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  • What can I say? I got the girl.

  • Cheers, Iris, to your big day.

  • - Yay! - Thanks, girls!

  • It feels so good to just be away from it all.

  • Can't believe you're really doing this.

  • If I can have my happy ending, so can you.

  • I'm supposed to be the all-knowing mentor.

  • Barry, Iris.

  • Thank you for showing me how to love again.

  • For showing me that love is the most important thing we have.

  • We got incoming.

  • You've got to be kidding me.

  • Nazis?

  • - I hate Nazis. - I hate Nazis.

  • Get everybody out of here!

  • Best wedding ever!

  • Why would Nazis from 1945 want to crash my wedding?

  • Crab legs. They're delicious.

  • Visitors from another Earth.

  • Woah, there are more than one?

  • There are 52, actually.

  • There's a 53rd Earth, and it's called Earth-X.

  • Hail Victory!

  • [German] Heilhrer!

  • They want someone to bow to, to worship, to lead.

  • What you're doing is not leading; it's ruling.

  • Ready!

  • Aim!

  • Kill them all!

  • Jax is hit!

  • We're gonna show these people that this Earth belongs to us.

  • We will not surrender.

  • We will not back down; we will keep fighting.

  • So, get the hell off our Earth while you still can.

  • Thanks for your help.

  • We're not done helping yet.

  • Our enemies are still on your Earth, Ollie.

  • Don't call me that.

  • Give it time; I'll get through that crusty exterior.

  • No, you really won't.

  • I was talking to you.

  • "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover event, starts Monday, November 27th.

What can I say? I got the girl.

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DCTV Crisis on Earth-X Crossover Full Trailer - The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, DC's Legends (HD)

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