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Hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
today Google released androids March

security update for 2019 now there are
not a lot of changes or updates in fact

there's no security updates as far as
what's in its name being security so

there are improvements but no specific
security updates so I guess it's secure

at least for now now you'll see when I
downloaded this it was about 70.9 megabytes

so it's a pretty small
update and this is the build number

PQ2A.190305.002 and that can vary
depending on which device you're on but
that is the most current for the three

XL now the main thing that they've
updated is the camera now I wanted to

show you before I installed this update
what the camera looked like it had some

performance issues so let's go ahead and
take a look at it and you'll see that it

lags when trying to open it up and it
doesn't really respond like it did when

it was new
now here this version has been patched I

have tested it it seems a little bit

it doesn't seem to lag and also when you
open the camera maybe snap a picture go

into maybe something else
open Twitter get reloaded there now

let's try it again
snap a picture go back and it didn't

reload so it seems to be working okay as
far as that goes and they've improved

the RAM management even though there's
only four gigabytes of RAM now the other

thing they've improved is performance
when recovering over-the-air update

failures so maybe you're installing that
update like I showed you it was

installing before that can fail and it
should be improved as far as recovering

it another performance improvement has
to do with storage on the pixel three

devices so maybe storage was slow
they've improved the performance of that

and they've also improved Bluetooth
reliability no I didn't have an issue

with Bluetooth reliability but for some
people they did and the reliability has

been improved I haven't been able to
test this like I said since it hasn't

been an issue for me
I do use the Google pixel buds with this

but not really much else and then
finally there's improved playback of

encrypted media on some video apps now
they don't specify which apps

are but some video apps with encrypted
media was slow and it should be improved

now this update is rolling out for the
essential phone as well over-the-air and

they actually gain digital well being on
the essential phone so that allows you

to see how much you've used your phone
and helps you with ways to disconnect

and to reduce interruption so that will
be nice to have for those of you on the

essential phone and that's really it for
this particular update of course I

appreciate these monthly updates whether
they're security patches or these little

performance tweaks it's always nice to
see them update this regularly now

hopefully we'll see some new features
with Android Oh going forward maybe

around June or something like that and
there's quite a few people that have

updated this already saying they've seen
major performance gains with read/write

speeds with the storage internally so
that's a good sign if you'd like to get

your hands on this wallpaper I'll
provide a link in the description I'll

also link the different downloads in the
notes for all the things that have been

changed in this particular update I'll
link all that in the description below

and if you found anything else I haven't
mentioned or Google didn't mention with

this update let us know in the comments
below if you haven't subscribed already

please subscribe and if you liked this
video or enjoyed it or it helped you out

please give it a like if not the other
ones okay - as always thanks for

watching this is Aaron I'll see you next

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Google Pixel March 2019 Update is Out! - What's New?

222 Folder Collection
林雲淡 published on March 20, 2019
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