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That protruding belly is not only unsightly, it’s extremely unhealthy! You’d do anything
to get rid of it but how? Join us, as our yoga expert Dr. K.J. Johnson teaches us simple
and effective yoga positions to get rid of belly fat and get that elusive flat stomach.
Steps for ardha merudandasana (half bear)
Step 1 Start by lying on your back.
Step 2 Now, inhale and raise your right leg to 90 degrees.
Step 3 Fold your right knee and as you exhale, lift your lower back, touching the knee with
your chin
Step 4 Inhale, stretch out your leg and torso.
Step 5 Exhale, lift up and let your knee touch your chin again.
Step 6 Inhale, relax your torso and exhale as you relax your leg.
Step 7 Repeat the steps with your left leg.
Steps for ardha pavanamuktasana (wind removing pose)
Step 1 Start by lying on your back
Step 2 Inhale, raise both legs to 90 degrees.
Step 3 Fold the knees, exhale and bring the legs forward, hugging them and letting your
chin touch the knee. Momentarily hold your breath.
Step 4 Gently start rocking, forward and backward.
Step 5 As you gain momentum, start rolling to either side.
This asana is extremely effective on the abdominal muscle.
Steps for naukasana (boat pose)
Step 1 Start by lying on your back with your feet together and your arms stretched out
above your head.
Step 2 Now, exhale. Lift your arms and legs simultaneously.
Step 3 Tighten the stomach muscles and hold this posture for a few seconds.
Step 4 Now, inhale and relax.
Step 5 Exhale deeply through the mouth and repeat.
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How to Get a Flat Stomach with Simple Easy Yoga

3755 Folder Collection
sheng-de published on October 21, 2013
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