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Hey Dan here and this video is going to
be a little different than normal

because we're going to talk about
politics. Now if you're a fan of the

channel you know my mission here is to
help you become the best version of

yourself all while creating the most
awesome life possible for you and those

you love it's a bit of a mouthful, right?
So usually I'm not talking about

politics in fact I avoid it at all costs
but I did want to talk about universal

basic income because I think it's a
really interesting concept. I was

listening to a podcast the other day
with an American presidential candidate

Andrew Yang and he really is focused on
universal basic income and this concept

if it's new to you is essentially that
within a country - or I suppose one day it

could be the world - everybody gets a
certain amount of money every month the

proposed amount I think he was talking
about is a thousand dollars a month

some countries have already been
experimenting with this including I

think a city in my home country of
Canada was experimenting with it so

different places give different amounts
but the whole concept is you get that

money no matter what so if you were on
social benefits before you'd get the

money instead of that but if you're
working you still get that money and one

of the reasons this is coming up more
and more now is because of automation

there's going to be less jobs at least
that's what we keep hearing right

originally when computers came out
everyone said people will work less

because the computers will do everything
and now people work longer hours than

ever so well I am a little resistant to
that just looking at the trends

throughout history there's definitely a
strong likelihood that with automation a

lot of jobs are going to go away and I'm
actually going to film another video on

that in terms of the sorts of businesses
and jobs that I think are safest in

terms of automation and outsourcing to
lower-cost countries and the sorts of

jobs and careers that you should
probably avoid at this point in history

so back to universal basic income the
concept is that if people don't have

jobs there's going to be an issue and in
theory with robots we shouldn't all need

to work nearly as much right sort of
like some countries where they have a

lot of oil the citizens just get free
things because they're like we all own

this land I mean that's kind of the
concept of a government is collectively

some way you benefit from the country

you're in it kind of belongs to everyone
and so that's part of the concept of

universal basic income is like this
country is doing really well you're all

getting something for it and do with it
what you will right so what are the

first things that comes up with the
universal basic income is the concept of

motivation is if you just give people
money are they gonna sit around and play

xbox until they die of starvation
because they forget to eat or like what

would happen with people's motivation
this is where I'm really interested in

it is thinking about the motivation
concept and I want you in the comments

below to let me know what you think
about this you might even want to pause

it now and let me know what you think
before you hear what I think about it.

The way I've heard people talk about
this is if someone is getting their

basic needs met so in the case of the
United States they were saying a

thousand dollars right that will vary by
country it's a fairly low income for the

United States but your basic rent could
be paid depending on where you're living

and your basic expenses are covered so
the way a lot of people were making this

out is if that's paid people will have
less motivation to work why would you go

I heard someone say why would you go and
work for $800 a month when you're

already getting $1,000 free it just
you'd lose your motivation that didn't

make sense to me because I think of when
I was a kid right I had my basic bills

covered basically being a kid is like
universal basic income you don't have to

pay rent your basic food is covered like
your living expenses would be covered

and I had a paper route from the age of
10 like the mid the day I could get a

paper route I got one then I got a
second one then I did babysitting then I

did all these little businesses and what
did I do with that money I bought a Sega

Genesis I bought Warhammer if anyone
knows what Warhammer is - shut out - and I

spend it on all sorts of things now
probably I should have saved it but I

bought fun things and in a way if
everyone had universal basic income all

the extra money people would earn on
sort of the lower income level would be

disposable income I think that's a lot
more motivating if I had to go to work

40 hours a week just to pay my bills
just to pay for my food I probably be

more likely to just say I'm not gonna
work at all I'm just gonna go like live

on a beach or in a forest somewhere or
something but if

every dollar you're earning is going
towards like trips or buying stuff you

like or going out with your friends if
anything wouldn't you have more

motivation to get a job or to work
harder or do something else now I know

that for some people and in some stages
of life if your basic needs are met you

lose a lot of motivation I've definitely
been this way before where I got used at

a certain point in my life where I was
so broke I got used to just needing

money to survive and then when my income
got past that point sort of lost some

motivation temporarily of like well why
do I need to keep you know do work my

bills are paid why would I do more so I
definitely get that in the short term

that can happen where if your basic
needs are met you lose the motivation to

keep working but I think after a few
months of that most people would get

their motivation back where they'd say
all right well I like doing things so

I'm gonna go do things maybe that's to
start a business maybe it's to become a

freelancer or do something more creative
for extra money but also something you

really enjoy I think most people in the
right environment - I'm going to discuss

what I think the right environment is -
would end up wanting to be productive I

think for most of us we are wired to be
productive we want to do things and

given our basic bills being paid maybe
for the first few months we'd sit around

but that would get uncomfortable like I
think a lot of us we have a couple days

of like lazing around if we've been
working hard and then you're like I want

to do stuff I want like the world has so
many things to see so much to do so many

things I want to make I want to go and
do that and I know that's not everyone

but I do think most human beings want to
be productive and it's a small group

that are sort of leeches that would
rather just sit around and do nothing

now I mentioned the right environment I
think this is so so important if we're

going to look at a concept like
universal basic income a lot of

companies now their entire business is
based on the attention economy meaning

steal your attention they get money
companies like Facebook that's it that's

what they care about keep your eyes on
the site they don't care if they're

manipulating you if being on the
newsfeed and looking at everyone else is

hurting your self-esteem or killing your

they don't care in fact they engineer it
so that it can be addicting to check

whether you get a message or not I've
heard that they have a slight delay

before it lights up like new friend new
message because then you land on the

site anyway so I have a new friend and
it becomes more addicting that way this

can be a problem because if you're at
home and you don't have anything to do

because you have universal basic income
and it's the 1930s you're gonna walk

around you're gonna go think you're
gonna read some books you're gonna talk

to friends and eventually you're gonna
be like yeah I know what I want to do

now I know what I want to create but in
2019 it is extremely difficult to keep

that freedom of thought so someone who
does have a universal basic income is

gonna be like I think I'm gonna start a
business ooh new castle guard five years

later right and I don't know if castle
guards a game but you know these stupid

games that are just highly addictive and
they're constantly advertised to just

steal your money - I don't feel very good
about them if you might have gathered if

that is the circumstance I think it
could be very dangerous to have people's

basic bills paid so if that is the
environment for people I do think

Universal basic income could be very

because there is not going to be that
boredom that leads people to want to be

productive and creative that boredom
will be filled in with very low level

very unsatisfying activities but that
ultimately do fill in the time I want to

know below in the comments what do you
think about universal basic income as a

concept and do you think that people
naturally want to be productive and to

create things or do people naturally
want to be lazy and what I think is best

here answer for yourself don't answer
for other people because we have a

tendency and this has actually been
proven to assume sort of we're different

and may be better so for the sake of
this little research experiment just

tell me about yourself if you were
receiving universal basic income what do

you think would change in your life in
terms of your motivation and what you'd

actually get done leave that below in
the comments. If you're not yet a

subscriber to the channel hit that
subscribe button hit the bell I publish

new videos every Sunday Tuesday and
Thursday and I'd love to have you as

part of our community see you in the
next video! Thanks for watching and have

an awesome day!
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What Do You Think About UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME? - Dreams Around The World

111 Folder Collection
王惟惟 published on April 5, 2019
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