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(light jungle music)
- [Zebra Gamer] What's up, guys?
And welcome back to The Legend
of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Oh my gosh, I can't wait to
continue playing the game.

Like, I went and edited
that first episode.

It's uploading right now,
and I'm just like recording right after
'cause I just want to play more.
Is there anything more we
can do with this thing?

Also, I realized you
can jump in this game,

I'm so tempted just to
launch off this ledge,

which is always something I did not enjoy
in the original Zelda game
or any of the original
3D Zelda games, right,

is that I just couldn't jump.
I like the control over my character.
Where's the staircase at?
Climb down.
Whoa, oh, here we go, here we go.
So I can let go and then grab again.
Oh, okay, okay, that wasn't
a far jump so I'm okay.

This is actually really scary.
Let's go ahead, and that's
not a far jump, right?

There we go.
I don't wanna miss any
collectables though.

That's sort of what I'm worried about.
But I can also plop down like this,
seems to be doing no damage to me.
But before I can even see the
results of the first episode,

I just wanna say thank you,
guys, so much for watching.

Even if there wasn't a
ton, I've been enjoying

the game so far.
(old man yells)

Oh, hey, old man, how you doing?
What's going on?
My, my, it would seem we
have quite the enigma here.

This tower and the others just like it
have erupted across the
land, one after another.

It's almost as though a long dormant power
has awoken quite suddenly.
If you do not mind me asking,
did anything odd occur while
you were atop of that tower?

I heard a voice.
Well now, a voice, you say?
And did you happen to recognize
this mysterious voice?

I see.
Well, that is unfortunate.
I thought he was just gonna walk away.
He's like, whelp, conversation over.
I assume you caught sight of that atrocity
enshrouding the castle.
I did.
That is Calamity Ganon.
100 years ago, that vile entity
brought the kingdom of Hyrule to ruin.
It appeared suddenly and
destroyed everything in its path.

So many innocent lives
were lost in its wake.

For a century, the very
symbol of our kingdom,

Hyrule Castle, has managed
to contain that evil,

but just barely.
There it festers, building its strength
for the moment it will unleash its blight
upon the land once again.
It would appear that
moment is fast approaching.

Well, what are we gonna do about it?
I must ask you, courageous one,
do you intend to make
your way to the castle?

I do.
What else would I do?
I'm a cool dude.
I'm gonna go over there
and slice my little sword.

I had a feeling you would say that.
Here, on this isolated plateau,
we are surrounded on all
hillsides by steep cliffs

and with no way down.
If you were to jump off,
well, no death could be more
certain, or more foolish.

Of course, if you had
a paraglider like mine,

that would be quite another story.
But I'm pretty sure you're
not a cool kid like me

so you don't get a paraglider.
Oho, piqued your interested, have I?
Yes, I don't come soaring down here
on my own feathery wings, you know.
I mean, yeah, we did see that.
Worry not, I will happily agree
to give you my paraglider,

but not for nothing.
Let's see now.
How about I trade you
for a bit of treasure,

a bit of treasure that slumbers nearby?
Okay, The Isolated Plateau.
Okay, so that's our next main quest.
Open our Adventure's Log.
The Isolated Plateau, old man,
after your descent from the tower,
the old man told you that
the kingdom of Hyrule

was destroyed 100 years
ago by Calamity Ganon.

You heard a voice coming
from Hyrule Castle

but cannot reach it unless
you have the plateau

using the paraglider.
The old man said that he
will give you the paraglider

in exchange for the treasure the lies
within a hidden location somewhere.
Come, let me show you something.
Go on.
Don't be hasty now.
Just follow me.
He's tall.
I'll follow you though.
Can I hold your hand?
I love how we can just
casually walk with the dude.

This is so cool.
Look at the hobgoblins over there.
All right, what's up?
Do you see that structure there,
the one shining with a strange light?
It began glowing at the exact moment
those towers rose up from the ground.
Yeah, I see that.
I would think such a place might house
some sort of adventure, wouldn't you?
Treasure of the paraglider,
a fair exchange, I believe.
You know, yeah, sure.
Go on, fetch me any treasure
you find in that shrine.

I'm looking forward to
your successful return.

At least he has confidence in us.
I feel like I keep on hearing
like little shreds of quiet 8-bit music.
Don't know where that's coming from.
All right then, but these guys
are actually protecting
this quite thoroughly,

and I feel like this is
an interesting scenario.

We could go through the river here
and try to sneak up on it,
or we could fight these guys.

Problem with him,
what's the sneak button?
Hey, what's the sneak button?
Here we go.
There we go, 'cause I don't,
oh, did he notice me?
I don't think he noticed me.
Yo, this is rad.
This is really rad.
There's a treasure chest up there.
You guys see that?
You know you don't see nothing.
It ain't me.
Oh, he almost spot me.
Look at his question mark getting all red.
Okay, I think I'm in the clear.
I think I'm in the clear.
I think I'm in the clear.
Ooh, boy, this is where things
get difficult, isn't it?

'Cause I don't know how to get up there.
Well, I guess I could just
go the long way around, huh?

All right, jump.
And look at that, 10
stars from the judges.

