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How to Play the LT-432
The LT-432
is a Soviet Tier VIII light tank.

The most iconic vehicles of this type
are best known for their speed

and ability to get on everyone's nerves
by rushing up and down the map,

always twisting and turning.
But the LT-432
is a Premium vehicle,

which means it offers
a different kind of gameplay.

How to Play the LT-432
Light tanks rely
on two main characteristics:

mobility and concealment.
The latter is directly related
to the vehicle dimensions,

and the dimensions
of the LT-432 seem quite large.

The tank is wide and long,
but it still has a high concealment
parameter due to its low silhouette.

Dynamics are the chief asset
of the researchable Soviet light tanks,

and the LT-432 is no exception,
with its remarkable maximum
speed and good acceleration.

On the other hand,
its maneuverability is rather peculiar.

The tank enters turns smoothly
and can swiftly move
to the opposite side of the map,

but it can't always be on the
forefront dodging shells like Neo—

its dimensions just won't let it.
The LT-432 is a good
choice for active spotting:

find a position, spot the enemy
for as long as it's reasonable,

then quickly move away and
antagonize the enemy somewhere else.

The characteristics of the gun are
fairly standard for its tier and class,

the main advantages being
damage per minute, fast aiming,

perfect stabilization, and reasonable
elevation/depression angles.

The LT-432 follows
the old tenet of all light tanks:

thou shalt do harm
using distance and concealment.

You can see three
circles on the minimap:

vehicle draw distance, maximum
spotting range, and view range.

The commander of a light tank is
always trying to visualize another one

that would indicate
where they can be spotted.

When scouts keep the enemy inside
the area between the view range circle

and the circle they have in mind, they
spot the enemy without being detected.

The wider the area,
the richer the opportunities.

You can direct your gameplay
into a more aggressive style

and better help your allies.
The size of this area depends not
only on the vehicle characteristics,

but also on the view range and
position of the enemy vehicles,

as well as on how the battle develops.
The worst-case scenario is beginning
the battle at the bottom of the team list,

because the view range
of the enemy vehicles

may be higher
than that of the LT-432.

But the concealment does the job
and allows this light tank to get closer
to the enemies than they expect.

The start of a battle with
the LT-432 is often the same:

try to spot enemy maneuvers
as quickly as possible,

as it will help your allies
to wisely distribute their forces.

you will find this information useful
for planning your further actions.

You might find that the enemy does not
have proper presence on one of the flanks,

and you will soon have a chance to earn
a good deal of experience and credits

for spotting as many enemy
vehicles there as you can.

This approach also
works for city maps.

You may not have
the same freedom there,

but they still have a number of
attractive paths to common positions.

The LT-432 does not need
to employ special techniques

in order to spot
the first enemy vehicle.

Its speed and concealment
allow it to use standard routes
and hideouts for passive spotting.

At the very start of a battle,
a light tank's worst enemy is
a light tank from the opposing team,

so it might be a good idea to get
rid of them as quickly as possible

to secure more space
and subsequently use this space
to achieve the best performance.

Therefore, counteractions
against light tanks are a top priority.

You can always try
to outclass the enemy in spotting

and use your allies
to pull chestnuts out of the fire,

but if you feel especially bloodthirsty,
you can easily do the work yourself.

The LT-432 feels comfortable
in combat against its peers

due to its good gun and—
curiously enough—armor and durability.

Not so substantial in duels
with other vehicles types,

but against other lights,
they make a critical difference.

When in combat, try to keep
as many hit points as you can,

because your remaining HP pool
defines your future actions in the battle.

Don't squander your hit points
unless you are absolutely sure

that taking a hit or two
will provide an advantage.

Therefore, if you can't
destroy an enemy light vehicle

without a sacrifice on your side,
it might be a good idea
to wait for a better moment.

The best approach is to assess
the situation and act accordingly.

So, the vehicles have moved out
to their positions, what's next?

Before the battle
sees the first casualties,

the LT-432 has a few options available,
long-distance spotting being one of them.

This light tank can support allies
with fire from a safe position.

