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- Good morning, good life, everyone.
It is so nice to talk to
you here in my office.

It's been a little while
since we've done something

like this, so it feels
great, especially during my

favorite time of year,
which is the New Year.

Out with the old, in with the new.
Love an arbitrary date on the calendar
for a fresh start, are you with me?
I think so.
Since we talk a lot about
productivity, efficiency,

and beautiful mornings,
we are going to discuss,

today, some ideas for your
morning routine going into the New Year.
(gentle rhythmic music)
OK, I'm not gonna lie, this
is a little bit weird for me.

I'm definitely in a great mood.
I'm so excited to be sitting down
with you, especially on a Sunday.
I know Sunday videos
have been greatly missed,

especially by me, as well,
and so, I just feel like this

is the perfect video for us to chat today.
I don't know the state
of me at the moment.

This is not my normal setup,
I know it kinda looks similar,

but I'm using a new camera,
I'm using a new microphone.

I don't know that I fully
completed my hairstyle,

but I just was so
anxious to chat with you.

So, let's get into it.
First, I wanna do something
a little bit different,

and I'm hoping to do
this again in the future,

so let me know what you think.
But I love everyone who
hangs out with me here

on the YouTube channel, but
also those who hang out with me

on my other social networks,
mainly Twitter and Instagram.

And so, I thought, today, I would start
something called the Twitter shout-out.
Very, very scientific
name, Amy, very good job.

Shout-out to my friend,
Laurie Burkett, for retweeting

my last video, I appreciate
your support so much.

And if you would like a
shout-out in the next video,

make sure you follow me on Twitter,
and be sure to retweet my
video when it comes out.

Alright, on to your New
Year morning routine.

First thing's first,
let your phone sleep in.

I can now tell you with the
greatest of life experience

that there is a chance that
someone will need to reach you

while you are sleeping, by phone,
and if you have do not disturb on
and have it tucked away in another room,
so that you can sleep soundly,
you may not get this call.

However, because of technology
and emergency situations

breaking through do not
disturb, it is very likely

that you will still be
able to be contacted,

and/or even if you get that call,
you may not be able to
do anything about it.

Because the worst of the worst
of this has happened to me,

I can now say that every
night, you need your sleep.

You're going to need to wake
up the next day and proceed

with life at your highest
productivity and capability.

So, for the most part, it
is very wise and important

for you to leave your phone
asleep in another room.

And then when the alarm goes
off and you have to wake up

and turn it off and all that fun stuff,
let that phone stay tucked in,
in its special little
home, for a little while.

Waking up in the morning and starting
the scroll process is a terrible idea.
It's a complete waste of
any waking up early things

if you plan to do something like that,
or even when you wake up
at all, it's your time.

So, don't spend it trying to figure out
is there something I should have checked,
especially if it's Twitter or Instagram.
That can absolutely wait.
So, how can you prepare for
letting your phone sleep in?

Choose that special place
that is not next to your bed

where your phone will
get tucked in every night

when you go to sleep, so
that is has a place to stay

while you're doing your morning routine.
Keep do not disturb on for a little bit,
until it's time to get back on your phone,
so that you can go about your
routine without distractions.

Knowing that the phone is right over there
and will just ding you
whenever it feels like

is not the same thing
as letting it sleep in.

Do not disturb is sleep-in mode
for the phone, so leverage that.
The second idea is to get
your water drinking on.

If you start your day with water,
then you're much more likely to continue
the theme of drinking
water throughout the day.

I can tell you this because
I do not like drinking water.

But when I start with it, I am much
more likely to have a lot more of it,
especially if I have some
other things encouraging it.

There have been a lot of
myths and misconceptions

about the benefits of water for us.
I would like to say that
water will clear your skin

right up, but that's not always true.
Skin care does its job on that front.
But your body does need to be hydrated,
if for nothing else, flushing
out the toxins that you know

you welcomed into your
body over the holidays, OK?

So, how do you prepare yourself to drink
more water throughout the day?
I recommend buying a dope water bottle
that you know you're going to like.
For me, it has to have a straw attached
or I will not drink it.
If it's one of those big water bottles
and you have to guzzle
it, I'm not into that.

Whether I have makeup on or
not, I'm not into guzzling

water, it just doesn't
sound like fun to me.

I need a straw when I'm at the gym,
I need a straw in the morning,
I need a straw throughout the day.
It causes me do drink a lot more.
So, my water bottle is equipped with that,
and it's also very big,
it's at least 32 ounces,

so I know I've got a solid amount of water
intake just from one water bottle.
And my next tip to
prepare would be to start

with something else other
than just basic water.

Now, I'm typically thirsty
for just straight-up water,

but I like to start my
day with lemon water,

so I have a really great
little lemon squeezer.