That was amazing.
Whoa, this uses up so much stamina though.
How do I dash, the zy-dash?
That uses up quite a lot of stamina,
so swimming isn't just
something we can do willy nilly

like in other games.
We really need to be careful
with how things work,

but very interesting
that I could actually,

once again, that sound meter
being a huge help there.

I wouldn't have even
thought about crouching

and trying to hide as if it
would actually affect anything

if I didn't even see that there, you know,
so that's awesome.
Now it's 12:40pm on the
bottom, you can see,

so we're about midday.
I don't know what that'll
really turn up to be.

But we're just gonna keep running.
I'm gonna slice. (laughs)
'Cause you have to, it's a Zelda game.
So I was actually able to get here
without taking any damage
or fighting anything,

and that was more to find out why.
Oman Au Shrine.
Let's break this.
No, I can't, that's not the thing.
Okay, so we have another one of these.
So let's go ahead and
put our tablet there,

sponsored by popular products like Apple.
Sheikah Slate confirmed.
Now what?
This is happening again.
So a lot of the things that
are worthwhile in this area

are activated by the Sheikah Slate.
Travel Gate registered to map.
Oh, my.
Access granted.
So now we have
a quick teleport.
Or maybe we don't.
What exactly is this?
Oh, is this an elevator?
Hold on, what's going on?
Oh, it's an elevator.
This is scary.
Tips and Tricks, check
this screen for hints

that will survey and
aid you on your journey.

The adventurous heart must
not stop seeking knowledge.

Cool, next tip.
Aim Controls, blah, blah, blah.
Good tip, okay.
What's going on here then?
Is this gonna be like a dungeon?
I don't know.
To you who sets foot in this shrine,
I am Oman Au.
In the name of the Goddess Hylia,
I offer this trial.
Magnesis Trial, Oman Au Shrine.
What do I have to do here?
Some interesting almost
constellation-like things

on the wall.
I don't know what this
platform is supposed to be,

but there is something
where I can put this thing.

So let's go ahead and do this.
And that will do something assuredly.
Sheikah Slate authenticated.
Distilling rune.
Winning puzzle.
Okay, so what is this gonna do?
It's gonna make my phone wet.
Now I gotta bring it back
to the store to get it fixed

and they'll charge me like $300.
They say you can put it in rice,
but usually that doesn't work too well.
Magnesis, manipulating metallic
objects using magnetism.

Grab on to the metallic objects
using the magnetic energy

that pours forth from the Megnesis rune.
Objects held in the magnetic snare
can be lifted up and moved freely.
Rune extracted.
Yeah, you better extract that rune.
So what can I do now?
Use rune, use selected rune
from your Sheikah Slate.

Holy cow.
Wait, how can I throw it?
Oh my gosh, so I can now plop down here.
Holy cow, this is insane.
Oh, what did I do?
I don't know what I did to do that.
I guess I could take a selfie.
Can I get out of the water?
Wow, this is crazy.
This game is so beautiful
so far, I love it.

All right, so let's go up here.
There is this right here.
So I can go like this,
and I can pick up this.

This is insane.
I love it, 'cause now I can put this here.
Right, is that what I wanna do?
And this is, oh, oh.
Look at that.
So I'm gonna get up here.
Wait, hold on.
Get up here, climb up here.
There's somebody waiting for me.
This music is so rad.
Oh, is he shooting at me?
Wow, it's shooting at me.
Okay, buddy, you wanna go with that up?
You wanna go with that?
Okay, focus on you.
How can I dodge?
Is there like a dodge button?
Oh, I can just throw my sword.
Oh, that worked!
Oh, what happened to my sword?
Your sword broke, oh gosh.
Oh gosh, hold on, hold on, hold on.
There we go, there we go.
Ready, set, slice and dice.
We got you good, dude.
Probably when I threw
my sword in your face,

yeah, my sword at your face.
What is that though?
This is the Ancient Spring,
a spring used in ancient machinery.
It is light and buoyant
enough to float on water,

and no matter how many
times it's compressed,

it never loses tension.
Cool, can I climb up this?
Yeah, that's a little too high.
Wow, cool stuff.
This is like blowing me away
with how much fun it is so far.

So I can probably see what I can do here
is I can go ahead, pick this up,
and use this as a platform over here.
This is almost like Portal or something.
Engaging little puzzles here.
Okay, so now this is looking
a little more intense.

Oh, I can just open the door, okay.
There we go, boom.
Just leave it open like that.
I was gonna say maybe I
have to lean something

like this old platform
up against this wall.

That is not the case.
So what is going on in this room?
There is just this shrine thing.
What is going on over here?
This is amazing.
Oh, whoa, it's a person.
Is that a living person?
Hello, is this Oman Au?
I think this might be Oman Au.
You have proven to possess
the resolve of a true hero.

I am Oman Au, the creator of this trial.
So it is Oman Au.
I am a humble monk,
blessed with the sight of a Goddess Hylia
and dedicated to helping
those who seek Ganon.

With your arrival, my
duty is now fulfilled.

I mean, does that mean we're friends?
In the name of Goddess Hylia,
allow me to bestow this gift upon you.
Ooh, what did I get?
Please accept this Spirit,
I was hoping like an Amazon gift card,
but Spirit Orb's a decent second best.
Oh, whoa.
That might be a collector's item.
I'll take it.
Thank you, Mr. Monk.
Oh, well, now it's in my chest.
Spirit Orb, a symbol of courage
given to those who have overcome
the challenges of a shrine.

