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This is Jumbo Stay.
It's a converted Boeing 747-212B,
grounded at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm.
We're staying the night here
to see whether a decommissioned plane
could possibly make a good hotel.
On first glance, it looks like it's gonna
be extremely cold and not that comfortable,
especially in the cockpit or the engine rooms,
but let's see what it's like to sleep in.
The airplane is parked near to the runway,
where you can see planes taxiing.
The plane took two years to renovate.
Some of the original seats, wiring,
bar and controls remain.
You can also walk along the wings of the plane
or have drinks out there in the summer.
Guests can choose from 33 rooms.
We stayed in one of the single rooms
and the private cockpit suite upstairs.
The cockpit suite has some
of the original controls from the 747.
The controls, rudder pedal,
thrust levers and fuel switches.
The CRT displays have been replaced,
but you can have a go at moving everything else.
So, do you actually get a good night's sleep?
Booking the cockpit suite gives you private access
to the VIP lounge.
The hotel's staff serve as cabin crew,
decked out in the stewards' clothing
and they've had some unusual guests over the years.
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What It's Like To Sleep In A Boeing 747 Hotel Room

291 Folder Collection
Jessieeee published on April 8, 2019
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