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Hi guys, I'm Jacqueline. 大家好,我是Jacqueline
Today, we're now here at Jiangjun District. 今天我們來到將軍區
Speaking of Jiangjun District, 提到將軍區
you might think of the sand sculpture or the rock music festival. 各位可能會想到這裡的沙雕或是音樂祭
But today, I'm not going to show you all of these. 但是今天我們要看的不是這些
We're taking you to the fish harbor. 我們要去的是漁港
Let's go! 出發囉!
The southwestern coastal region of Taiwan is called the salt county. 臺灣的西南部沿海地區稱為鹽鄉
It is an incredible expanse of man-made salt evaporation pond 這裡可以看見大規模的人造鹽田
sprawled across a completely flat and almost boundless landscape. 四周一望無際 景色可以說是相對單一
You might not be able to see the whole picture from this angle, 從這個角度大家可能看不到鹽田的全貌
but birds can see something different. 但是鳥的話就不一樣囉
Hey, Jacana! 嘿,Jacana!
Can you please show us the whole picture of the salt field? 你可以帶我們看一看鹽田的全貌嗎?
The landscape itself is a piece of land art work. 這美景就像是地景藝術一樣
It's really impressive! 真的非常令人震撼啊!
In addition, the salt field has a clever design. 這裡的設計也很聰明
Processing procedures were taken into consideration. 考量生產的流程
The salt evaporation ponds were built next to the dorms 結晶池在靠近宿舍的地方
so that it would be easier for workers to harvest the salt. 方便鹽工收鹽
Besides, roads here consist of slopes 而且路面切斜
that can help save transportation time. 更省時
Hey, Jacana! 嘿,Jacana!
From your side, it looks so beautiful! 你那邊的風景看起來好漂亮喔!
Isn't the salt field beautiful? 這片鹽田是不是很美呢?
After seeing the scenery of the salt fields in Jiangjun, 欣賞了將軍的鹽田風景後
we can try some local dishes in a fishing village 可以到這附近的青鯤鯓
nearby in Cingkunshen. 品嚐在地的漁村小吃
We're now here at Cingkunshen in Jiangjun District. 我們現在來到將軍鄉的青鯤鯓
A lot of people would like to come here 許多人會來這裡參加
for the auction in the fish market. 當地魚市的叫賣活動
Here, you can also find a lot of fresh and inexpensive seafood, 可以買到很多新鮮超值的海鮮
and when you're hungry, 如果肚子餓的話
you can even find a lot of delicious cuisine in the lanes. 巷子裡還有很多美味的料理
Let's go and discover something! 讓我們去一探究竟吧!
What should we eat when we come to Cingkunshen? 來到青鯤鯓該吃什麼呢?
Ask local people, of course! 當然要問問在地的朋友囉!
Hi, everyone! 嗨,大家好!
This is my friend Tshu-a! 這是我朋友處仔!
Hi! Everyone! 嗨!大家好
When you come visit Cingkunshen, 大家來到青鯤鯓
you must not miss out the oyster fritter here. 一定要來吃我們在地的蚵嗲
Do you know why? 你知道為什麼嗎?
The oysters here are all freshly caught and cooked. 因為我們的蚵都是現剖
They are not soaked in water before cooking. 沒有泡水
After they are fried, oysters taste even better. 炸過之後 更是美味
I heard that there are even mullet roe fritters. 聽說這裡還有烏魚子口味的
Is that true? 真的嗎?
See, they're so crispy! 你看 很脆喔!
This is an oyster fritter. 有蚵仔
This is a mullet roe fritter, 烏魚子嗲
and you see the mullet roe. 烏魚子
There is a cuttlefish fritter. 有花枝嗲
In Cingjunshen, you can try the dorsal meat of milkfish. 來我們青鯤鯓還可以吃虱目魚領
The meat has been dried under the sun. 這個是曬過的喔
Please forgive me. I'm already mouth drooling. 不好意思 我已經流口水了
I'll have some first! 我先吃了!
Now, I'm going to try this oyster fritter. 現在 我要來吃吃看這個蚵嗲
It's so crispy outside and super doughy inside. 吃起來外酥內軟
This texture is really, really good. 口感真的非常非常好
It's really fresh! 真的超級新鮮!
