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I'd better not interrupt him.
Do you always get damaged when evading enemies' attack instead of doing a backflip because you're holding a bow?
(Switch to sword-holding mode quickly to flurry rush)
"Weapon-Throwing Canceling": press R+ZL+X and L stick to flurry rush by means of switching to "sword-holding mode" immediately to elude attack.
If we press ZL in the "bow-holding mode", it only makes your view forward (or lock on the enemy) and turn on Daruk's Protection (without holding the shield).
We can press Y or R(more easily) before ZL or at once in order to switch to the "sword-holding mode" immediately.
If we try to do a backflip in the bow-holding mode, you'll only jump backward with your bow without defending and evading.
Also, it's too late to press B two times to cancel the bow-holding mode, so we can press R (or Y) to return to the sword-holding mode to evade attack.
It's a technique we can evade attack immediately even if shooting arrows.
It's more quickly if we press R instead of two times B to put down the bow.
In some situations, we must press R to cancel the bow-holding mode, or you can't do some actions in time.
"Two-Bomb Parry": though it's similar to Bomb Parry, it can blow away small enemies further.
Though Two-Bomb Parry can blow away enemies further and cause more damages than One-Bomb Parry, it's more difficult to pull off(two bombs within a jump).
It looks pretty cool if you combine another technique with it to be a combo, though.
(Parry Lynel's attack and two bombs)
(Urbosa's Fury + Weapon-Switching Canceling + Two-Bomb Parry after dodging)
"Advanced Shield-Surfing Jump": we can use Shield Surf to bounce from a rough ground and get into slo-mo when drawing the bow in the air.
It's a advanced version of "Vertical Bomb Jump". We can get into slo-mo in the air with a bomb. We just need a rough ground.
The timing is the same as "Vertical Bomb Jump". If you press X at the correct timing, you can jump to a certain height that you get into slo-mo in the air.
Even in a situation, such as put down the shield, hang-time could be expended.
Up to even over two-circle-stamina hang-time.
It's easier to pull off at the rough ground, the slope, or the surfaces with different elevation.
It's not necessary to use forward shield surfing jump. It can be pulled off as long as we land from the air when shield surfing.
(Looks cool)
(Give Lynel a shot)
(Take a lap around Lynel and ridicule it)
(Forward Shield Surfing Jump - slo-mo in the air)
(Give it some hits)
(Vertical Bomb Jump)
(Forward Shield Surfing Jump - stop Lynel's rush attack)
(Forward Shield Surfing Jump - stun Lynel to stop its fireball attack)
"Ragdoll Jump/Shield Spin Jump": it can make we jump higher if we spin the shield before landing, and put down the shield immediately after bouncing from the ground.
(For Shrine Skip)
If we bounced from the rough ground, it's long hang time when we're drawing the bow in the air because of removing the shield.
Especially, we draw the bow prior to the top.
(Run out of 3-circle stamina)
(One more example)
(Over nearly 3-circle stamina)
The key point of Shield Spin Jump Shooting is "on the rough ground" and "drawing the bow before the top."
"Enforced Flurry/Daruk Rush(EFR/EDR)": if we trigger Daruk's Protection in the process of backflip or side jump and then re-lock the enemy as soon as landing on the ground, the game system will trigger Flurry Rush.
The easiest way is that keep pressing ZL, triggering Daruk's Protection with a bomb in the process of dodging jump, and press Y to flurry rush.
We can use sneakstrike and side-jump EFR to be a combo so that the small enemy won't be blown away by the explosion(the idea given by Kico's group).
Resulting from the bomb, Link will attack toward the bomb or forward according to the timing of re-pressing ZL if you re-lock the enemy.
If you don't keep pressing ZL, what direction you will attack towards is based on the timing of re-lock(press ZL again).
The way to trigger flurry rush infinitely is that activate "Daruk's Perfect Parry" with a bomb. "Perfect Daruk Rush".
(PDR v.s. Lynel)
(PDR v.s. Moblin)
Generally, it is always used with side jump beside the enemy instead of backflip.
Otherwise, the attack won't reach the enemy.
(Too far from the enemy even if using side jump)
(Backflip PDR - 1 hit)
(Sideways jump PDR - 4 hits)
(Backflip PDR v.s. gem-on-back stone talus)→the gem can be locked on with ZL
We can use "sneakstrike + sideways jump PDR" to avoid blowing away the small enemy like Bokolin.
As long as you satisfy the condition of "triggering Daruk's Protection in the process of dodging jump" and "locking on the enemy as soon as landing on the ground" both, EDR can be triggered.
(Sideways jump PDR v.s. Lynel's sweep attack)
(Backflip PDR v.s. Lynel's explosion)
(Backflip PDR v.s. Guardian's laser beam)
"Daruk Parry Launch": if Link does an action of "slight going up" and trigger Daruk's Perfect Parry at once, Link will launch high.
The key point is that it needs "Link's going up", so it's prone to being used in the opening of the combat.
We can pull it off as long as we trigger Daruk's Perfect Parry and do an action of going up at the same time.
Though it makes Link jump rather high, it's difficult to pull off.
(One more example)
(Daruk Parry Launch v.s. Lynel in the opening)
"No-Lock Parry": pressing A after releasing Y as soon as possible, we can use shield parry without pressing ZL(without locking on the enemy).
We can press A after releasing Y to parry attack directly without pressing ZL(if we press ZL, the camera will become forward and activate Daruk's Protection.)
It looks like "sword parry" if you use crouch canceling quickly enough.
As long as you satisfy "release Y→press A" as fast as possible(not at once), you can pull off no-lock parry even if you're charging spin attack.
(No-lock Parry v.s. Lynel's sweep attack)
(No-lock Parry v.s. Lynel's simple attack)
(No-lock Parry v.s. Lynel's rush sweep attack)
(No-lock Parry v.s. Lynel's rush sweep attack)
"Revali Cancel": we can stop flying up when using Revali's Toronto with a bomb by getting damage in the glitched ragdoll state.
It's a technique you can stop at the any height you want in the air when flying up with Revali's Toronto.
Low frame rate technique - "Flat-Ground Shield Surfing Jump": we can also get into slo-mo in the air even if bouncing from the flat ground with shield surfing jump.
The flatter the ground is, the more difficultly you can pull it off.
Please try it yourself if interested in this technique.
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691 Folder Collection
raychen0918 published on March 17, 2019
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