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Previously on Cartoon Hooligans
I am the king of all insect, Ant Rider!
Masked Spider Mega Form
I shall end it right now.
You are not the only one with a sword!
Cartoon Hooligans presents
Let's fight !!
Now that's more like it.
I have always wanted a decent sword fight.
What do you say we bring this up to another level ?
Hah! That crack actually looks good on your boring looking helmet ... gives it a bit of a personality. Haha!!
We'll see who's laughing when I do THIS!!!!!!!
You seems surprised.
Did you really think tapping into the Mega Form is a rare specialty of yours?
The power of the Ant Force is way beyond that.
Your words don't scare me! Now let's finish what we have started! And find out who is stronger!!
Well, well, well, it seems you are so eager to be defeated by me.
As you wish.
What?!! What's happening?
I can't move my body!!
You're defeated. That's what's happening.
This is my ultimate form!
I am not defeated!!
Stay down!! Or I WILL destroy you!!
I'll rather die as a warrior than be humiliated by you in that way!!
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MASKED SPIDER Ep03 - Spider-man vs Antman Sword Fight !!!!

232 Folder Collection
laura published on March 29, 2019
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