Now, I would like to try this really cool dish. 現在 我要來試試看這道很酷的料理
It is the back of the milkfish. 虱目魚領就是虱目魚的背脊肉
It tastes slightly different from the milkfish itself. 吃起來味道和虱目魚肉本身不太一樣
I think it's really cool, too, because it's not dry inside, 我覺得很棒 因為吃起來不會很乾
and it's really… uh… 而且真的…嗯…
It has a different kind of taste. 吃起來有種不一樣的風味
And it's really soft. 魚肉也非常軟嫩
The most attractive feature I believe in Tainan's snacks 我認為臺南的小吃最吸引人的地方
is that they are served freshly. 就是現點現做
Everything is fried freshly now, 每樣食材都是現炸的
and so people can really see how the things are made 大家可以直接看到每道料理是怎麼做的
and taste them right away. 然後立刻享用
After the finger-licking oyster fritter, 吃完超美味的蚵嗲後
you must go to another stand which sells ice cream. 一定要去另外一家攤販買支冰淇淋
And this is only where people who are 這家店只有
really familiar with this place would know. 真的非常熟悉在地的人才會知道
In Taiwanese, we call it “laihangeh” (knowing a lot)! 閩南語稱為「內行」
So now, follow me! 現在 跟著我一起出發吧!
Eating ice cream in Jiangjun is not uncommon 冬天在將軍吃冰一點也不奇怪
because the sunshine here is strong enough even in winter. 這裡的陽光很熱情
This is really a small lane where 這條小巷子裡
you can find a lot of cool things and some traditional lifestyles. 有很多很酷的東西,還能看見當地傳統生活方式
That's right. 你沒看錯
There's only a window and no door here. 沒有店面 只打開一扇窗
It sells iced black tea made in traditional ways. 這裡有古早味的紅茶冰
Now, I'm going to try black tea with ice cream. 我在我要來試試看紅茶加冰淇淋
The ice cream is milk flavor. 冰淇淋是鮮奶口味
And it tastes really good when these two things combine together. 紅茶和牛奶兩種味道融合在一起的感覺真的非常棒
So stick your straw into the ice cream 把吸管插進冰淇淋裡
and just sip a little bit. 稍微吸一口
And you'll taste the ice cream with black tea together. 就能夠同時嚐到冰淇淋和紅茶了
Now, I'm going to try winter melon tea with ice cream. 現在我要來試試看冬瓜茶加冰淇淋
As we all know, winter melon tea is quite sweeter than black tea, 雖然說冬瓜茶本身已經比紅茶甜了
but still, we can try it with the ice cream. 但我們還是來試試看加上冰淇淋後的味道如何
This makes me think of my childhood. 這讓我回想起童年
Because when I was a kid, 記得小時候
my mom would always buy winter melon tea 媽媽會帶著我去買冬瓜茶
or black tea with us. 或紅茶
I really like it because it is mixed with ice cream, 我真的很喜歡這杯,因為冰淇淋混合的口感
and it tastes so good. 喝起來真的很好喝
Not only ice cream with black tea or winter melon tea, 除了紅茶冰淇淋或冬瓜茶冰淇淋外
there's also pure ice cream. 這裡也有賣純冰淇淋喔
This is ice cream with plum flavor, 這碗冰淇淋是梅子口味
and it's exactly just like the “babu” ice cream back in those days! 吃起來的味道就跟古早味的「叭噗冰」一模一樣!
It tastes so good. 真的超好吃
If you come visit Cingkunshen in winter, 冬天來到青鯤鯓
you get to see what it looks like in a fishing village. 你會看到的漁村景象
Fish, dorsal meat of milkfish and mullet roe are dried under the sun. 像是曬魚乾 曬虱目魚領 或者烏魚子
Mullet roe is in season just before the Lunar New Year. 剛好農曆過年前正是烏魚子的產季喔
Here at Cingkunshen, you can see a lot of dried fish products. 青鯤鯓這裡有很多的魚類乾貨
And the most special featured is definitely the mullet roe. 其中最有名的當然就屬烏魚子
How are they made? 烏魚子是怎麼做的呢?
What is the process? 過程是什麼樣子?
Let's go learn some new things! 讓我們一起去看看吧!
Hey, Jacana! 嘿,Jacana!
Don't sneak on the food! 不要在食物那邊鬼鬼祟祟
Stop it! 停下來!
Let's go find out how mullet roe is made! 快帶我們去看看烏魚子怎麼做吧!
The main season for the mullet roe is basically 烏魚子主要產季
from November to Lunar New Year, 大約在十一月到農曆年前
and between this period, 這段期間
workers have to first take the roe out of fish, 工人要把烏魚子取出
and then tie up a string on the roe and then clean them. 用繩子綁好串起後清潔
Afterwards, they would pickle the mullet roe, 之後 烏魚子經過醃漬
and then expose it under the sun and press it under the rocks 會放到太陽下曬乾 同時用石頭重壓
so that it would taste chewy. 這樣口感才會充滿嚼勁
There are a lot of processes during the whole thing 整個製作過程真的非常複雜
because they have to look out for the size, 需要注意烏魚子的大小
for the thickness, and for the sun and the wind… 厚度、日照、風速等等
There are too many things to look out for. 要注意的事情真的太多了
I don't have to take care for all these things. 幸好我不用注意這些事情
I just need to know how to eat! 只要知道怎麼吃烏魚子就好了!
