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Love a good spin around the playground.
I was going to go on the slide!
I was!
No, me!
[arguing continues]
But all good things must come to...an end!
Taking turns might be a better way to handle this than arguing about it.
My pal Falcon and I figured that one out when we got in each other's way trying to defeat the evil villain, Hob Goblin.
Looks like somebody made their own drive-thru window.
Hob Goblin blasted the hole with some kind of ray and, and stole all the money!
Well, he won't get a chance to spend it if I have anything to say about it.
[car horn honking]
[chugging engine]
There's that high-flying Hob Goblin!
He's so far up there, he won't even notice little ol' Spidey.
Whoa! Whoa!
Ah! Double whoa!
Hey, Falcon, I was swinging here, buddy.
And I need to get around you.
I'm chasing Hob Goblin; he stole my power-ray!
Your power-ray? Well, he made a giant hole in the bank with it and stole a lot of money.
So if you'll let me get around you, then I can catch him!
[evil laugh]
Neither of you will every catch me!
Now, that time you definitely got in my way.
I don't think so. And now, Hob Goblin is getting away.
Not with Spidey on the job.
Falcon, can you just stay out of my way?
I'll capture Hob Goblin and return the money he stole.
Sorry, but Hob Goblin used the power-ray to rob the bank, so I need to capture him before he causes more trouble.
But I have the perfect plan to beat him.
I swoop in from above so he'll be temporarily blinded by the sun.
It's a good idea but you'd be better swinging in from below.
Whatever the plan, we can't both go after him at the same time.
We'd just get in each other's way again.
You're right. We should take turns until one of us snags Hob Goblin.
Well, since I'm your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, you first.
Sounds good, thanks Spider-Man!
[evil laughs]
With this power-ray, I'll be able to rob every bank in the city!
And how many can you rob without it!
Ah! My eyes!
Your turn, Spider-Man!
Your turn again!
I'll take that, Hob Goblin!
And I'll take the last turn.
Yeah! Gotcha!
Taking turns was twice as effective as going it alone.
And, half as much work! What do you think, Hobbi?
What? [grunts]
OK, tell you what.
You can take the first turn, going to jail.
Taking turns sounds like it could work. Thanks, Spidey.
You go first.
Oh, thanks!
Now it's your turn!
Thank you. I'm going down super fast!
Cool. I'm doing that on my next turn!
You see, now you both get to have fun.
And you get to do it together! Spidey out!
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Spidey & Falcon Take Turns! Marvel Super Hero Adventures - You Go High, I’ll Go Low | SHORT

6133 Folder Collection
Liang Chen published on April 9, 2019    Liang Chen translated    Jessieeee reviewed
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