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  • this the population of New York City's is staggering

  • 8.3 million people 18 if thirty eight americans lives in New York City

  • meaning there are more New Yorkers

  • in vegetarians in the United States this populous city fits on 303 square miles

  • it everyone in Manhattan was on the ground level

  • there would only be 20 people

  • Nashville for comparison as more than 50 times the space

  • and and had nearly doubled in population during the workday

  • you can just have to space more people ride the subway daily in New York

  • in their people living in Los Angeles even more mind-blowing

  • at this very second there are more people the New York City Subway

  • in live in Boulder Colorado for the subways much larger than you would think

  • if the tracks for Lady into and they would stretch from the city affordable

  • slices

  • to the capital deep dish New Yorker spend three times the national average

  • on rent

  • and when it comes to Chinese food the use $100 million takeout boxes a year

  • that's for takeout boxes than American homes occupied by homeowners

  • it is large this best cities actually on the 18th most populous city in the world

  • though it may not be the biggest city to new yorkers

  • feels like the center of the universe.


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