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  • Concepción, Chile, the second-largest metro area in the

  • country has added the holiest worship center of The Church of Jesus Christ of

  • Latter-day Saints, a temple.

  • In his 11th visit to Chile as a senior leader, now Church President Russell M.

  • Nelson dedicated the temple, the nation's second, in three dedicatory sessions on

  • October 28, 2018. The proceedings, including the public cornerstone

  • ceremony, were broadcast to meetinghouses throughout the country.

  • "This represents the importance of the cornerstone of the Church...

  • ...and that is the Lord Jesus Christ."

  • "Would you like to do this?"

  • The Juan and Verónica Esparza family have been traveling 10 hours to attend the temple in Santiago, Chile, but now travel time is cut nearly in

  • half. They borrowed a car to get to the dedication.

  • "With four sons, the Esparza family are

  • second-generation Latter-day Saints. Each son served a mission with the youngest

  • Caleb, soon to serve in Guatemala. Jared and Camila were married in the

  • Santiago temple nine months ago.

  • Nakad and Paola Saade traveled 6 hours from Zapala, Argentina crossing

  • the Andes Mountains and two national customs to attend the dedication

  • ceremony and will start serving in the temple as volunteers this week.

  • During his visit, President Nelson and other Church

  • leaders held a luncheon with government officials and dignitaries. “And I know you are grateful to have this

  • beautiful temple. It will bless the entire country.”

  • "They all have such a wonderful relationship with the members of the church and praised the

  • Church. "The day before the dedication President Nelson held a devotional for

  • all young women and young men which was also broadcast to each congregation

  • throughout Chile. "The temple is a holy place..."

  • They were taught of the blessing of the temple. "'s like heaven on earth."

  • "As you go to the temple, you'll do better

  • in school. You'll do

  • better with your friends and family members

  • and you will be filled with joy."

  • "What an amazing experience it is for the youth of the Church to be able to go to

  • the House of the Lord." "You'll never be lost if you can see the

  • temple in your lives."

  • Many youth attended both the devotional and temple dedication.

  • With the dedication complete, the blessings of the temple are now available in Concepción. "Now when you

  • come into the temple, you will recognize the beauty that invites the Spirit. I

  • know that all the members of the Church who will serve in the temple will feel this

  • is their home as it is a House of Lord.

Concepción, Chile, the second-largest metro area in the

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