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  • Alright, thank you, thank you!

  • very much, thankyou for coming out here. Alright.

  • Okay- I didn't cure anything! Jesus Christ

  • fucking Lifetime Achievement Award out here.I have been on the road for the

  • last five months I don't know man, I just..I'm really thinking the worst of people

  • really am. Seeing some of the animals..some of the the animals I see, like..I was in

  • the airport the other day right? I'm sitting there waiting for my flight- just

  • hating my life- and I'm watching this lady, she's eating Egg

  • McMuffins, like, 'plural' she went through three of them,

  • right down her throat like a pelican just like, right down her gullet and when

  • she was done she wiped her face with the bag. No, with the bag! Not even like a gentlemen, just YEEEARRRGGHHH!! she just got a straight razor

  • shave. Absolute animal. I saw this other dude he was so out of shape he was like, trying to

  • itch his back and he couldn't reach it so he walked up to a support pole that

  • was holding up an entire floor of the airport..he just walks up and he just

  • starts like rubbing up against it. Like a grizzly bear. Just a fucking

  • animal.

  • Dude, I am so pro-Swine Flu, it's ridiculous

  • I want it- we need a plague, I'm telling you. We need a plague. It's gotta

  • happen. And don't be afraid, it's only

  • gonna kill the weak. Put on a sweater, take some vitamins you're gonna be fine.

  • You gotta let Mother Nature do her thing. Man, she's she keeps trying to help

  • us out and we won't let her do it. Keeps trying to thin the herd every single

  • time. We are like 'Gotta get your vaccinations!'--why?why? so Egg McMuffin

  • lady can breed with the back-fat guy?

Alright, thank you, thank you!

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Bill Burr ESL: Part 1

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    abovelight posted on 2019/03/07
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