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  • We have two animated films that follow the life of an ant,

  • two disaster films where the worlds both need saving from comets and asteroids,

  • two White Houses in danger, friends with benefits, magicians,

  • Churchill, pigs, Capote, and the list goes on and on.

  • Do you ever wonder why some films seem to come in twos?

  • This phenomenon is called "twin films".

  • It's when two films with similar plots from two different production companies are released around the same time.

  • And they've been happening since the beginning of Hollywood.

  • From "Gone with the Wind" and "Jezebel", both about Southern women in the mid-1800s vying for men they couldn't have,

  • to "Oscar Wilde" and "The Trials Of Oscar Wilde", which were not only both released in 1960, but both premiered in the last week in May.

  • And then there was "Harlow" and the other film also named "Harlow", which didn't even bother to come up with different names for the films about actress Jean Harlow.

  • And this was just the start to what would eventually become an extremely common occurrence throughout cinematic history.

  • As is with most twin films, one of them usually does really well at the box office, while the other one doesn't.

  • Take "Top Gun" and "Iron Eagle" for example.

  • Both were released in 1986.

  • But "Top Gun" beat out "Iron Eagle" by a landslide, despite "Iron Eagle" being released first.

  • In 2012, "Mirror Mirror" couldn't compete with "Snow White and the Huntsman".

  • With "Taken" and "Stolen", their similarities ended after having the same plot and being released in the same year.

  • One of them tanked at the box office, while the other ones soared and is still being quoted today.

  • But what I do have are a very particular set of skills.

  • But if there's no guaranteed success, then why do twin films happen?

  • Well, sometimes it's just plain coincidence.

  • Two scripts about the same thing just happen to pop up on desks of two different studios around the same time.

  • Take the 2015 film "Marguerite", which was based on socialite Florence Foster Jenkins.

  • The director found out about the competing film titled "Florence Foster Jenkins", starring Meryl Streep, one month before he started filming, and he knew his film was done.

  • The latter was widely praised during the awards season that year.

  • But, in other cases, some films might be inspired by the same event or tragedy around the same time.

  • After the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 2011, two screenwriters began developing films around his life and death.

  • "Jobs", starring Ashton Kutcher, was released first in 2013 as a bit of a flop.

  • While the other film, "Steve Jobs", took its time during the writing and development stages and was finally released in 2015 to great success.

  • And five years after the tragedy of 9/11, 2006 saw the release of "United 93", "Flight 93", and Nicolas Cage's "World Trade Center",

  • all inspired by the events of 9/11 and all released within months of each other.

  • Other times though, it's far from coincidence.

  • A studio might hear of another studio having a great idea, love it, steal it, and try to make it better and faster.

  • While not everybody has come out and admitted thatbecause who's gonna admit to plagiarism?

  • These films have enough evidence to support the drama that supposedly played out underneath the surface.

  • "Antz" versus "A Bug's Life".

  • In 1988, Disney pitched a story about army ants, which would later become "A Bug's Life".

  • But after a feud with Disney's CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg left the company, took the story, and brought it to DreamWorks.

  • And so, "Antz" was born.

  • The speculation on the story being stolen had gotten so big that a Disney executive had called Katzenberg himself to ask him if it was true.

  • And Katzenberg confirmed it.

  • There are even rumors that Katzenberg bribed Disney to slow down the production of "A Bug's Life".

  • And if he did, they would halt the production of "Antz".

  • Well, it looks like that didn't exactly work out in his favor.

  • "Mowgli" versus "The Jungle Book".

  • We recently saw the release of "Mowgli", the live-action "Jungle Book" film on Netflix.

  • It felt all too familiar, because in 2016, we saw the release of a different live-action "Jungle Book" film titled, well, "The Jungle Book".

  • The Warner Brothers film "Mowgli" had actually started production first in 2012, and was scheduled to be released in October of 2016.

  • And shortly afterwards, Walt Disney Pictures happen to also announce that they were making a live-action adaptation of the story,

  • but that they would be releasing the film in April of 2016, conveniently before "Mowgli" was set to be released.

  • "Mowgli" ended up pushing their release date to October 2018, claiming it was due to special effects problems.

  • But it's a good thing they did because "The Jungle Book" went on to make almost one billion dollars at the box office.

  • But it's not always so competitive in the world of twin films.

  • In 2009, there were two comedy mall cop films to hit the theaters.

  • "Observe and Report" and "Paul Blart Mall-Cop".

  • Seth Rogen actually even said in an interview to "GQ" that he knew about the filming of "Paul Blart" the whole time,

  • and that the two films would actually consult each other on productions so that they didn't step on each other's toes.

  • Twin films are happening all around us, and they're not exactly stopping anytime soon.

  • Most recently, we saw the release of a fyre fest documentary on Hulu, just days before Netflix was set to release their own.

  • So, what are your favorite twin films?

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We have two animated films that follow the life of an ant,

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