Okay, so we have our first Spirit Orb,
a symbol of courage given
to those who have overcome,

yeah, okay.
I don't know what that
does, but nice to know.

May the Goddess smile upon you.
Cool dude, cool dude.
See ya, Oman Au.
So there we go.
There's our first shrine completed.
That is some awesome stuff.
All right, so here we are
back at the Great Plateau.

There he is, hey, dude.
How you doing?
It seems you have managed to
get your hands on a Spirit Orb.

Well done.
Paraglider, please?
How did you know?
oho, or perhaps just something similar.
As one gets older,
it can become more difficult to see
what is right before one's own eyes.
However, that which was
once hidden from view

can often become crystal clear.
But perhaps that is not
true for everyone. (laughs)

The appearance of those towers
and the awakening of the shrine.
It is all connected to the Sheikah Slate
you carry on your hip there.
Paraglider, gosh, we
can be just such jerks.

Paraglider, please?
What do you mean?
It has been quite some time
since I have seen that Sheikah Slate.
Long ago, a highly advanced tribe
known as the Sheikah inhabited
these islands or these lands.

Can't read.
The great power of their
wisdom saved this kingdom

time and time again.
But their ancient technology
disappeared long ago,

or it is said, or so it is said.
It is interesting, however, to think
how someone like that
survived all this time,

hidden away in a shrine.
Whoa, we're Sheikah.
Like, we're a member of a Sheikah.
I think that's what he's trying to say.
These shrines are tucked away
in numerous places all across this land.
On this plateau alone,
I believe there are still three more.
Bring me the treasure from
each of these shrines,

and I will give you my paraglider.
So I need more now?
I said treasure, but I never said
that there would only be one treasure.
Whether it's the one treasure or four,
that's the difference for a
younger go-getter like yourself.

Since I'm feeling generous,
I will also teach you a trick
or two for finding shrines.

It's always best to survey the area
by looking around from a high point.
Let's see here.
How about you make your way
on top of that tower again?

Got it.
I admire your eagerness,
but allow me to teach you

something else before you go.
Take a look at that map
on your Sheikah Slate.

Oh, yeah, this is the map again.
Oh, looks like it has some
more detailed information.

See those blue icons?
You should recognize
the cave where you woke,

the shrine you came from, and the tower.
You can travel instantly
to any of those places

with the Sheikah Slate.
Or so I heard quite some time ago.
I do not know if it
actually works as such.

Well, we're about to find out.
Try traveling to the top of that tower.
From there, you should
be able to scout out

the location of another shrine.
You sure know a lot.
(laughs) When you have been
around for as long as I have,

you pick up on a thing or two.
Go on, why not try it out?
Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead
and check out the map.

Can I like teleport,
I can just travel to it right now.
Ooh, and here we go.
Wow, awesome stuff.
Now, can we do that any point
or maybe only in safe locations?
I'm guessing if I'm fighting
a major boss or something,

I can't just be like,
peace out, I'm leaving.

Ganon, I'm here to defeat
you, after a pee break,

be right back.
All right then, so what are we doing here?
We're back on top of the,
oh, whoa, he's here.
Man, he is cool.
Great Plateau Tower.
Oho, ho.
What's going on, dude?
I'm surprised it took you so long
to catch up with an old man like me.
Oh, I didn't even read what I said.
How did you, oho, ho, leave
an old man his secrets.

Now then, I wanted you to join me up here
so you could use this
as an advantage point

to search for shrines.
Did you know about the
scope on your Sheikah Slate?

Look through it, and you can stick a pin
anywhere you'd like to mark on the map.
The pins on your map serve
as reference points for your travels.
Just stick a pin anywhere
you're interested in.

How do you know?
Experience, wisdom, instinct?
Call it what you will and
believe it only if you so please.

Go ahead and take a look if
you feel inclined to do so.

So I can press this button.
Oh, ah, okay, a little too close, huh?
A little too close for comfort.
So I can look in an area
that might be important.

Can I like zoom out?
Oh, I can move my controller.
Ah, this is weird.
So I can put a pin there.
If I see something of interest,
like what is the entrance over here.
But I can also edit my pins.
Like, what it this?
It's just a pin, I can delete pin.
I can, let's see.
I can change to stamp.
Yeah, I can change a
different, interesting.

Now what?
Having trouble finding the shrines?
Help me out here.
Gosh, he's so much taller than we are.
I just remembered something
that might help you.

You can review some of the
abilities you've learned

on the pause screen.
If you're searching for shrines,
use the scope on your Sheikah Slate.
This is the pause screen.
Ability Controls, the scope, okay.
I'm looking for a new shrine then.
I feel like this is way too
zoomed in though, holy cow.

Where could there be a different shrine?
Oh, okay, I see one, I see one.
So let's go ahead and boop, there we go.
I think I found one, pops.
And then there's another
one right over here.

So basically, what he's
trying to teach here

is that through these advantages
that we can easily teleport to now,
we can find a lot of things.
Nope, bye.
Oho, ho, if you still wish
to acquire the paraglider,

you must put in the effort.
I will not simply give it away, you see.
No, I found them.
Okay, so what is our quest
going to say right now?

I'm still getting used to
moving the controls and stuff,

so don't judge me.
So we need to go ahead
and get more of these.