I was using a different
one, and then my mom gave me

this little gadget, and it's my favorite
lemon squeezer I have ever used.
It really gets a lot of
the juice outta there.

And that adds so much
flavor to your first water

in the morning that it
makes it a little bit

more interesting than just your basic H2O.
My next idea for your morning
routine is to read 10 pages.

If you're the type of person
that wants to read more,

and we will definitely be
reading more on this channel

as we talk about book
club throughout the year,

I know that I'm even trying to
read on a more regular basis.

I tend to wait 'til before bed,
which, I think, is so bad,
because when I'm in bed,

I am ready for bed, and that
book just puts me to sleep.

So, I ultimately end up reading for only
about 15 minutes, and that is not enough,
'cause I can't read as
fast as I would like.

So, I'm not reading as much as I would
if I was doing it when I was wide awake.
So, reading 10 pages a
day and trying to lead off

with that in the morning
will give you that intention

of getting in your reading time every day
and knocking it out before the rest
of the world comes in and takes over.
How do you prepare for this?
I would choose your reading spot.
So, I have one specific place on the couch
that I love to just curl
up, make sure I've got

my lemon water or my
coffee, and start to read.

If I don't have that
spot, I'll just be like,

oh, I'll just read in bed,
and then I fall asleep;

or I'll just sit in my
office and read or something.

No, I'm not gonna sit here and read.
That's not what I do
here, that's not my mode.

So, find your place
where it is reading mode.

Another thing I recommend, and I do both,
I like to read out of a book,
but I also like audio books.

And if you're an audio book person
because you're like, uh, I hate to read,
but everybody tells me I
should, do the audiobook thing.

It's fantastic, especially if the author
read the audiobook theirself,
(laughs) like someone I know.
Hint, hint, get yourself a copy.
My advice for the audiobook thing
is it's easy to just invest
in an Audible membership,

and I will link to that
in the description,

because I highly recommend Audible,
it's a fantastic service for audiobooks.
But then you'll sometimes
forget about it entirely

if it's just an app on
your phone, so pair the act

of listening to a book
with one specific activity.

So, if you like to do cardio at the gym,
then just say, OK, every
time I do cardio at the gym,

which is at least five days a week,
then I'm going to pair my audio listening
to the treadmill moving around.
And that way, you're more
likely to do the thing

because you've decided what
tasks are gonna get paired

together instead of,
again, just an arbitrary,

oh, I'll just get my audiobook
time in at some point.

I don't know about you,
but I actually don't find

there are many opportunities
while I'm working

on the computer that it makes sense
for me to listen to something else
because I will find
that my brain is having

a hard time processing one or the other.
So, when I really wanna read a book,
I need to be doing
something totally mindless,

like being on the treadmill, bored,
in order to absorb an audio book.
And my last tip for preparation is choose
something you're excited to read.
We might choose something
here for book club

that you're that into,
or if somebody recommends

something to you, and you're like,
mm, I'm not really into nonfiction,
then just don't do it,
don't waste your time.

I'm one of those people
that feels like they

have to finish everything, like
I have to get the last drop

of shampoo out of the
bottle, give it to me now,

I will not, I am, it's so weird.
So, I always feel like
I have to finish a book,

but one of the biggest
things that I learned

is that I don't, I absolutely do not.
If I don't like how
it's going, I can stop.

And there was a book I
really, really wanted to love

in the last couple of months,
and I was like, I am not into this.
And it could've been
what I was going through,

and it just wasn't a good time.
Regardless, don't waste your time.
Stop, move on to the next one.
Pick something you're excited about,
and then quit if it's not
the right fit for you.

My fourth idea is to just write something.
I know this might sound
crazy if you're not a writer.

I'm not a writer, I just think it's great
to get ideas out of your brain.
So, this could be a number of things.
You could do something like morning pages,
which we talk a lot about around here,
which is basically just brain
dumping for three pages.

You could write a list of ideas,
you could just write
down what your dream was

from the night before, you
could have a gratitude journal.

Just write something first
thing in the morning.

Get things out of your
brain and onto paper,

so that they are not just sitting
there and bogging you down.
How do you prepare for this?
Well, one thing that you can do is get
a specific journal for your everyday life,
your tasks, your ideas, your
brain dump, whatever it is.

I highly recommend the Bullet Journal.
I have stuck with the Bullet Journal
for two years now, it's been 2017, 2018.
My 2018 journal was a little
shaky, I'm not gonna lie.

But I am so excited about really
knocking it out of the park in 2019.
And something very special, Bullet Journal
actually sent me, and I don't
know if you can see this,

but they sent me a box,
which I was so excited about,

and then I didn't open it because
things were going on,
and I got distracted.