They not only need to expose the mullet roe under the sun, 工作人員不只要把烏魚子拿到陽光下曝曬
but they still need to flip the other side so that 還要不時將烏魚子翻面
both sides get enough sunshine that they need. 讓兩面都能受到充分日曬
I heard that wild mullet roe is expensive. 聽說野生的烏魚子很貴
How do we tell wild mullets from farmed ones ? 但是養殖的和野生的要怎麼分辨呢?
So how can we distinguish from the wild mullet roe 我們如何分辨野生烏魚子
and those bred by ourselves? 和養殖的烏魚子呢?
The first thing you can see is that wild ones 首先 野生烏魚子
have this kind of black spots, 會有像這樣的黑色區塊
while the ones bred by ourselves don't. 養殖的就不會有
The other thing is that those bred by ourselves 另外一點是養殖的烏魚子
have a rounder edge, and they are thick. 邊緣比較圓 而且比較厚
However, the wild ones are thinner, 相比之下 野生烏魚子比較薄
and they don't have such a round edge. 邊緣也沒那麼圓
This is how you can distinguish from these two kinds of mullet roes. 這樣就可以分辨野生跟養殖的烏魚子
The making process of mullet roe varies from family to family. 每家製作烏魚子的方式都會有些不同
Some mullet roe tastes chewy, and some tastes crispy. 有些比較黏牙 有些比較脆
You can choose whatever you like the more. 就看你喜歡什麼口感
After learning all processes, 學完整套製作過程後
now I can't wait to taste the mullet roe myself. 我已經等不及要品嚐烏魚子了
By its flavor, I can tell that it's fully exposed under the sun. 吃起來可以感覺到烏魚子充滿陽光的味道
3D painting in Jiangjun is also very famous. 將軍的3D彩繪也很有名喔
Let's go and check it out! 快帶大家去玩玩吧!
In the summer, Mashagou is a lively place 馬沙溝夏天的時候很熱鬧
where you can play water activities or 有水上活動可以玩
appreciate the sand sculpture. 也有沙雕可以欣賞
However, for the other seasons, 如果是其他季節來的話
you can come here take a picture with the walls and paintings. 可以看這裡的彩繪 和彩繪牆拍照
See, I'm standing here comfortably 我現在看起來好像非常愜意
and viewing all these beautiful views around me. 欣賞四周的美景
But it's actually so tiring and my legs are sore! 但其實我真的超累,腿也超級痠!
Oh no… 喔不…
Hey, Jacana. 嘿,Jacana
Is it your family? 這是你家人嗎?
We are different. 我跟牠不同好嗎!
Oh, ok. 噢,好吧
Hey, Jacana. 嘿,Jacana
Look, it's so beautiful there! 這裡超漂亮
Let's go take a look.Come on! 我們快過去看看 走囉!
That's…. (Ouch!) a wall! 那是...牆
Hey! Why don't you tell me? 嘿 你怎麼不早說?
It's a painting! 這是彩繪
Come on, Jacana! 拜託 Jacana!
Oh my goodness! 天哪!
The scenery in the paintings almost looks real! 我只能說畫得太像了!
Come on, little horse. 小馬兒過來
Do you want some carrots? 你想吃紅蘿蔔嗎?
Come on! 快來!
Good boy! 真乖!
Hey, I just realized that this is a zipper. 嘿 我發現原來這是一條拉鍊
And it's really something you can hold onto. 而且真的有東西可以握著
That's why people say this is a 3 dimensional painting. 難怪大家都說這是3D彩繪
And now I know why. 我現在知道為什麼了
Jacqueline is immersed in the 3D paintings. Jacqueline 整個投入3D彩繪的情境中了
Look at her! 你看吧!
Shh! 噓!
Don't tell them I'm right here! 別告訴他們我在這裡!
It's just between you and me! 這是我們之間的秘密!
Shhh! 噓!
Oh my god! 我的天!
The shark! The shark! 有鯊魚!有鯊魚!
Oh no! 喔不!
Hey, look at that painting! 嘿 看看那邊的畫!
It looks so real! 超級逼真!