Let's go ahead and try to
travel to wherever we can.

I don't think we can travel
to really anywhere else right
now, but it's worth a shot.

'Cause this is where we
spawned in from, right?

That's still a shorter, I don't
know about a shorter walk.

Let's go ahead and give it a shot though.
I mean, I know where they are.
I think I just need to go and do them now.
So let's go ahead and try to plop down
and tackle some of those.
Then I can just jump off 'em.
It's actually not that bad.
I was gonna make sure I don't super jump
or things might not end
up so well at that point,

but we can take a pretty big fall.
Let go, fall, fall, and then fall.
All right then, so let's go ahead
and try to find some of these.
I mean, we know where they are.
It's just a matter of walking there
and hopefully not running
into too many troubles

while we're at it, 'cause up there,
that's when we might wanna teleport
because that one might be
closer to the other thing

than it is where we currently are.
I mean, the paraglider would be nice
to get to those locations, but, hey,
sometimes you just gotta
put the legwork in.

Come on, get that cardio, Link.
Didn't mean to do that.
I wonder if I could have anti-graved him
and just like threw him off.
Probably not, but it would've been funny,
would've been gosh darn hilarious.
How you doing?
All right then, this is so cool though,
running around and adventuring.
It is getting later in the day, 6:45,
and I can only assume that things
are going to be getting
more difficult and dangerous

as it gets darker.
That's definitely something I wanna try
to be a little more aware of.
And this is looking a little spooky.
Oh jeez, this is like one of the things
from the trailer but dead.
That is actually, whoa, I can search it?
Ancient Screw, a screw
used in ancient machinery.

It's made of an unknown material,
and no matter how many times it's tuned,
its threads never seem
to show signs of wear.

Then, what about the rest of it?
Oh my gosh, that is interesting.
Whoa, there's like a
little bit of water here

just at the surface to make
me occasionally pit-patter.

That's cool.
So I can also run, I gotta remember that.
I mean, obviously, I can't run too much.
Oh my.
Okay, this is the trailer all over again.
No, thank you.
No, thank you.
No, it's gonna hurt
me, it's gonna hurt me,

please don't hurt me!
That hurt.
I thought maybe I could
outrun to the other side.

That was wrong.
I was so wrong.
Let's continue again.
So there's actually an X on the map
where I've previously gotten taken out,
and I need to be the sneakiest of sneakers
if I wanna get by here.
Oh, don't tell me this one's kicking too.
Yeah, I'm gonna back it up again.
Okay, move, move, move,
move, move, move, move, move,

move, move, move, move,
move, move, move, move!

Oh, if your Stamina Wheel runs out,
you'll be too tired to do certain actions
'til it fills up again.
This is scary.
Okay, no, no, no, I wanna be quiet.
I'm gonna try to be as quiet as possible.
Let's see if this is
just truly sight based

or if it's also based on sound as well.
Hello, no, instantly found.
I'm gonna go ahead and,
there's not like any gravity
related things I can really do.

Get gravitroned.
That didn't work, okay. (laughs)
Had to try, had to try.
So there's still this one over here.
Oh, this one is totally
another one though.

Maybe not.
I don't know, what if I
just quietly crawl through?

Will it notice me?
Will it notice me if I quietly
crawl through this area?

So far, so horrible.
I can't get that over there.
So that ain't working for me.
Wait, I can search this.
Ancient Spring, we know
about the Ancient Springs.

Run, run, run, run, run, run,
'cause there's this one, Ancient Gear,
a gear used in ancient machinery.
Despite being incredibly old,
its build quality is leaps and bounds
above anything built
using current technology.

Wow, run, run, run.
Okay, okay.
Come on, come on, come on.
I've gotten to the other side.
I don't know how good or bad that is,
but it's something.
It's something all right.
Oh boy.
What is that noise?
I don't know.
Sometimes I feel like I hear
somebody's trying to get my, (shouts).
Get outta here.
Wait, what button is to attack?
I already forget.
I don't know how.
Oh, the two for one,
get outta here, you little creeps.
What do we got here?
We got Keese Wing, the wing of a Keese.
It's covered with very sharp, sharp fur.
It's not much use by itself,
but you can mix it with critters
to make something useful.

I'll get another one
right there, another one.

I gotta be careful, but I've yet to find
like a proper entrance.
I can throw a rock at it.
Let's try to,
no. (laughs)
Can I climb up like this?
Oh, I can, I can, I can.
That might be the big ticket.
Why are these guys everywhere?
I don't get it.
I don't know how I'm gonna
get away from this one.

Oh, he can't see me, he can see me.
I can climb up this as well.
Come on, come on.
I'm almost there though.
I'm almost home free.
I'm at Ja Baij Shrine.
I don't think anybody else sees me here.
Maybe that might've been the,
ah, okay, we got more bad guys.
And then swing!
They're still alive though.
I gotta destroy their little skulls here.
Swing, and then, oh, oh wow.
Wonk! (laughs)
That's amazing, but also horrifying.
Oh, we got another sword.
Okay, change shield.
I'll go ahead and do that
in a second if I need to.

Keep forgetting that I have a shield,
but I'm also using a two-handed weapon.
Oh, we got a lot of stuff.
We got the Bokoblin Fang, a
tooth obtained from a Bokoblin.

