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This will be fun.
We're back with the cast of Modern Family.
And it's time to see how well we all know each other.
It's a game we're calling Modern Family Secrets.
And we're going to divide the two cast into teams.
We've asked everyone before the show
to tell us one secret about themselves.
One person from each team will come up here.
I'll read a secret.
The first person to buzz in and guess who it is correctly then
they get a point.
If they're wrong, the other team gets a chance to steal.
Let's bring out our first two players
and that is Sophia and Ed.
Let's go Ed.
But I forgot-- when I arrived, I was supposed
to tell someone the secret.
And I didn't tell the secret.
Then you can't play.
It's just--
I tell you the secret now.
OK, tell me in a minute.
It's too late.
I don't like boiled eggs.
That's wonderful.
All right.
Put your hands behind your backs.
And I'm going to read the secret.
Let me know who you think this is.
I used to live with a phone sex operator.
You're both wrong.
It is Jesse Tyler Ferguson.
Oh my god, I was going to say that.
I knew that.
I knew that.
I did.
I didn't do it.
I just lived with a person who did it.
Did we lose already?
Everyone lost.
We all lost.
You both lost.
OK, Ty.
All right.
Good luck.
Oh, that's a good sport right there.
For sure.
All right, hands behind your backs.
I used to walk in fashion shows at the mall.
I think you rang--
Sofia Vergara.
You have a chance to steal.
You're right.
It's Eric.
And we have-- we have a picture.
Let's take a look at that picture.
Looking good, buddy.
All right, really good.
OK, Jesse.
I'm so nervous.
A real fashion model.
Oh, boy.
Hi, how are you?
You're going to look at him differently now.
When I was five, I stuffed a bunch of toys
that I wanted into my siblings pants and coat
and sent them out of the store.
When they got caught, I pretended it was their idea.
Nope, you have a chance to steal.
Uh, Nolan.
Ty Burrell.
My siblings were so old.
I know.
It's Ty?
I turned my brother into a toy mule.
And when we got out, and they caught him-- he was five.
I was three--
I was like, what is wrong with this kid?
I'm like, he's inherently-- something's wrong.
But do the toys need to go back?
Clever and yet horrible.
Yeah, it's terrible.
All right, Sarah, Ariel, come on up.
We've got--
All right.
Oh, yeah.
My nickname when I was a kid was Kenny.
Process of elimination.
Yeah, I know.
I'm trying.
Oh, I don't know.
It's Julie.
They got a point.
We got a point.
All right.
One point.
One's going to do it.
Well, no, you could tie it up with this next one.
Oh, good.
Oh, thank god.
All right, Rico, Nolan, come on over.
Good job.
All right, I used to teach a course on speed reading
even though I had no idea how to actually speed read.
No, I just said Julie.
Sounds like Ed to me.
You are correct.
All right, wow.
We're tied.
I have to take a break.
We'll be back.
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'Modern Family' Cast Spill Their Secrets

104 Folder Collection
吳即平 published on March 19, 2019
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