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March, 1963: the CIA is planning to kill Fidel Castro using his greatest guilty pleasure: a milkshake.
The U.S. feared Castro's anti-American views.
And according to Castro's bodyguard, the CIA plotted 638 times to sabotage him.
Trying things like chemical powder on his boots, a bacterial-lined scuba suit, spiked cigars, and exploding cigars.
But, the closest the CIA came to killing Castro?
Poisoning his chocolate milkshake at his favorite ice cream parlor.
The dictator had an obsession with dairy: ice cream, milkshakes, you name it.
I mean, it gets hot in Cuba.
So, the CIA convinced Mafia members to carry out the plot.
The mobsters delivered a pill containing poison to a waiter, who would slipped the capsule into Castro's milkshake.
The waiter placed the pill in the freezer until the time was right.
But the pill froze to the freezer's lining and when he went to pick it up, the pill ripped open, spilling poison everywhere.
So, the would-be assassin waiter abandoned the plot.
The mission was a bust.
Castro went on to become one of the world's longest ruling leaders.
Arrogantly boasting, "If surviving assassination attempts were an Olympic event, I would win the gold medal."
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The Milkshake That Almost Killed Castro

507 Folder Collection
許大善 published on March 9, 2019    Damon translated    michelle reviewed
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