It's worn down and not very sharp,
but it's still pretty hard.
Cook it alongside a
critter to make an elixir.

A fang again.
What is this?
Bokoblin Arm, oh my gosh,
this is actually a weapon.

A skeletal arm that keeps moving
even after it's severed from its body.
It's kinda gross to strap to your back,
but it'll do in a pinch.
It's old and fragile,
so it's quick to break.

It looks like there's
another one over here,

which actually does more damage
than what I currently have.

So I'm gonna go ahead
in inventory here and
take a look at everything.

So we have ourselves materials.
We have ourselves weapons.
So currently, I have this equipped.
There's three damage.
So what does better is
this and these arms.

So let's go ahead and
equip the actual sword.

We also got ourselves a Boko Club.
That is one handed apparently,
but this is two handed.
Okay, the Traveler's Sword
is what I'm going to get right now.
I have some arrows I can't really use.
Boko Shield, Boko Shield,
so these are both the same thing.
Don't have any new clothes.
How is like my hunger doing?
That's really something
I'm not really sure on.

Maybe there's not hunger.
Maybe it's just health.
Either way, we are here.
We might as well get this done.
Let's see what happens.
Hopefully, something good.
Looks like it.
Opening the doors,
and let's go down to another shrine.
Sounds good to me.
So there we go.
So this one was called
the Bakubaj or something?

I can't remember, but
it was another shrine

just like we did earlier.
Apparently, I was reading
the back of the box,

there's like hundred plus of these,
so hopefully we do enjoy doing them
because we're gonna have
to do a lot of them.

But yeah, I'm fine with it
'cause they're fun so far.

And as long as we can keep
learning puzzles and stuff

and get with it, that's all that matters.
That is all that matters.
Okay, so to those who
set foot in this shrine,

I am Ja Baij.
In the name of the Goddess
Hylia, I offer this trial.

Bomb Trial, the Ja, is it, Ja Baij,
maybe Ja Baij, Ja Baij Shrine.
Can't do anything with that.
That's sort of interesting.
I don't see any gravity related things
'cause I'm going to assume
there might be something else we can do.
Let's go ahead and put our
smartphone right there.

Let's see what happens.
Sheikah Slate authenticated.
Distilling rune.
It's gonna cry, don't know why,
but it's what it does,
so I'm gonna accept that
fact and move forward.

What are we gonna get?
All right, what is it?
It's gonna be another rune, two runes.
Really, maybe these aren't
runes, they're not red.

A bomb that canb e detonated remotely.
The force of the blast can be used
to damage monsters and destroy objects.
There are both round and cube bombs,
so to use whichever
best fits the situation.

So it's one rune but two
bombs, two uses, two variants.

Okay, sounds good to me.
So let's go ahead and press and hold up
and we can go ahead and
switch to a square bomb,

and I think that might
be what's better here

'cause, of course, these are also squares.
Let's go ahead and drop it.
Ah, I see.
Interesting stuff.
Now, I wonder how much damage that does.
Is that gonna be a viable
way to fight things?

We got ourselves a bit of a maze.
Let's go over here and explode this.
Ooh, I found myself a secret.
I found myself a secret.
What is inside?
We got ourselves a Traveler's Claymore,
a basic two-handed sword often wielded
by aspiring adventurers.
Its immense weight can
knock enemies' shields

right out of their hands.
Wow, awesome stuff.
If we go against other shielded enemies,
I think I might go ahead for that.
Let's go ahead and do that
and bada bing, bada boom.
Interesting stuff, I love it.
Now there's something
weird about the wall here.

I don't think this is gonna do anything.
Yeah, it didn't do anything.
It's just these details on the wall here
are a little odd, different.
Doesn't have any relevance apparently.
Let's go ahead and, not what I wanted.
Okay, that didn't hurt me.
I guess I was sort shielded by the wall.
Let's try this again.
Put that there,
and then, okay, okay, I'll stay on it,
and then I'm gonna wait right here,
and then once it gets
all the way to the end,

there we go.
We got almost all of them,
which actually might not
have been a good thing.

Like, here's another thing.
If I press and hold,
I cannot move this.
Why can't I move that one?
Maybe I couldn't originally anyways.
I can't jump on these for sure.
All right then.
Let's go back, put this,
no, not what I wanted.
How do I want to do this?
I keep forgetting the buttons.
There we go.
Almost did damage to me,
but I was just out of range,

which is what I wanted deep down anyways.
Now what is up with this?
I can't climb this or,
wait, can I climb this?

I don't know.
That was sorta weird.
I don't know why there's
a gap right there.

Seems sort of abstract.
Whoa, this is totally like Portal.
Look what's going on.
Oh, I see.
Oh, I see, so we definitely
wanna use this bomb right here.

Oh, I just dropped that one.
Let's go ahead and drop this here.
So I can do two at once actually.
And then,
It didn't explode this one.
What do I do about this one?
So I can pick this up.
I can just throw it.
Oh, I guess it won't explode
until I actually select that one.
So is this over here for show?
No, there's definitely
another chest over there.

All right, let's go ahead
and check out that one.

