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[playful music]
I can't believe I'm still getting lost in this castle.
There's so many rooms.
I could give you some tips.
I cased the place for weeks to steal your crown.
I can get anywhere in this castle with my eyes closed.
Oh, this I have to see.
You're it!
You can take off the blindfold, Eugene.
Are you sure you want to give up your one advantage?
You forget, I'm used to high places.
You could have just said no tagbacks!
[birds chriping]
[horse sighs]
This game of tag is about to take a turn for the--
[horse whinnys]
So maybe I'll just go find someone else to tag.
Got to remember Eugene is tricky.
Nice try, Eugene.
I thought so.
You're it.
I should have noticed.
The nose is all wrong.
I thought my smolder gave me an unfair advantage in life.
But I haven't seen Pascal the whole time we've been playing tag.
That color-changing chameleon.
Oh, Eugene?
Pascal really knows his way around the castle.
Maybe he can give us both some tips.
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Disney Comics In Motion | Disney Princess | Rapunzel “Castle Tag

7337 Folder Collection
Liang Chen published on April 16, 2019    Liang Chen translated    Evangeline reviewed
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