B1 Intermediate US 286 Folder Collection
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The city patrol is here!
Quick! Quick! … It's the city patrol!
The city patrol is here! (Stop right there!)
Who said you could sell produce here?
Pay the fine or we impound your rickshaw!
Get back! Get back!
Everyone disperse! (Moving! Get moving!)
Ma'am, are you alright?
Someone as young as you, and you're already—(Let it be.)
It's probably a misunderstanding.
You're always worried about preserving people's dignity.
Huixin, you're back. (Hello!)
Hello, aunt!
When our children are new believers in God and don't pursue the truth,
we have to help and support them out of love.
Sister Yang? She is a good person,
she pursues the truth, and she is capable.
Sister Yang and Sister Liu received the most votes,
so they will be the next church leaders.
Please, you're a church leader.
Regardless, you should give me a new duty.
I can't stop feeling like Sister Liu is very cunning.
The principles of elections say that cunning people can't be leaders.
If that's true, you really should report to your superiors.
If you report this, your boss will probably fire him.
I mean, Mr. Li would absolutely hate you.
If we don't uphold the principles of truth,
and let Satan's philosophy guide our actions,
we will definitely harm the church's work and the lives of our brothers and sisters.
Then I'll go with Li Jing.
We'll talk about the details in person.
This one should be a big fish.
At least a church leader.
Stop right there!
Catch her! Quick!
Bad news! Something happened!
Sister Liu was having a meeting in Chenzhuang,
more than 20 police broke in. All seven that attended were arrested.
I reminded Sister Liu not to make calls concerning faith in God.
She didn't accept it, and I didn't remind her again.
Now, I finally understand that I'm not actually a good person.
I lived by Satan's philosophy.
I knew the truth and didn't practice it.
I was only a pleaser who wanted to be liked.
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Christian Movie Trailer "I Am a Good Person!" (English Dubbed)

286 Folder Collection
YE published on March 31, 2019
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