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  • You told me the story of the war.

  • When the ground shook and the sky burned.

  • Of the ones that survived.

  • Who awoke to a different world.

  • Where the powerful prey on the weak.

  • But that's not the way it has to be.

  • When I found you,

  • your very human brain was miraculously intact.

  • It's the loneliest feeling not to know who you are.

  • In time you'll remember.

  • Alita's new here.

  • It's harsh world down here you gotta be willing to do what it takes.

  • Alita run!

  • My God.

  • She's the last of her kind.

  • She contains technology that have been lost for 300 years.

  • Let me show you something.

  • This body I feel a connection to it, I can't explain.

  • You know more about me than you're saying

  • Alita, some things are better left forgotten.

  • then I'll find out for my myself.

  • She's threatening the natural order of things.

  • I need you to destroy her.

  • Alita, they will come for you0

  • I'll have to face them head on.

  • I'm gonna need you to stand way back,

  • tonight is not a game,

  • it is a hunt.

  • I'm with her.


You told me the story of the war.

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ALITA BATTLE ANGEL Trailer 2 (2018)

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    I Ping Yen posted on 2019/03/11
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