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  • Whenever I look at stars in the sky, I'm reminded -

  • - that 4,000 years ago, Jesus Christ; then speaking as Jehovah.

  • As God of the Old Testament he made a covenant with Abraham.

  • It Included the promise that the Savior of the world would come -

  • - through Abraham's lineage, and that his seed -

  • - would be as many as the stars of the heaven.

  • In addition, Abraham was told, through his seed, -

  • -all the nations of the earth shall be blessed.

  • This covenant was to be everlasting, even through 1000 generations.

  • Abraham was promised that this right shall continue in thee, -

  • - and in thy seed after thee, even with the blessings of the Gospel.

  • Which are the blessings of salvation, even life eternal.

  • In the scriptures, we learn that this covenant -

  • - shall be fulfilled in the latter days.

  • Then the fullness of His gospel would be preached, -

  • - and many would truly believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

  • In 1836, keys of the gospel of Abraham were conferred.

  • In 1843, the Lord declared to the prophet Joseph Smith -

  • - that Abraham received promises concerning his seed -

  • - and of the fruit of his loins, from whose loins ye are.

  • This promise is yours also, because ye are of Abraham.

  • Brothers and sisters, you may also claim the supernal blessings, -

  • - promised to the faithful lineage of Abraham.

  • The Lord explained that blessings and responsibilities -

  • - of his priesthood are yours because of your faith, works, and lineage.

  • The lineage declared in your patriarchal blessings.

  • You are lawful heirs, He said.

  • Your life and the priesthood have remained -

  • - and must needs remain through you and your lineage.

  • The ultimate blessings of the Abrahamic covenant are conferred in temples.

  • These blessings allow us to come forth in the first resurrection, -

  • - and inherit thrones, kingdoms, powers, -

  • - principalities, and dominions to our exaltation and glory in all things.

  • The fulfillment of the ancient Abrahamic covenant is feasible -

  • - only because of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • He made it possible for us to dwell with God, with Him, -

  • - and with our families eternally.

  • This is His work and His glory. I love him.

  • I testify of Him and express my everlasting gratitude for Him.

  • Now and forevermore.

  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Whenever I look at stars in the sky, I'm reminded -

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