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Concepción, Chile, the second-largest metro area in the
country has added the holiest worship center of The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints, a temple.
In his 11th visit to Chile as a senior leader, now Church President Russell M.
Nelson dedicated the temple, the nation's second, in three dedicatory sessions on
October 28, 2018. The proceedings, including the public cornerstone
ceremony, were broadcast to meetinghouses throughout the country.
"This represents the importance of the cornerstone of the Church...
...and that is the Lord Jesus Christ."
"Would you like to do this?"
The Juan and Verónica Esparza family have been traveling 10 hours to attend the temple in Santiago, Chile, but now travel time is cut nearly in
half. They borrowed a car to get to the dedication.
"With four sons, the Esparza family are
second-generation Latter-day Saints. Each son served a mission with the youngest
Caleb, soon to serve in Guatemala. Jared and Camila were married in the
Santiago temple nine months ago.
Nakad and Paola Saade traveled 6 hours from Zapala, Argentina crossing
the Andes Mountains and two national customs to attend the dedication
ceremony and will start serving in the temple as volunteers this week.
During his visit, President Nelson and other Church
leaders held a luncheon with government officials and dignitaries. “And I know you are grateful to have this
beautiful temple. It will bless the entire country.”
"They all have such a wonderful relationship with the members of the church and praised the
Church. "The day before the dedication President Nelson held a devotional for
all young women and young men which was also broadcast to each congregation
throughout Chile. "The temple is a holy place..."
They were taught of the blessing of the temple. "...it's like heaven on earth."
"As you go to the temple, you'll do better
in school. You'll do
better with your friends and family members
and you will be filled with joy."
"What an amazing experience it is for the youth of the Church to be able to go to
the House of the Lord." "You'll never be lost if you can see the
temple in your lives."
Many youth attended both the devotional and temple dedication.
With the dedication complete, the blessings of the temple are now available in Concepción. "Now when you
come into the temple, you will recognize the beauty that invites the Spirit. I
know that all the members of the Church who will serve in the temple will feel this
is their home as it is a House of Lord.
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President Nelson Dedicates Concepcion Chile Temple

85 Folder Collection
So Ling Lee published on March 24, 2019
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