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We're playing REM's "It's the End of the World
As We Know It."
I know.
It's really sad.
Very morbid.
Very morbid.
12 years.
Now, who's going to cry today?
Is someone going to cry today?
Kaley, you're going to cry?
Have you been-- who's been crying?
Because you have what?
Nine episodes left?
Nine left.
I didn't know we weren't coming back until--
Oh no.
What a way to find out.
Bringing you here.
Yeah, thanks.
It's great to be here.
So is it like getting emotional, like with every episode
that you shoot?
Yeah, I think so.
We've been getting super emotional.
We were doing a scene for the holiday,
and we were just blocking.
And we're the only two in it, and just kind
of rehearsing the scene.
And out of nowhere I just started bawling.
And the crew, all the camera guys and everyone came out.
They're like, we're so glad you cried.
Because we've been waiting to cry.
And they all gave us this huge group hug.
Big mass hug.
And like we just all cried for like 10 minutes.
I haven't cried yet.
And I have a very deep fear--
seriously, that I'm going--
the most unexpected thing's going to happen.
I'm going to absolutely lose my [BLEEP]..
And I'm like--
We're all scared of that.
Because it really is profound the amount
of time of your life.
And it's like more than I think any of us can get a grip on,
and I'm worried something's going
to trigger me, like deep down inside, like,
oh, I didn't know that was there.
Oh, that hurts, you know?
Should we just get it out of the way right now?
Should we--
--just do it right now.
Why don't you all just do a fake cry right now?
We can all cry on cue.
One, two--
You guys want to give us a big hug,
and we'll just start crying?
Just start crying now.
If anyone hugs me about it, I start crying.
So it just starts happening.
It still feels very hypothetical.
I think come like the end of this coming summer
when we would generally be meant to come back--
That's true.
When we'll be unemployed we'll really be--
I think we'll notice.
Then we'll really be crying.
I'm not working.
In the unemployment line is where we all break down.
I don't think that's gonna happen.
But I mean 12 years is a really long relationship.
Longest ever.
I mean, even though you have breaks,
it's like you're spending 12 years with someone,
and you've grown so much together.
I mean, you were-- how old were you when you-- you
were the youngest.
I just turned 21 when we started.
You couldn't drink, right, during the pilot.
I couldn't drink during the pilot.
She couldn't, but she did.
It wasn't allowed legally.
Not supposed to.
They taught me how.
Aren't you proud of them?
When we end, she will still be a year younger
than I was when we started.
She could another 12-year sitcom.
I'm like really.
It is.
It's been a long, long road.
You have my whole life ahead of you.
Now, are you-- I mean, Simon, you still look you still
look exactly the same.
You have not changed at all.
But if you look at the picture of the first season.
I wish-- see, I wish I looked different.
No way.
You do look identical.
You look
Exactly the same.
It's all fake.
This is all plastic.
That's so irritating.
You look exactly the same.
It is annoying that I look the same.
Don't show any other pictures.
We're jealous.
Don't show any other pictures?
I'm going l show all of you.
Because I mean, you want to see all of you.
Oh, someone went heavy with the tanner that season.
Look at that.
Mayim, you didn't even know-- when you joined,
you didn't know the show at all.
I had never seen The Big Bang Theory.
I thought it was a game show.
You won!
Someone had told me that in some season of The Big Bang Theory,
they mentioned the girl from Blossom is a scientist.
So when someone told me that, I thought,
oh, it must be a game show, like a trivia thing.
I had no idea that it was a very popular sitcom apparently.
So I mean, somebody must have said it's not a game
show before you signed on.
Well, my manager said, they are looking for a female Sheldon
And I said who is Sheldon Cooper?
When she auditioned, she kept buzzing in.
But they still gave it to her, which was really generous.
No worries.
Kunal, so your first impression when you were-- what
did you-- first of all, did all of you
know or feel that you had something
that was going to go this long?
And then, Kunal, what did you feel the first--
what were impressions of everyone?
I've been waiting a long time to say this, but--
Oh no.
No, no.
The only thing I remember is seeing you
and think-- because on his IMDB page he was-- they said,
a 6' 3".
And I remember seeing--
I was 6' 3" when IMDB came out.
And I remember Simon and being like, wow,
you are not as tall as I thought you were going to be.
And that's why we're still such good friends to this day.
The cybersecurity on IMDB has really gotten much more intense
since they began, but--
Yeah, I was-- I was such a kid when I started, too.
I think when we started--
you don't ever think of anything like this gonna happen.
And I think what's so kind of sweet
is, even after all these years, and really up to recently,
we still talk about-- we come in,
we're like, oh my god, how well-- did
the show do well last night?
They watched?
That person-- and we kept that for so long.
We never just kind of said, we're all good now.
Melissa, you were pregnant on the show.
I feel like I was pregnant for like 900 years, which
might a real medical thing.
Because I was pregnant on the show.
Then I was pregnant in real life.
And then pregnant on the show again.
So I was always wearing some form of bump
to the point where I don't know where to put my hands anymore,
because they were just resting on a belly for so long.
So now I'm like [MUMBLING].
It was confusing to us too.
There was a lot of "is she?
Isn't she?"
We didn't know whether to say congratulations or, ooh, lay
off the dessert.
There was a lot of times where Kunal would be like,
are you wearing the bump?
Yes, I'm wearing the bump.
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Find Out Which The Big Bang Theory Star Is the Most Emotional as Series End Nears

326 Folder Collection
吳即平 published on March 19, 2019
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