Oh, it is a real pork stand. 噢 那是真的豬肉攤
I mixed it up. 我搞混了
As you appreciate the 3D paintings, 在尋找3D彩繪的過程中
you also get to see the sceneries of the fishing village. 也可以欣賞漁村巷弄的樣貌喔
Look! I'm reading a gigantic book! 看!我在讀一本超級巨大的書!
Wow! 哇!
A live fish! 是活魚!
It's called Spanich mackeral. 它叫做土魠魚!
And also here! 這裡也是!
There is a shrimp! 有一尾蝦子!
They look so real! 看起來真的超逼真
Here at Mashagou, you can really feel the vibe of the fishing village 在馬沙溝可以感受到漁村特有的
and the simple lifestyle here at this place. 簡樸生活方式
And also, please keep in mind if you really want to 另外,大家要特別記得
appreciate all the paintings here, 如果想看完所有的彩繪
you can simply just follow the fishes under your feet. 只要跟著腳下的魚前進就可以囉
Just follow them, and you'll see all the paintings you can get. 跟著這些魚兒 就能看到所有的彩繪
Carrot is another special local product in Jiangjun. 將軍的紅蘿蔔也是重要的特產
And there's a Red Jiangjun Industrial and Cultural Festival. 因此有紅將軍產業文化節
Right behind me is a carrot farm. 我後面是一片紅蘿蔔田
And as far as I know, 據我所知
it is a charity carrot farm of Ouwang Elementary School. 這是漚汪國小的愛心紅蘿蔔田
Why is it a charity farm? 為什麼說這是愛心紅蘿蔔田呢?
Why don't we go ask the principal of Ouwang Elementary School? 讓我們一起去問問漚汪國小的校長吧!
Welcome to Ouwang Elementary School. 歡迎來到我們漚汪國小
This is our charity carrot farm. 愛心紅蘿蔔田
The land of Ouwang Charity Carrot Farm. 漚汪愛心紅蘿蔔田
is sponsored by the Farmers' Association of Jiangjun District. 是將軍農會無償提供的一塊地
Here we plant what we eat, 讓我們體驗
and it's the food and farming education. 食農教育
The three students in a group have different task: 三人一組 分別為
sowing, soil flattening, and soil covering. 播種 踩平凹洞 覆土
Students get to experience how carrots were planted back in the old days. 體驗古早種植紅蘿蔔的方式
They learn about sowing, irrigation, 小朋友學習從播種 灌溉
weeding, fertilizing, and management. 除草 施肥及管理
The harvested vegetables will be used to make students' lunch. 採收的菜提供給學生當營養午餐
In addition, the vegetables will be provided to nearby schools, 也會提供給周邊的學校
social welfare organizations, elderly residents, 及社福團體 老人家
and elderly care centers. 或者長照的機構
They also invite residents in the neighborhood to subscribe the carrots. 一部分提供給民眾認養購買愛心紅蘿蔔
The revenue of selling the carrots will be used as a subsidy 盈餘回饋給學生
for students' school expense. 學習活動費
They even donated some of the revenue to help victims of 一部分捐助
the Haulian Earthquake. 花蓮賑災
By doing so, students get the chance to learn more 讓學生體驗
about love and caring. 愛與關懷
The farm is more than meets the eyes. 話說這個農場不簡單
It utilizes technology to achieve the goal of organic farming. 結合科技來從事有機種植
What does this machine do? 這台機器提供了什麼資訊呢
It tells us information from the environment, 整個環境裡面
such as the carbon dioxide concentration, 它的二氧化碳
UV level, sunshine hours, 紫外線 日照度
soil acidity, 土質的酸鹼度
soil electrical conductivity, 還有它的導電度
and soil moisture content. 跟濕度
They're all in it. 通通都會融合在裡面
With the help of technology, data gathered are more accurate. 科技農業提供更精準的數據
And students can utilize the data 讓學生運用這些資料
to cultivate vegetables with higher efficiency! 更有效率地耕作喔!
Every year, a cultural festival for local industries is held in Jiangjun. 每年將軍都會舉辦產業文化節
Everyone is welcomed to come here and harvest the carrots. 歡迎大家來拔蘿蔔
It's really fun, and it can help others as well! 真的非常好玩又能幫助別人!
Next time, when you come to Jiangjun District, 下次來到將軍區
don't just go for seafood or fish market. 別再只是去海鮮和魚市場
Also, come and discover or explore all other things 大家也可以來發掘、探索
that are special here at Jiangjun District. 將軍區其他特別的東西
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Hot Tainan EP3. A Getaway in Jiangjun

108 Folder Collection
Hot Tainan 哈臺南 published on March 13, 2019
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