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Oh, the nuns beat that wickedness out of me.
Always use my right except for Jack's work.
(both grunt)
Can you speak? Have you any other Injuries?
No, I'm- BRUCE!
You were right.
I'm a trained fighter.
Bare knuckled champion at Culpepper.
London Prize Ring rules.
There were no rules at Antietam though, were there, James?
There are no rules in hell.
The things I saw during the war.
The entirety of humanity's evil was there for all to see.
On the inside of every man.
(both grunting)
-But nothing compared to the corruption of every painted camp follower!

The vile diseases they spread destroyed good men!
Destroyed them in both body and mind.
(Batman grunts, James Gordon/Jack the Ripper exclaims)
(flames bursting)
(Selina coughing)
(ferris wheel creaking)
(flames bursting)
(James Gordon/Jack the Ripper grunting and exclaiming)
(flames continue bursting, wood clatters)
(Selina gasps)
(ferris wheel creaking)
(Selina grunts)
(both grunting)
(James Gordon/Jack the Ripper straining)
(handcuffs click)
(both grunting)
I saw your work on your wife.
They're the worst prostitutes of all!
Sell themselves too cheap!
Wives! Mothers!
That slut nun of yours!
(ferris wheel creaking)
(explosion, Selina exclaims)
Look, Bruce! The world of tomorrow is burning!
Exposing the ashes of degradation hiding benath!
This is where we belong!
-I paid Houdini $300 for that trick.

Fight's over.
Time to go.
(wood crumbling)
(James Gordon/Jack the Ripper screaming)
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Batman vs Jack the Ripper (Final) | Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

187 Folder Collection
laura published on April 3, 2019
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