Maybe I can just launch myself over.
Seems obviously enough.
See, for a second there,
I almost wall ran it.
Let's go ahead and launch ourselves.
Ready, set, whee.
Okay, what is this?
This is gonna be something else.
Ooh, is it gonna be another,
oh, Amber, a fossilized resin
with a caramelesque sheen to it.
It's been valued as a
component in decorations

and crafting since ancient times.
Very cool, I like it.
So there we go.
We use our noggin, we get free stuff.
Wonder if I can take that
little basketball though.

I don't know if it'll
have any value to me.

Does this move now?
Yes, it does.
I'm gonna ahead and take
this little basketball

if I can take it.
Think it'll let me.
Pick up, yeah, I'm gonna borrow this.
Don't know what this'll do,
but it might come helpful.

I can't do anything with it over there.
I don't see any other external ways
I can use it at the moment.
I don't know I don't
if I can get up there.

Okay, so let's go ahead,
and can I just, yes, I can
just launch myself across.

Whee, oh no, it made me drop it.
All right, well, that didn't work.
Let's pick that up again.
How can I get that up there?
Well, I guess I can just put it down,
and that would work theoretically.
I can jump while I'm
holding things as well.

So I'm gonna go ahead,
How do I wanna do this?
Oh, I can get up here, and then drop it,
and then maybe I'll get up.
Let's see what that'll do.
Yeah, it made it.
Clear jump.
I don't know what I'm gonna do
with that little ball thing,

but there has to be something
I can do with it, right?

Ah, man, I can't make the jump.
That's not fun.
All right, well, I'll pick this up.
Maybe this guy wants something with it.
Oh, I can't do that while running.
I run so weird.
I don't know, it's just weird.
All right, well, I think we found Ja Baij.
How you doing?
So another monk explodes
in monk-like goodness.

Your resourcefulness in
overcoming this trial

speaks to the promise of a hero.
In the name of Goddess Hylia,
I bestow upon you this Spirit Orb.
Cool, so we get our second Spirit Orb.
Once again, I still don't really know
the real power of these things
besides getting them all.

I must have all of them.
My chest absorbs it.
Thank you, dude.
Spirit Orb, a symbol of
courage given to those

who have overcome the
challenge of a shrine.

We knew that already.
May the Goddess smile upon you.
All right, thanks, dude.
You look slightly different
but not really all that
different from the previous dude.

Still nice to see him.
Seemed just as cool as the previous guy.
Well, we're out of that place.
Oh, and now since I
have the bomb explosion,

I can actually go through the proper way.
But those things are still
waiting for me out here.

We'll have to see, we'll have to see.
Can explode this now.
This is where things
quickly become problematic

'cause some of these
guys are still kicking.

Oh gosh, we got a bird.
Ready, wait, wait, ready?
Got one of 'em.
Stop, stop, slice.
There we go.
So here's like a bit of an issue for me.
Ancient Screw.
What if I go ahead and throw it
and then, oh, that did damage to it.
Not a whole lot, I gotta be honest.
Maybe if I got a little bit closer.
Like, here, if I go ahead and throw it.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Still, wow, barely anything.
I'm gonna go ahead and try
to climb up here if I can.

Hopefully he won't catch me.
He hasn't caught me yet.
He has not caught me.
All right, let's go ahead and jump.
Oh, oh, oh, I'm outta here.
I do not like this place.
That guy does not like me.
Don't know what's up with him.
But that's one out of
the two we need to do.

So we need to now go
over there to that shrine

in any way we can 'cause
if we go back to him now,

he's just like, ah, ha,
you got one of 'em, kid.

Go get the other one.
I'm not gonna get you half a paraglider.
So that's good to know.
He's really supportive of our actions.
I'm crawling right now
'cause I didn't really know
what was going on around me.

Not too much right now.
But it's interesting 'cause
it's not an RPG, right?

It's not like Skyrim where,
at least from my knowledge
so far, maybe that'll change.

But it seems like I can go about
and I can explore, I can defeat enemies,
but it doesn't give me
better levels or weapons.

There's something floating
in the air over there.

Huh, it's like an airship.
It won't stay though.
It won't follow it.
I need to edit my pins now, gosh darn it.
I don't like that.
I don't like how you can,
delete pin.
That's really weird,
but that's like in a whole
'nother undiscovered area.

So we'll have to worry
about that some other time.

Let's go ahead and keep running.
This thing is so stinking
cool though, this game.

That's what the thing
I'm talking about here.

It's just such a beautiful
and fun adventure so far.

I love that a lot.
Our goal will probably be
today to climb up there

whatever way we can.
Look at these trees.
Wow, look at that tower.
That might be one of
the other towers then.

I'm gonna probably have to
climb up that at some point.

But my goal would be to try to go ahead
and get to that location
and then continue on in the next episode.
So let's go ahead and
just try to keep running.

Try to run, run, run, run, run, run, run.
And I stop right before it runs out.
That way, I'm not unable to do anything.
And even like swinging, at
least not at any enemies,

doesn't remove any of my stamina.
Whoa, here's another one of these things.
This one is not alive in
any way, shape, or form.