It doesn't deliver the
highest damage per shot,

but considerable damage per minute will
soon become a thorn in the enemy's armor

even if some hits bounce off.
The adversary may
lose focus, change position,

and expose itself
to your allies' guns.

It might take more than one hit
to destroy a track, but once it's off,

the LT-432 can immobilize the enemy
for good due to its high rate of fire.

In this case, even a Repair Kit
will turn out to be a temporary respite

rather than a full-fledged fix.
The LT-432 is an infiltrator.
It is equipped to operate
with cunning and subtlety.

The infiltrator's power lies
in knowledge, not in weapons.

If you know
everything about your enemies

while they know nothing about you,
you will always gain the upper hand.

As soon as you lose this advantage,
you may be cornered and destroyed.

Hence the two
main rules for light tanks:

never go to a position you can't
leave and always analyze the minimap.

They might sound corny, but light
tanks thrive when following these rules.

If you have the chance,
infiltrate the enemy defenses,

as it will help you achieve
several goals at once:

Disperse the fog of war and
get updates on vehicle positions.

The vehicles that posed a threat
to the team may be long gone.

Find new targets.
Spotting vulnerable
tank destroyers and SPGs

may tip the scales
in favor of your team.

Do you want to have some fun
and make sure your enemies don't?

Attack from a flank, make
the enemy vehicles turn their guns,

draw their attention away
from the main combat,

and force them
to feel nervous and stumble,

as each of their mistakes
is an opportunity for your allies.

If your opponents react to your mischief,
they will pull some forces back,

simplifying the situation
for your allies up the line.

If not, their SPGs
will fall prey to your skills,

and you can outflank
the enemy team later.

At the end of the battle,
with few vehicles surviving,

the LT-432 has the
entire map at its disposal,

which alleviates the
need to act so stealthily.

During this stage, a light tank
can focus on dealing damage

by helping allies land the final blows.
If the prospects aren't
so bright for the team,

the LT-432 can be
the last warrior standing.

This is how it rolls when the vehicle
is at the bottom of the team list.

A place in the middle gives
the LT-432 a bit more space,

but being at the top of the list
is what makes this tank a real beast
from the very beginning of a battle.

In battles against
Tier VI vehicles, the LT-432 enjoys

the most comfortable balance
between spotting and being spotted.

The combination of concealment and
view range makes it almost invisible,

and the speed grants it
nearly inescapable omnipresence.

The penetration rate allows the
LT-432 to stuff any vehicle with shells,

and the usual tactics
of a light tank are complemented

by the chance to fully unlock
its potential for dealing damage.

As for the crew skills and perks,
the best strategy would be to pick
the ones that enhance the comfort zone.

The Commander can learn the skills and
perks of the Loader and Radio Operator,

and with such an abundance of
options, it's quite difficult to choose.

We would recommend selecting
Sixth Sense, then Camouflage

and Situational Awareness.
You can pick from the remaining
skills and perks as you please.

The situation with the Gunner,
who is also the Loader,

is more straightforward: Camouflage
comes first, Snap Shot goes second—

the latter will improve firing.
The rest are up to you.

The Driver's first choice
should also be Camouflage,

then everything that improves
mobility, and Smooth Ride.

The fourth option entirely
depends on personal preferences;

we might recommend Brothers
in Arms as a possible choice.

As for the equipment, Coated Optics
and Gun Rammer are a must.

The third piece
is entirely up to you.

If you think that
accuracy on the move is crucial,

install the Vertical Stabilizer.
For better aiming while stationary,
consider using the
Enhanced Gun Laying Drive.

If your crew is already well-trained
with Brothers in Arms at its disposal,

and you are ready
to use Extra Combat Rations,

then Improved Ventilation
might do the trick.

Then there is always
the Camouflage Net

for the patient players who
like passive spotting from bushes.

The LT-432 is a versatile vehicle that
features the best traits of light tanks

and excels in active
and passive spotting,

supporting allies, and dealing damage.
Such a panoply
of options makes the LT-432

a worthy representative
of the Soviet light tanks branch.

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How to play the LT-432

64 Folder Collection
raychen0918 published on March 18, 2019
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