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So it seems like we're stopping the show just
in time, because you're all falling apart.
So who broke their hand?
Who broke their foot?
I broke my hand.
I had shoulder surgery.
I broke my foot.
And I can't see.
I can't see either.
Paper cut.
Aw, you poor thing.
[INAUDIBLE] Those table reads can be brutal.
Oh, no.
Blocking is becoming a bit hard.
If we have to do a cross or something.
We're like, I'm sitting in the chair.
I'm sitting on the couch.
If I directed an episode, I'd have us
all on army cots, just laid out the entire time.
Is it really getting that bad?
Come on.
A little bit.
The stairs--
You wear a miner's lamp to read your scripts now.
Well, a season-- early on, I could see.
And now I can't see anything.
So they got me a lamp helmet thing
to read this for a script, because I can't see it.
I can't see it.
And you got--
They started printing mine--
You have white--
We get blue pages.
And I can't read off the blue.
The light doesn't work.
They print mine special on white.
Oh, yeah, when they do rewrites.
Yes, I understand.
You've worked on sitcoms before.
I was in a sitcom before.
I know your blue pages.
We know those blue pages.
All right.
So this is the coolest thing I think
what comes out of the show.
Not only do you get to have a relationship
with a group of people and enjoy working with every day,
but you're inspiring kids to be scientists.
I mean, that is actually a really cool [INAUDIBLE]..
Especially for you.
Yeah, I mean, I think for all of us,
it feels really especially impactful that not only can we
bring people joy and make them laugh,
but that we also are putting a different face
on science and scientists.
And a scholarship fund.
Yeah, we have a scholarship fund.
A "Big Bang Theory" scholarship fund.
I think we have 30 scholars in there
now from all over the world at UCLA and to help pay for--
I mean, that's just anything that any of us could expect.
We're doing a sitcom, and we take it very seriously.
But our goal is to make people laugh.
And so when you're a part of something
like that and inspiring people that
are literally molding our culture and our future,
that's beyond--
I'm just a theater rat.
Yeah, I mean to be part of that is just incredible.
It's very cool.
And so you have so many fans.
And you have a lot of fans in prison, which is really great.
That is great.
It's extended family.
Small segue.
We do get a lot of letters from prison.
If I was in prison, I would write.
I don't.
I don't know where this comes from.
But not for like a signed photo for bail.
You don't get any letters from--
Not that I've seen.
When the return address says Rikers Island,
you don't have to open it.
I don't?
I thought I'd open everything.
I don't think I know one Indian in prison.
I know a lot of accountants are Indians, but no prisoners.
That can't be true.
I get a lot of letters from accountants.
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The Big Bang Theory Cast Is Falling Apart

141 Folder Collection
吳即平 published on March 19, 2019
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