And I just thought, oh, that's so nice,
they sent me a Bullet Journal.
And then I was like, I feel like that's
a very big box for one Bullet Journal.
Well, it is.
So, what they did was that they included
The Bullet Journal Method, the book,
and this is basically a guide
on how to use Bullet Journal,

as well as, I think, some other stories
and things like that from the creator
of the the Bullet Journal, Ryder Carroll;
and the Leuchtturm 1917,
which is the notebook
for bullet journaling,

but it has been fully customized
for the Bullet Journal brand.
But there's more, they
gave me another one,

one for me and one to give away.
So I have another copy of
The Bullet Journal Method

and the Leuchtturm 1917 to give away.
And so, I am going to do just that
because you've gotta have
this in your life, I love it.

You can go watch my previous
videos on bullet journaling.

Actually, if you wanna see what my updated
Bullet Journal's gonna be
like, comment about that below,

because I think that
would be a really great

future video for us to
discuss if you're interested.

But if you would like to win these two
items here, I'm gonna ship it to ya.
Head over to my Instagram
and look for my latest photo,

where you can leave a comment
about what you're excited

about getting more productive
with in the New Year.

And I will choose a winner, US only,
sorry, I shoulda said that, US only,
and I will ship these to you myself
as soon as possible, so
that you can kick off

your New Year with your
new Bullet Journal.

Thanks to Bullet Journal
for sending this to me.

This is not sponsored,
they just sent me the box,

and I am absolutely going
to share the love on this

because I know I have
a lot of Bullet Journal

enthusiasts in this lovely community.
My next idea is for you to wash your face.
I'm personally the type
of person that cannot even

function if I have not washed my face.
I can't go make coffee, I
can't go drink my lemon water,

I can't go write in my
journal, I can't do anything

until I get the crud outta my eyes
and make my face feel really moist.
I want to be able to lead with my skin.
So, how would you prepare for
this if you're not the type

of person to wash your face
first thing in the morning?

Maybe you do the bare minimum at night,
which is the bare minimum, by the way.
Don't make me cram skin
care tips down your throat.

What I would suggest is
that you set your face wash

and your moisturizer out,
so that it is not like,

oh, where did I put that again?
Or oh yeah, I forgot I had a routine,
and I stuck it in the cabinet, no.
Sit it on the counter, this
is what countertops are for.

If you don't have a countertop,
then maybe you can get a
nice stand for these items.

If you forget they exist,
you will not use them,

so I tend to leave
things out on the counter

that, first of all, I use frequently;
or secondly, I don't
wanna forget that I bought

'cause it's not in my usual routine.
My next tip for this
is don't go overboard.

A lot of times, people will
sign up for a six-step skin care

routine 'cause they're like,
woo-hoo, ready to go in, no.

You do not need to do that,
and sometimes your skin

will actually freak out if
you add too many things,

not just get a couple of zits,
because that happens when
you start new face wash,

and it's sorta like, what is this?
It's actually cleaning out
the toxins in a different way.

But if you start adding too
many serums or oils or whatever,

and you haven't really given things time
to work themselves out and
you do too much at once,

it cannot be good for your skin.
I've been dealing with a
lot of perioral dermatitis

in the last couple of
years, actually, basically,

since my wedding, which is awful.
What I've learned from that is you need
to be able to test things and figure out
where the source of the issue is.
So, don't sign up for too much.
If you wanna prepare, just do,
add one thing that you haven't been doing.
The base, I would say, is
face wash and moisturizer.

But if that's your first step,
that's a good first step.

My sixth idea is for you to make the bed,
that annoying thing that your
parents always wanted you

to do growing up that you hated doing.
But, darn it, they were right.
The nice thing about this is
that if you do nothing else

the rest of the day, you get to get in bed
that night and look at this masterpiece
of the one thing you
were able to accomplish.

So, kick off your day
with one great thing,

and that is making the
bed that you're gonna

wanna get into later in a bad way.
How do you prepare for this?
Well, you just gotta do it.
When it comes down to it,
we're talking about just

making the bed, just make the bed.
Another thing you can do is maybe
make it more worth your while.
I added a couple of the big euro
square pillows to make the bed look
a lot more impressive when it's made,
and that gets me more
excited to make the bed

even though I've just
added steps to the process.

But it does look a lot prettier.
And another weekly
routine tip here that will

help you with the whole
bed-making habit is I have always,

probably for the last 10 years,
almost my entire adulthood,

I have always washed my sheets on Sunday.
Today's Sunday, I'll wash my sheets,
so that I have fresh sheets
going into every new workweek.

To me, it just makes it feel
like it's just like icing

on the cake that I have prepared fully
for what I have to do in the coming days.
And my last idea for your New Year morning
routine is to limit decision-making.
The fewer things that you have to make
your brain work on every
single morning the better,

because then you're more likely
to continue to do the things

as habits that don't cause
a lot of decision-making.

