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- Hey guys, how's it going?
It's Justine and I'm here with Ro.
- Hello.
- And today, what are we doing?
Do you know what we're doing?
- I love that you brought
all this stuff over,

because I love getting into
the spirit of the holidays.

I even wore my holiday sweater for you.
- This is really cute and I'm wearing,
your holiday diamond antlers.
- Yeah I found that at Nordstrom,
and it was really cute,
and I was like these would
look really good on you.

- It's great thank you.
Well today we're doing
something very interesting

- Festive
- And I don't even know
if this is gonna work

to be honest with you
like most of my videos.

- We have no clue.
- I was like I think
it would be really fun

if we tried to do a blindfold
tree decorating challenge.

- Mhmm, so we are gonna be blindfolded?
- Yeah but I think we should
probably put the tree together,

cause they're a little bit of a problem.
When you shop online, things tend
to look a little bit smaller.
Well, this is the tree that I got.
- Oh my gosh
- It was supposed to be
like I thought a foot.

- That is not a foot.
- No and I think that we
have to put it together.

So I honestly don't know how tall this is.
I wanted some sort of like pre-lit garland
to put on the tree.
So this is...
- Whoa
- This is (laughs) not...
- It looks like a log. Oh, oh!
- This is something that you
would just put on your mantle.

- This kinda looks as big
as the tree but we can see.

- I might have to set this aside.
- Okay, so the blindfolds
are little lambs.
- It looks just like him.
- And if you put it on Matty,
he looks like a little lamb.

Look at him, if he went "bah bah"
I would think you're a
little lamb-- Ooh kisses!

- Oh wow that's a smelly mouth.
- Hi little lamb!
- So we should probably put
the tree together first.

- Okay, okay.
- Uh, alright...
- Yeah 'cause I don't know if I can put
that together blindfolded.
- I'm unsure if we will be able to use
our four eyes and put this together.
- This is half of it?
Justine, this is as big as me!

- Maybe, actually I think it is.
- This is huge. This is the top.
- Maybe we could just
put together half of it.

- Well that's just
gonna look like a shrub.

- I mean I'm okay with that if you are.
- I'm invested now Justine.
This is gonna happen.

- So we're not decorating a shrub.
(both laughing)
- Can you imagine? Happy Holidays girl,
and I showed up at your
house with a shrub.

And I was like lets decorate a shrub.
- I would be totally fine with that.
- Really?
- Yes, so this are going well over here.
How are you?
- I'm just fanning these out.
- Okay, are you getting pinched?
- (mumbling)
- Eww, what yeah you don't eat it.
- Okay I don't know how
that got in my mouth.

Can you imagine if that was our job?
We just for the holidays went around,
to all our friends house
and brought them trees?

- Yeah, I love it.
- Hey guys it Ro and Justine,
and we've brought you a holiday tree.
- I'd say the first the
one we should go to,

we should go to Joey's house.
- You think he'd like a
tree we picked out for him?

- He would love it.
- Okay!
- Maybe we just give him this one.
We'll drive past the next day
- Oh yeah he's gonna love it.
- It'll be in the dumpster.
- Yeah
- Oh careful cause I don't
want you to get pinched.

- Ta-da
- Cool
- This looks amazing.
- I think it looks just
you know it's okay.

It's not the best but it's not the worst.
- Oh, I love this. Okay how tall is it?
Is it as big as me?
- I think it actually.
- Almost
- Almost
- Okay, so we need to
raise it a little bit.

- Okay, our tree is all
set up and ready to go.

We've got these decorations
I mean this looks like
an absolute just mess.

This is like we went and raided
like the discount bin and everything else
that's left over after Christmas
is like "here you go!"
- Okay, lets put these
little blindfolds on.

- Our little Matty masks.
- Okay, do we just start?
- I don't know are my mine one? Wait.
- Let me see I'm about to feel you.
Where are you?
- I'm here.
- Okay yeah that's it.
Alright so we can't cheat.

The first thing I'm touching are lights.
- Yes
- We gotta string the lights.
- Do you think we should do light first?
- Yeah
- Okay

- Can you help me?
- Yes
- Okay so I don't know where
the end is. Let me feel it.

