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  • Hi, I'm Christopher Rokosz; actor, director of both stage and screen and it will be my

  • pleasure to share with you some of the facts about the Phantom of the Opera. Fact: The

  • Phantom of the Opera begin as a book in 1909 written by Gaston Leroux; original title "Le

  • Fantome De L'Opera". Forgive me, French speakers; The Phantom of the Opera. It's translated

  • to English in 1911, also another fact. It was adapted for the stage as a musical by

  • Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1986, also a fact. It is definitely a fact that it's one of the

  • most beloved musicals of all time. Fact also is that it resides now in Las Vegas for all

  • of us to see, in a ninety-minute redacted version, updated and they have built an entire

  • theatre's special effects all around it; definitely worth checking out. It's also a fact that

  • it is one of the absolute, most adapted pieces of literature or theatre, it all depends on

  • how you want to look at it. Began with the book, the book begot radio place, begot movie,

  • after movie, after movie, probably one of the most famous movies was the Lon Chaney

  • version, one of the universal monsters Phantom of the Opera; very recognizable. It was also

  • adapted into, just about adaption upon adaptations to the Chipmunks, the Phantom of the Rock

  • Opera to the Phantom of the Megaplex by Disney. The theme of a Phantom living and controlling

  • at a entertainment or a theatrical venue is a theme that just persist. The movies, there's

  • been internationally somewhere on the, somewhere on the head of two dozen adaptations of the

  • movie and the one that you maybe familiar with is the 2004 adaptation of Andrew Lloyd

  • Webber's adaptation of Gaston Leroux's original book. So let's follow that again. Gaston wrote

  • the book, Lloyd Webber wrote the play, Joe Schumacher made the play or made the movie

  • of the play of the book. You're still with me? Excellent! It's also a fact that the Phantom

  • of the Opera's name is Erik; it's actually a little known fact in there; Christine the

  • character of the love interest of the Phantom and Raoul of her love interest which sort

  • of creates an interesting little menage, to keep it the French term. It's also a fact

  • that I am confident that you will enjoy it. It's also a fact that it is one of my favorite

  • shows. Read the book, see the stage show, see the Ken hill version, yet another musical

  • you maybe unfamiliar with. Definitely go out there and experiment, even Robert Englund,

  • Freddie Kruger played the Phantom of the Opera in the movie adaptation in 1989, I believe.

  • I am deviate, you'll find out. I'm Christopher Rokosz, I hope this has been informative and

  • it's a fact that I'll see you later.

Hi, I'm Christopher Rokosz; actor, director of both stage and screen and it will be my

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