But it still has Ancient Screws in it.
And there's one right next to it too.
So let's go ahead, I don't wanna climb it.
Get down.
Because I don't know
what these Ancient Screws

and things will do, but
it's worth picking up

for one reason or another.
What is going on around here?
Uh-oh, there is a creepy goblin dude
who does not see me,
who does not see me.
So let me sneak up on him.
Oh boy, not what I wanted.
Gosh darn it.
I just wasted a bunch of stamina,
but he still doesn't know I'm here.
I missed.
I missed, I missed, I missed.
No, no, no, hold on, hold on, hold on.
Hold on, hold on.
I gotta get my sword really quick.
Wait, wait, wait.
Okay, okay.
Oh, he's a big one.
He's a big one.
He was normal.
Oh, I can't carry any more melee weapons.
Let me go ahead and,
let's see.
I'm gonna go ahead and drop a branch.
Pick up a Boko Club
'cause obviously a Boko Club's gonna be
way more worth it than a branch.
Can I smash these pots?
I can.
Also, no rupees so far.
That might change for sure,
but we haven't ran into a single rupee,
and there's a chest over here.
Will this have any rupees?
Traveler's Bow, hey,
a small bow used by
travelers for protection.

It doesn't do a lot of damage,
but it can be used to
attack foes from a distance.

So attack with the bow,
we just have to hold that back trigger,
and draw bow, release to fire.
I don't wanna use it right now.
That is fantastic though.
It's not like we just completed
a quest and we got a bow.

We just happened to be
exploring this wonderful land

and we found it.
That is amazing.
Oh wow, I can pray at the shrine?
What is going on here?
Everything has a use to it, I love that.
You have conquered the shrines
and claimed their Spirit Orbs.
I can offer you great power.
But you do not yet have four Spirit Orbs.
Seek out the shrines
scattered across Hyrule

and face more challenges.
Once you have claimed four Spirit Orbs,
return to me.
Okay, so for those of who
have played Jak and Daxter,

you know how similar that
feels, in different ways.

Of course, you would
just get the equivalent

of a Super Mario 64 star out of it,
but, man, I feel like this game combines
a very big game of my
childhood, Jak and Daxter,

with like a Zelda game.
All right, oh, I can jump up it,
make it a little bit of a quicker climb.
This is cool.
There's stuff up here.
I'm just trying to get up there.
I'm trying to find ways to
make this mountain climb

a little bit easier.
What is that?
That looks like a boar of some sorts.
But unfortunately, climbing up this
is actually not proving to be too fruitful
when it comes to, you know,
getting up the mountain.

Yeah, that's some kind of boar.
I don't wanna fight everything I see.
One thing, because it doesn't
technically benefit me

from what I've seen so far,
just give me half a heart
so I'll just have one
quarter of it remaining.

Okay, though, let's keep going.
Had to respond because
apparently there's pizza waiting

for me downstairs, which is
like ooh la la, I love pizza,

but I'm loving this riveting
experience of a game so far.

Amd I can't just go
ahead and, here, hold on.

I can't just go ahead and stop playing
'cause I'm having too much fun.
And I really hope you guys
are enjoying this series so far
'cause this has been an
absolute blast for me.

And there is actually
another thing over here.

I'll just take a bunch of, okay.
Spicy peppers, mm-mmm, good.
Okay, so I'm really going
in an area I probably,

okay, the temperature
is getting, find warmth.

Ah, okay.
So let's go over here and
just mark this with a pin.

Okay, I might fix that a little bit,
and then I can go in here.
Let's see, where was
that pin I just marked?

I actually do not know.
'Cause I'm standing right here.
Shrine of the Resurrection,
isn't that where I spawned in from?
This doesn't feel right.
I feel like this isn't where I am.
But it is.
That just doesn't feel
right, I don't know.

'Cause unless this dark is
not river by a mountain,

no, this is mountain.
Oh, this is confusing.
Where are those two pins I just placed?
They're way over here.
Well, let's delete that pin.
Let's change to stamp.
Is there like a shrine stamp?
I don't really know.
For right now, just make it a star.
I'll make sure to try to
keep up with that idea.

So can I climb up this stuff?
I can.
I can actually just climb a mountain.
Ain't that cool?
No, I don't wanna go too far off that way
because it might get cold.
And altitude, usually,
once you gain in altitude,

that also makes things colder.
So it's going to be something
I have to worry about.

I don't have very thick
clothes on right now.

Honestly, these clothes
are a little too small.

So well, I lost health though.
Is that from being frozen,
or is that from using stamina
and climbing this moutain?

Oh, being too cold is actually hurting me.
I have to go and leave this altitude.
I need to go lower, lower
to the ground, okay.

Now that I'm over here,
temperature dropped dramatically.

So I'm still like really
far off from that though.

I just feel like maybe I'm not taking
the best course of action.
You can see there's stuff down here.
Okay, I don't know, what?
What, what?
I held A to climb down like the game said!
That's baloney.
That one is not on me, not on me at all.
So I'm definitely taking
the lower areas now

and you can see there's
more goblins down there.

I don't wanna mess with those
guys if I can handle it,

but I am really curious
about what's in this house.

Is it gonna be a house
full of friendly people?

Probably not so close to the goblins.
What is this?
Oh, it's mushrooms, it's mushrooms.
Okay, let's climb up here
and try to grab some of these mushrooms
'cause I'm just trying to
get a variety of things.

Rushroom, a mushroom that
can grow almost anywhere

but prefers ceilings and sheer cliffs.
Cook it before eating
and temporarily increase

your movement speed.
So those hot peppers, if you
cook them into certain things,

it will actually raise
your body temperature,

helping you survive in those
colder climates we've seen.