- Wait I have something, this is a plug.
- You have the end.
- I've got an end.
- Okay, are you supposed to
start at the top or the bottom?

- I'm thinking of Drake
and he from the started
bottom and know he's here.

Which is the top.
- Well how will we plug it in on the top?
- (laughs) That's a great point.
So you start at the top with your end.
Because I've got the plug-in end.
- So you're the bottom.
- I'm the bottom.
- You're the bottom.
- Yes

- You're where? Where's the bottom?
- No, (laughs) I have the bottom.
- Well hand it to me.
- Well no.
- 'Cause I'm the bottom.
You're the top now

here take this end.
- Oh okay, 'cause I'm taller!
- Yeah, 'cause you're taller!
- I was still singing Drake.
- Okay, Justine
- ♪ Started from the
bottom now we're here ♪

- How would I decorate
the top of the tree?

- I don't know!
- It will never happen for me.
- Wait, why's this so heavy?
- Get this off of here, what is this?
- I'm trying to find
the end of this thing,

it is like an eternity.
- Oh I'm stuck on something

- Ow! This tree is so pinch-y!
- There's something stuck on me!
- (Laughs) Oh my God, wait is this --
Wait, do you still have the end?
- Yeah!
- Okay, good. Wait,
something's touching me.

- Yeah, there's somethin' on me,
feel like I'm trapped in a seaweed
or something, here.
- Wait, there's something stuck to this.
- There's somethin' stuck
on me! It won't quit!

- Okay, I'm getting this off.
- We'll just ignore it,
'cause we gotta decorate.

- Oh wait, is our tree knocked
over, is this standing up?

- No, it's standing, I can feel it.
- Alright, I got the top,
so what I'm gonna do,

and I probably wouldn't
suggest doing this,

but I'm gonna just tie this to the top.
- Perfect, then we know
it can't go anywhere.

So it won't move.
- Whoa!

Wait! Why's it moving?
- I'm really good at this.

- Alright, I'm gonna
put this around the tree

- Okay

Justine, I think you got me in there.
Justine wait, (laughs)
you got me in there!

- I don't know-- where are you?
- Okay there! There we got it!
Is this tree upright?
- I don't know, I feel sideways (laughs).
Am I standing straight?
I just don't remember how big the tree is.
- Just hand it over here.
The lights in there so it looks natural.
- I don't know where the other end went!
- This is mine!

Wait! This is the end.
I'm in here,
oh my gosh.
- I'm so confused, wait a minute.
- Oh gosh.
- [Justine] I completely lost it.
- Justine it's stuck on
my hair! (laughs) Ow!

- Wait, don't move!
- Justine! It's stuck on my hair!
Wait, wait. Where's your hand?
- My hands are here.
- Where?
- Here. That's my elbow.
This is my hand.
- Okay, and then where's your string?
- It's in my hand. Here, touch.
- What?

- Well no, I took it out
of my hand for a second.

- Well, how much longer do we have?
- I'm not sure, it's stuck somewhere.
- [Ro] You gotta plug in.
- Oh, shoot! But where's the rest of it?
- Oh, this was a short one, huh?
Just shove it down a little.
- Are you sure there's no
other thing right here?

- I don't have anymore.
- You're positive?
- Yeah.
- Where did it go?
Well I guess we've got our lights on.
- Okay, lights: check!
- I feel some garland.
- Oooh!
- Here you go. This feels
like it's beautiful.

- Feel like this looks nice.
- Gosh, something is stuck on my leg!
- Ooh! I got another piece of garland!
- It's cutting me.
- Okay, I'll just this
around, in the middle

and I'm gonna do this by doing a big hug.
- I don't know what you're
doing but it sounds amazing.

- I'm gonna put this
at the top like a star.

I forgot to get a tree topper.
Oh, I've got these icicles!
- Ooooh!
- Mmm, these are really tangled, though.
- Those were really cool! I
think you should put 'em on.

- Okay.
- Now I'm gonna find-- I know
we had ornaments around here.