So, I'm gonna make my bed, there
is no decision there, done.

I am going to drink lemon
water, no decision there, done.

I am going to write in my morning pages
while I drink my lemon water
and then my coffee, done.

It's not a decision, it's
just you're gonna do it.

I'm gonna go to the gym, I am going
to get dressed, these are all things.
But the little things like what
am I gonna wear to the gym?

What am I gonna wear for the day?
When am I going to go to the gym?
When am I going to make time for it?
These, the little decisions that can start
to make you question lots
of parts of your day,

and then it just, everything gets messy.
So, do things like
picking out your uniform.

If you know it's a day you
have to go into the office,

then there's probably a specific
outfit that you would typically wear.
What are the basics of that?
Lay them out the night before
or stick with that plan every time.
When I used to work at a law firm,
I wore black slacks every
day, and it was just a matter

of what button-down shirt I
was gonna wear or what sweater.

And then from there, it's like,
what shoes go with those black pants?
Are they long black pants?
I'm gonna wear a heel.
Are they short black pants?
I'm gonna wear a flat, it was that simple.
So the limiting of the decision-making
is going to make your life so much easier
when you're trying to get out the door,
when you're trying to move on to something
that actually deserves meaningful thought.
Another tip would be go to the gym
at the same time every day.
If you have the ability
to do that, or if it makes

the most sense for you
because your schedule

is fairly set, then it's not a decision.
It's not am I gonna go to the gym,
it's always go to the gym.
To me, I just go every single
day, so I'm not saying,

oh, I only work out three
to four times a week.

If I do that, then I'm
like, oh, I only went

twice this week, so I'll
just do five next week.

No, no, no, no, no.
If you go every day, even if
it's not a serious workout,

if it's sort of like
a, you're on your sixth

day of the week of working out,
just walk on the treadmill
for a mile at a high incline,

and it's like, great, you
went to the gym today,

and you didn't have to, but you did.
And that routine helped
you get to the ones

that were a little bit harder.
Saying that as somebody
that's getting some

really challenging
trainings from her trainer,

and so, there are days
that are easier at the gym,

and there are days that
I wish I wasn't there.

But I don't get to decide,
it's just every day.

Just a couple of bonus tips on this whole
morning routine thing,
one being do not be afraid

of habits, and do not let habits rule you.
I'm the type of person,
I nerd out about habits.

There are people that do not.
There are a lot of people who do not,
but definitely want to try
to at least have a few.

If you are one of those people,
do not let habits become
the ruler of your life.

You don't wanna sign up for bureaucracy,
and you also don't wanna give yourself
a super-hard time if you miss something.
If you're traveling, if
your schedule changes,

if suddenly, your dog's
gotta go to the vet

because they're sick, things happen.
And you'll find that the
most successful people

with their habits do not
give themselves a hard time

if they miss one or two
or three 'cause they know

they're gonna get right back to them.
They're gonna get back
to their normal routine.

They're gonna get back
to it at some point.

And they're not gonna give
themselves a hard time

on the other days because
it's just a fact of life.

If you let the habits rule you,
you will not stick with them.
But if you respect them for what they are
and you keep them in
your life as consistently

as is normal and as is human,
then you're gonna be fine.

And another one is to start keeping track
of a few differences by having routines
in your life for these different habits.
If you start drinking
lemon water in the morning

and you feel more awake more
naturally without coffee,

then maybe start to learn from that
and drink a little bit of less coffee.
If you're starting to notice a difference
in your body because you are
at least moving at the gym

almost every day, then
notice that, write it down,

put it in your journal,
start to track things.

The more you monitor, the more likely
you're gonna keep up with something.
Alright, those are just a few ideas
for your New Year morning routine.
I'd love to hear some suggestions
from you in the comments below.
What are you planning on instituting
in your mornings going into the New Year?
Leave a comment.
And if you're interested
in hearing a little bit

about resolutions that I had
this year and sort of a recap

on that and how I'm going into
next year about resolutions,

the latest episode of Detail Therapy,
yes, the podcast is finally coming back
from a break also (laughs),
it'll be out tomorrow, December 31st,
which is New Year's Eve, and so, you can
tune in and get a listen to that.
The link is in the description.
I know the last couple of months have been
a little bit weird around
here, but I'm super happy

to finally be back back,
like really back this time,

Sundays and Wednesdays in full effect.
So, thank you for your patience with me,
and I'm so excited for what is to come.
We are gonna have some
fun around here in 2019.

That's all for today, thank
you so much for tuning in.

I appreciate it, as always.
Make sure you subscribe for good vibes,
kiss the ones you love (smacks lips),
and remember to go after
the life that you want.

(gentle rhythmic music)
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