And when I was looking down
before I fell hilariously,

you can see here, there
are little platforms

that we could use to terrain up there,
and that's gonna be (mumbles)
once we get to that shrine.

Whoa, ho, we got the musculars.
Look at us.
Oh, not what I wanted.
Oh, I broke the other one.
What is going on here?
We're going like straight
up Metal Gear Solid.

This barrel won't even fit in that house.
I do not see anybody.
Nobody's home.
Nobody's home right now.
Did that just change?
I thought I heard footsteps.
What is this book?
The old man's diary.
Oh, it's the old man's house.
On this desolate plateau,
the only pleasure that
brings me comfort is cooking.

And today, I outdid myself.
Truly, I created the perfect dish.
I call it spicy meat and seafood fry.
The recipe not only restores health,
but it also keeps me warm,
even when traveling in
the snowy mountains.

With this dish on my side,
I no longer need the itchy warm doublet.
I do not know how I
allowed this to happen,

but it seems I forgot to write down
a very important recipe.
I know it contained raw
meat and spicy pepper.

However, I simply cannot
remember what else I used.

My age is catching up to me.
Sadly, on this lonely plateau,
I have only my knowledge
and memory to rely on.

Still, if I did find someone
who knew the missing ingredient,
I would happily reward
them with a warm doublet.

However, it seems unlikely
that such a miraculous wish
would ever be fulfilled.

Oh, I can read it again.
All right then, interesting stuff though.
That's good to know.
I'm not gonna steal his stuff.
I feel like that's gonna
have negative consequences.

But he does have some nice stuff.
Not happening though.
If this is the old man's house,
that's actually pretty cool.

He does have a torch here.
He's got a, what is this?
Pot Lid, okay, I'll take that.
You really need a pot lid, dude?
A lid of a large soup pot.
It smells vaguely of poultry broth, yum.
It can take quite a
beating before breaking.

So that's actually significantly stronger
than our current shield life.
I feel like I need to hold
that for when we're in a pinch.

Oh, hey, there's the old man.
He gets around.
How is he doing?
Hey, dude, what's up?
Hya, hya.
Hey, dude.
Oho, fancy that, so we meet again.
What are you doing?
I thought this tree here
might make for some good firewood.
However, getting a tree to fall
exactly where you want it is quite an art.
The trick is to turn your hips
so that they can face where
you want the tree to land.

So, I see you found my axe.
Why not help me out and
give it a few swings?

I'm working up quite a sweat here,
but these bones could use a break.
Sure, I'll help you out, dude.
Let's go ahead and equip our sword.
And is this like a mini quest?
I wanna see.
Does stuff like this pop up?
I don't think so.
It doesn't really look like it.
Anyways, let's go ahead and,
I don't really know where I wanna,
I guess like, let's, okay.
There we go, I did it.
And what do I have here?
I got ourselves a Korok Leaf.
A single swing of this giant, sturdy leaf
can create a gust of wind strong enough
to blow away light objects.
These will sometimes fall off of trees
when they're chopped down.
Can't carry any more melee weapons.
Okay, let's go back into our inventory.
And what else can I drop here?
I think that I don't need two Boko Clubs,
especially since they're
some of the weaker weapons

we have right now.
So let's go ahead and drop that.
Let's go ahead and pick up,
just so I can have variety,
understand more about
what's going on here.

So can I chop this?
Yes, I can.
It got chopped into Wood,
a portable bundle of wood.

You can now use this to make a campfire
if you have something to light it.
So can I give this to you, dude,
now that I've got that done?
Oho, ho, oh, I see you did my work for me.
Go ahead and take some of
that wood for yourself.

Don't be shy now.
Thank you for the help with that tree.
Now my work for the day is complete.
What are you doing?
I'm heading home.
I can't offer you much,
other than a solid roof

and good company, but
you're free to join me.

Hmm, if you need to take a rest,
go ahead and use my bed.
Unlike a fireside nap,
sleeping in a proper bed

should really rejuvenate you.
Ah, you know what?
We're gonna give that a shot.
We're definitely gonna give that a shot.
I feel like I should take
stuff just to see what happens,

but not gonna happen.
We're gonna go ahead and sleep until,
we'll sleep until morning.
Let's see, then maybe we
should cut things off now

'cause this episode is getting rather long
and I wanna go get my pizza.
But this is taking longer
than I thought it would.

But you know, one shrine at a time,
that ain't a bad deal.
We got ourselves a nice, healthy rest,
so I think that's gonna
finish things off for today.

Thank you, guys, so much for watching,
and thank you so much for
support on the series.

What does old man have to say?
How is your shrine exploration going?
I'm not gonna answer.
What are you doing?
The body of mine isn't what it used to be.
Recovering from a bout of
hard work takes a while.

If you're hungry, I have an
empty pot that you can use

to cook yourself a meal.
Got any tips?
Maybe we can hold onto this later.
Okay, so yeah, with that being said,
thank you, guys, so much for watching
today's episode of The Legend
of Zelda, Breath of the Wild.

Thank you, guys, so much for watching.
I'll see you next time.
Bye, bye.
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Our First Shrines! - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gameplay - Episode 2

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raychen0918 published on March 21, 2019
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