting dark at what time is it
it's 5 o'clock and it's pitch black my number one thing to do after a long day
come home and watch a movie I take this thing out of the corner I
plug it into my macbook and I a home theater in my apartment with the
one the only LG Sinha beam 4k laser projector I've
been using this projector for about six months and I think it's definitely the
best projector if you're looking to get your first 4k a big boy movie theater
setup in your home or in your apartment it comes with a hand grip so you can
carry this thing around anywhere in your house or apartment and transform any
room into a movie theater again a big thanks to LG for making a kick-ass
projector and for sponsoring this here vlog this is where today's vlog ends and
it feels good to do a vlog again a good old random stream of thought video if
you enjoyed it leave a thumbs up and with that I will see you in the next
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392 Folder Collection
Edmond published on April 10, 2019
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