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What's that?
You Are My Happy, look!
The night is near. Today is done.
It's time for bed, my fuzzy one.
Let's cuddle up, one kiss, one hug.
Let's settle down, my snuggle bug.
What made us happy all day through? Let's count those things just me and you.
For babies bursting out of eggs, for standing up on wobbly legs.
For growing tall, for lucky breaks, and even learning from mistakes, that's what made me happy.
For special friends who made me giggle, and silly songs that made me wiggle.
For space to play, for shade to rest, for secret spots we love the best.
That's what made me happy.
For being brave, for brand new wings, for the joy that flying brings.
For splashes together in the lake.
For cozy nests our mamas make. That's what made me happy.
For twinkling lights that say goodnight, for nestling babies cuddled tight.
Every night and all day through, the one I'm thankful for is you.
You are my happy.
The end.
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You Are My Happy | Read Aloud by Hoda Kotb

4747 Folder Collection
Jessieeee published on May 3, 2019    Jessieeee translated    Evangeline reviewed
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