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  • - [Narrator] This bright, colorful temple,

  • located in southern India,

  • wasn't put on earth just to catch the eye.

  • It's also one of the largest Hindu houses of worship.

  • Welcome to the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple.

  • (slow hip hop music)

  • It is dedicated to the Hindu god of Ranganatha,

  • a reclining form of the Hindu deity Vishnu.

  • But this relaxed-looking god is one of the

  • highest levels of Hindu idols.

  • The temple, which has over six miles of walls

  • and over 100 buildings,

  • is one of the five important pilgrimage sites

  • along the river Kaveri, for devotees of Ranganatha.

  • The temple itself is a beacon of the

  • uniquely South Indian Dravidian style of architecture.

  • Its temples are adorned with pyramid-shaped towers

  • made from sandstone, soapstone, or granite.

  • The first construction on this site

  • dates back nearly 700 years.

  • It grew and grew into the wonder that it is today,

  • a site that will surely settle any pilgrim's wandering soul.

  • (bing)

- [Narrator] This bright, colorful temple,

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