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Ever wonder what you did to deserve harsh treatment from others?
Well, sometimes it's not you but the work people have to put in to improve their habits.
Whether it's their deep-rooted insecurities that caused them to lash out at you or their
inability to let go of the past, know that you don't have to tolerate the toxic behavior
that people have to work out on their own.
Here are five types of unhealthy people you should walk away from, one; the Green Monster.
Do you know someone who never seems happy when you achieve something or always gets
competitive even over the littlest of things?
When jealousy drives them, it creates tension between you two instead of building an authentic
supportive relationship.
Envious feelings can also make it hard for the individual to be happy for you when you
want to celebrate special moments with them.
Don't play into their comparison games and never downplay your own achievements just
to make them feel better.
Most importantly, ask yourself if you want a true friend or a mere frenemy in disguise.
Two: The nearest. Life can get messy and it's normal to feel dejected every once in
a while but if you know someone who is constantly a Debbie Downer and dismisses your excitement
over future events, hobbies and dreams, it makes it nearly impossible to share that happiness.
Know that you don't have to stoop to their level of pessimism.
In fact, staying away from a negative attitude will be beneficial for your health in the
long run.
Research has shown that high levels of cynicism puts people at a bigger risk of developing
dementia compared to more open and trusting individuals.
Three: The slacker.
Have you ever sat next to someone who wanted to mooch off your work and get the same credit
for it?
Talk about unfair right?
These people lack motivation, don't care about ethics and do whatever it takes if it means
taking the easy way out.
You don't even have to work directly with them to be affected by their lazy attitude.
They might just bring the entire class down with their lazy attitude.
Whether they manipulate, guilt trip or sweet-talk you, watch out for these sneaky individuals.
They might seem like they care about you but they only care about two things; fast results
and themselves.
Four: The complainer.
What's worse than wasting time complaining about a situation Instead of changing it?
If you know someone who prefers to wallow in self-pity instead of taking action, it
can be a bad influence on you.
Toxic people who incessantly play the victim card but never take responsibility for what
they are capable of fixing aren't just whiny, they're self-absorbed.
Five: The verbal abuser.
People who know how to dish out criticism but don't know how to apply it to their own
lives can be incredibly hypocritical.
They continue to put others down because it's easier than working out their own problems.
Know that you don't have to take in what they say and surround yourself with people who
will build you up Instead of breaking you down.
People who are verbally abusive enjoy attacking you because it makes them feel better about
Your friends should be supportive of your goals and help you strive forward instead
of holding you back.
Do you encounter these types of people in your life?
Evaluate your goals and don't be afraid to cut people out of your life.
For more information on toxic friends, be sure to check out our other video here.
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5 Toxic People To Walk Away From

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羅世康 published on March 29, 2019    羅世康 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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