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We're at the Intel
booth showcasing

Ziva Dynamics, the world's
leading character simulation

Ziva technology enables creators
to make my life-like creatures

and characters for film and TV.
The Intel Xeon servers
expand the creative capacity

for Ziva's simulations.
And I'm going to pass it
over to Lonnie Kraatz who

is going to give us a
demo of our technology.

Ziva's improving the workflow
and final results of studios

all around the world.
This is a Maya plugin that
allows studios and indie

creators to create more
realistic characters,

as seen in "The Mag,"
"Ghostbusters," and "Suicide

So here we have Max,
our virtual human asset.

And we have the bones,
the muscle, and the skin.

The bones in this
case are the input

to the soul, which are
driving the muscles, which

in turn are driving the skin.
So if I scrub this, you can
see how this stuff interacts.

And you can see how, a pec
would kind of deform differently

than the traditional.
This approach
allows your muscles

to bend, stretch, and flex
like they would in real life.

It's-- we're solving this
with real world properties.

Here's an example
of our own demo.

Now if I, just grabbed this arm,
you can see that this is just--

these bones are being
driven by the Maya IK,

and these ones are solved.
So if I go back to
the start frame,

you can see this is an
actual solve in progress.

You see the muscles reacting
to the inputs of the bones.

And then with that you
can change the properties

of any of this stuff.
So I can go into the muscle and
make it softer, for example.

And there you go.
So you can kind of see
how all this stuff kind of

works together.
Here you can look at--
here you see a muscle.
And if we select
it, you can barely

see the orange little line.
And that's defining
the flow of the fibers.

So if I go and paint--
if I go and paint
the fiber endpoint,

you can see the
direction that the fibers

are taking by going from
the black to the white.

So now if I were
to change that, you

can see how the fibers
change direction.

But ultimately that's
defining how the muscle fires.

So when I hit play, that's--
that's where
they're firing from.

With Ziva you get
greater artistic control

over the muscle deformations
and all material properties.

To learn more about Ziva,
you can check us out

online at zivadynamics.com
or visit the community

at community.zivadynamics.com.
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Create Realistic Character Animation with Ziva Dynamics | SIGGRAPH 2018 | Intel Software

83 Folder Collection
alex published on March 24, 2019
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