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  • Without substantial change, getting the greenhouse gas emissions down,

  • we are on a path to large increases in the planet's temperature.

  • You hear a lot about the progress in reducing the cost of renewable energy to make electricity.

  • But generating electricity isn't the only contributor to climate change.

  • It accounts for only about 25 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions.

  • With greenhouse gases you have the electricity sector.

  • But you also have manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, buildings,

  • as well as about 10% from other sources.

  • We need innovation

  • going out there and finding inventors across all these different areas and understanding their energy R&D activities

  • to make sure that they have a path from their laboratory to scaling up into very large numbers.

  • For electricity,

  • wind energy and solar energy prices are coming down.

  • So the electricity sector has to either be able to store that energy

  • or have other zero-emission sources to maintain the reliability that we all depend on.

  • Manufacturing

  • Here we're talking about all the stuff we buy:

  • furniture, beds, the cars themselves, all of those things.

  • Just the very process of making cement is CO2 emitting.

  • There's a lot of embedded energy.

  • We'll have to change the way that we do that manufacturing.

  • Transportation

  • Immediately people think about passenger cars.

  • And they are a big part of that. But transportation is quite broad.

  • We've got railroads. We've got ships.

  • We've got planes. And so every one of those has to get to zero emission.

  • Agriculture.

  • This is a category that often people forget about.

  • Cows actually emit quite a bit of methane which is one of the more powerful greenhouse gases.

  • And so, inventions like artificial meat may have to play a role here.

  • Buildings.

  • We need to invent different processes in order to get the energy used in running all these buildings down, way down, to zero.

  • The path to success is going to require innovation across every one of these sectors.

  • So it is quite daunting.

  • During this century we not only need to invent all of these things,

  • we actually need to deploy them at massive, massive scale.

  • But in my experience innovation can do magical things.

Without substantial change, getting the greenhouse gas emissions down,

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Bill Gates on the need for climate innovators

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    Li-chieh Young posted on 2019/03/13
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