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  • Hey girls, check this out!

  • This is a---- Track-THOR!

  • And this is for all of you.

  • I love you girls...

  • THOR-ever!!!

  • What else do you want to see? I can make absolutely anything.

  • Uh uh uh! I know! I know! Make a DC superhero!

  • Pfft… I thought you'd ask for something more popular.

  • You want a DC superhero?

  • Here is one for you!!

  • This is awesome! And it stinks too...

  • Ops, I'm sorry, that was me actually...

  • I got a bit too excited...

  • No one talks crap about DC Superheroes and gets away with it.

  • Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it?

  • What I'm gonna do about it you asked?

  • I shall challenge you to a battle!!

  • I use Quick Attack and then Lightning Bolt! Shazam, Shazam!!!

  • I will dodge it and use

  • Electrobolt!!!

  • It was a direct hit! But it wasn't very effective!

  • You should have gone for the head, Thor.

  • Thor...

  • You wanna come down here to play?

  • Yes, sir!

  • I'll kill them, I'll kill them all!

  • What's your mother's name?

  • Martha!

  • What's your mommy's name?! I can't hear you!!


  • Stop! Stop! I beg you, Thanos

  • Never thought this could be so much fun...

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Hey girls, check this out!

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Shazam Hates Thor !!!!【DC Superheroes Parody】

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    Liang Chen posted on 2019/04/08
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