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many ancient years ago and far across the sea a man of God named Samuel gave a
prophecy he told the people many things about her saviors birth he spoke to them
of Jesus Christ and how he'd come to earth
but Samuel would not give up he had to let them know he climbed atop the city
wall and called to them below in just five years the Lord will come upon a
starlit night to save mankind from all their sins and give the world his light
and even though it's in five years and though it's far away the Sun will set
the night commenced but be as bright as day
the people fumed and stops their feet they said no Christ with confidence they
flung their spoons their arrows flew
they missed him everyone
the faithful waited breathlessly in hopes they would behold the star the
light the promises more precious far than gold then in five years in
Bethlehem Christ lay in manger stall they saw the light and knew he'd come
their Savior Lord of all
and as it always comes to paths when prophets are so bold the Lord fulfills
his promises like Samuels made of old
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Samuel and the Star

194 Folder Collection
So Ling Lee published on March 24, 2019
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