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sure oh yeah need a place to hide but I can't
Oh need a place to hide but I can't find one near me
it's a meaningless lyrics it's a stupid we're bad yeah am i right
great okay let's look around general probably horse yeah I love
what is that what is that whoa seconds you want me to
be yours but then you've got to be mine
for my boys
that's so good oh my
your silence is my favorite sound which agency me the crown you got your finger
on the trigger but your trigger fingers my coffee guy
Wow look at those little things he wants to leave the so bad oh my god yes yes
hello what is it no okay
little friend oh my god that's so sick what is going
on hi
I'm not afraid anymore we'll make you sure you're all well
making sure you're all I need you're all fine
should we go to the raccoons I'm all going to Rick boots wait first I gotta
say hello to my friend here all right oh you smell great is that why no that's
like me if I was a record no wait I'll call the cops he's reaching in my pocket
no wait I'll call the cops if you don't stop I'll call your dad
no from party favorite look at this boy look at him go
go change beneath your shirt this shirt that you will let me wear her
me home that's so sad but in other words it's I'm the gold chain make sure
because I'm gonna make the shirt if the gold chain is beneath the shirt I'm the
gold chain because I wore home what I
don't want to leave this
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Billie Eilish

101 Folder Collection
文化學生A7248116 published on March 29, 2019
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