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Good morning and a beautiful day to you.
Today is our last full day in Italy but

first we got to get to Milan.
So car is packed all the bags are in
farewell San Gimignano it was really

brilliant being here fantastic it was
very busy but very exciting and it's

beautiful little little village.
So um cars packed, leaving,
gonna drive to Pisa and
drop off the hire car
then I've got to get from the airport to the railway
station then I'm gonna catch a train to Milan
change trains and get to the
airport where I'm not actually flying
out tonight I'm overnighting right

by the airport and flying out tomorrow
to a new country
And the car is returned
back at Pisa airport where our Italian adventure
ooh, seems a long time ago we were
heading out and picking up the car and

going to Lucca hey?
But here we are
now I have to shoulder my bag
somewhere is the railway
station let's go find that
oh, and grab all my bags
Welcome back to Milan
we've done a full circle and here we are back in Milan
Nice easy journey on the train
three and a half hours and I must admit I napped
Very very quiet, very nice in there
Now we're gonna find my next train in
amongst all this lot.
Now despite having plenty time
I stopped to take a few photographs so
um just made it.
No I hope I'm on the right train to the
Let me show you the train a little bit
There we go.
oh I have made it to the airport
but I'm not supposed to be at the airport.
My accommodation gave me an address
to drop off, the train to get off
and I missed it
and I've come to the one stop along the
airport so they're waiting at one place

and I'm what, oh dear, and it's
like 10:30 at night and they were picking me
up, so I contacted them
and the woman was like "you are in the wrong place!"
and I'm like "Oh no, I'm sorry!"
shall I go back on the train or a bus or
taxi she said no wait there I'll come to

you which is very nice of them so I
don't you know it's gonna there gonna be

another 20 minutes drive to get here to
pick me up from where I was supposed to

be and then I don't know maybe half an hour
more to get them to my accommodation so

thankfully they're doing that for me so
I just gotta load my gear through this

door here sit outside and wait for them
bashfully and apologize I really should

buy them something like some flowers or
chocolate but
the airport's closed but I am visiting
them again so next time I come I must

remember to bring something as a
thank-you for all the running I mean they are

like they waited for me,
I went to the wrong place
they came now another half an hour drive
to pick me up and then that... oh dear

I still feel so bad and I'm
it's so hot as well
oh but it just shows you
Italian hospitality
unless they charge me, hmm.
Anyway she wasn't too upset she
wasn't happy but she wasn't upset
so I better go make sure I'm waiting peaceful
waiting for her now otherwise I will get
in more trouble or she'll just leave me
to sleep in the airport which I don't want to do.
okay, goodnight.
okay, and in we go, now we're arriving late so
sneaking in
after going to the wrong place
kindly came and picked me up
here we are in my room
it's quite close it's about 20 minutes
from Malpensa Airport
It's got air con, nice big bed
there's tea and coffee and some sweeties and water
Wi-Fi, there is television over there
the aircon is up there too.
There we go, it's a very very nice
quiet area there's no noise I
think I'm the nicest thing around
I'll try and keep it down a little bit sorry about that
Here's the bathroom
again all spotlessly clean, soap, bidet,
toilet, hairdryer, sink, and there is a shower
is hiding in there
again nice, clean, celan clean shower
and I've got towels as well.
So there we are, so after
arriving very late
and they kindly came and picked me up
and after I went to
the wrong place as well
a bit embarrassing
Actually I missed my stop my
train station, bit of a misunderstanding.
But there we are back in Milan.
Wow! Wow.
Well it's been great though
but it's definitely time to test out that bed
Good night,
tomorrow we are off to a new country
Let's have a good sleep,
back early in the morning, get breakfast ,
and go on another flight.
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Fast Trains in Italy: Train Pisa to Milan & Milano Centrale Railway Station to Malpensa Airport

359 Folder Collection
alex published on March 31, 2019
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