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Intel's architecture day happened and oh boy is it nice to see something new
coming from Intel there was a lot of info in there so let's break it down on
your boot sequence the name sunny cove is actually the name of the core
architecture itself and not the actual chip family if I understood things
correctly that would for example mean that ice Lake would be comprised of
sunny cold cores similar to how AMD uses the name Zen for their core architecture
but uses Ryzen or threadRipper as the chip name then we have the road map
Sunny Cove is the start of this ten nanometer journey and it will launch
next year followed by Willow Cove in 2020 and Golden Cove in 2021 Willow Cove
is likely to still be at 10nm while golden cove will probably get the
seven 7nm treatment with sunny Cove we also got our first look at the
11th generation of Intel integrated graphics what we saw was an ice Lake you
CPU the you means that it is an ultra-low power chip and they ran a demo
with Tekken 7 comparing it to Intel skylake CPU with a 9th gen integrated
graphics in case you were wondering though Intel's 9th gen iGPU hasn't been
around in the desktop processor since these 6700K so it's a pretty old IGPU
to compare it with nonetheless according to a non tech it looked way
smoother but still had trouble running at a full 30 fps so will this beat a
current Intel nook with Vega inside or the possible next generation Ryzen with
Navi inside I highly doubt it now for the interesting part of the event we
have the design of their next CPUs until is going to abandon the idea of going
with a monolithic die and go it wait for it
triplets triplets chip foot and I think you will find others in the industry
adopting this in more and more ways he showed you why triplets were so so
important just like AMD ok they're not actually abandoning monolithic dyes
completely I mean Roger Kaduri made it clear during a Q&A session but it looks
like Intel will change the way their chips are made they're going to use
their email to connect multiple chip 'lets of various densities this will
allow for improved yields better costs and better time to market
Intel has been considering doing this for a long time sure they have their
mesh interconnect but that system didn't allow the same level of flexibility as
AMD's multi-layered infiniti fabric this newer image style interconnect could
allow for something like this and yes I know that it's similar to what AMD is
doing with epyc they did push it one step further thanks to what they call
foveros foveros is similar to emmab or AMD's infinity fabric but it
moves in an extra dimension instead of putting all of the chips side-by-side
they're going to stack them in the same way that HBM memory is made I don't
think that this foveros 3d stacking will happen in the high end of their
CPUs though it is well suited for low-power parts but if they stack the
high performance cores on top of each other the thermals are bound to make
some damage I'm just glad that Intel is finally thinking about putting their
email to good use so far it was only used in Kaby Lake G chips in cooperation
with AMD and it was a way to connect a monolithic CPU and a GPU not to connect
let's say a chip lit with another chip --let like AMD does I know it was also
used on their Knights landing CPU but I like to focus on consumer stuff all
right so after talking about their new CPUs for a while they finally got to
their GPU and they're calling it the XE or Z or X to the power anyways they
unveiled their plans for their discreet GPUs and honestly it looks like they
want to take AMD and NVIDIA head on their slides show that the product stack
will go from integrated graphics and entry models to mid-range to enthusiasts
all the way up to data center products that means that we'll have a GPU
solution for everyone of course we don't have any kind of information on
performance so I guess we'll have to wait until then to see it's only about a
year and a half out not too but so I know that my comments section
is going to be filled with whatever I'm just gonna wait for Ryzen 3000 and who
cares about Intel and I get it the main thing any of us are really
thinking about is price to performance so I still hope that AMD will continue
to give Intel a run for its money because it's the only way we're gonna
get competitive pricing remember when AMD came out with a Ryzen
in 1800X it was 500 bucks the price only dropped about 350 once it had
competition with the 8700K the same is happening with the next gen risin the
rumors say that the new Ryzen 9 series will be around 500 bucks and I don't
think that it will change unless Intel puts some pep into their 10nm
step so think about it it's good to have Intel perform as well as AMD cuz AMD is
always gonna lower their price and beat some of their market share all right so
this is it for the Intel roundup don't forget to drop a comment down below let
me know what you thought because a lot of interesting topics here leave a like
if you liked it and click right here this easily this video and right here to
subscribe to the channel it would as usual to be greatly appreciated as
always stay frosty and I'll see you guys on the next video
he told you why we chose 7nm he showed you why chiplets were so so
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Intel's Future Depends on THIS! Sunny Cove 10nm

86 Folder Collection
alex published on March 24, 2019
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