- We did!
- This is a pen.
- Oops, sorry.
- These are do-it-yourself! What's this?
This was what was stuck on me.
- I feel so dizzy.
- I can hear 'em!
- So, when I was looking at these earlier
when I was seeing, they had hooks
but I don't think we can--
that's gonna be too
much of a difficult task

to put hooks on, because we've got this.
- I can feel these, these are nice.
Oh nice.
- Okay, let's put some
balls on here (laughs).

- Okay, I'll do the ones at the bottom,
'cause I'm short.
- Okay, I'll take the top.
- We are hitting everything
that a tree needs,

lights, tinsel, ornaments, we got
somethin' on the top of the tree.
- And we're giving it a lot of love
which is very very important.
- What about back here?
That's the other thing.

Justine, when people are decorating trees,
they always forget about
the back of the tree.

- This is a 360 tree.
- The front's all decorated
and then the back's all naked

not in this house!
- Uh-uh
- We're gonna decorate the back!
- Okay, I'm gonna try to
make a star for the top,

I'm hoping this is yellow
but I am unsure of the color.

- Well, finger's crossed
(paper ripping)

- Here we go.
I'm gonna do
some D.I.Y. ornaments
(paper crumpling)

- You are?
- Yeah, I'm gonna try.
See, I think this is gonna be a--
just, at least one.
- Okay. Are you doing a ball or a paper?
- Well, I'm gonna put a paper in the ball.
- Wow!
- Like, crumbled it up.
- Okay, I'm gonna try.
- Okay, now I know there's hooks.
- Here!
- Ooh I found 'em!
(Ro mumbling)
- Oh no, I lost my ball.

- Uh-oh.
- Here's a hook.
- And I'm just gonna
draw something on here.

- Okay, I don't think we have a pen.
- Where'd that hook go-- oh there it is,
I'm holding the hook in my mouth.
- There's glitter pens.
- Here we go, here's a pen.
I think it's a glitter pen.

- It might. Be careful, that's gonna be--
- This is wet, so Justine,
my ornament has to dry

- Okay
- So just be really careful
- I'll keep that in mind
- Okay, so just be careful!
So what should I draw on this one?
I did a gingerbread man. So what's next?
- Maybe, like, a reindeer?
Are we out of things to put on the tree?
- And then I'm gonna draw a head,
(tree rattles)
(Justine laughing)

That's a thing.
- (laughing) It was so
much closer than I thought

- We need eyeballs!
- Look! Well, you can't
see. I can't see either.

- What?!
- Wait! Feel! Give me your hand!
- Where?
- We've got this!
- (gasps) We've got to
put this on the tree.

- We have to! Okay,
we've gotta find the end.

- Okay
- Okay, I have the plug end.
- I've got it!
- Well, you know what?
I bet I could plug this
into the top of the tree

because it had that extension cord.
- You think you could?
- Well, we're gonna see.
Man, I love the holidays.
- Here's my ornament,
I'll hold it over here.

- Where the heck is that end at?
- I don't wanna ruin this
ornament, it's great.

(Justine mumbling)
Did you find it?

- I don't think I did.
Lets -- (both yelling)

Oh gosh! Are you okay?
- I'm okay!
- Okay.
- I have cat-like reflexes
(Justine laughing)

- I guess we just decorate now.
- Maybe just throw this -- wait, oh.
- What's wrong?
- I got the top end,
so you could switch me

and you could put this
on the top of the tree.

- Let me feel.
- I got the top, here.
- [Ro] It's right here!
- Yes! Okay, but see, what I was--
- Just put that on the top
we'll double plug it in

on the bottom.
- Oh alright, I'm giving up!
- I got one of those multiple ports,
what are they called? You know, those--
- A surge protector?
- Yeah! I got two of those
(Justine yelling)

- Good! 'Cause we're gonna need it.
- So, yeah, we could use both of 'em.
You got any more? Where?
- Oh, yep. Wait!
- Wait, wait! I have
to finish my ornament.

- Okay, I'll wait.
- Ooh, that's it. It's wet.
- Hmm.
- It's still wet.
- [Justine] Did we use everything?
- [Ro] Lemme find my hook.
I have glue all over my hands.
- I feel like I'm a mess.
- Oh.
- What's wrong.
- Aww, well, I shoulda let 'em dry
before I put 'em on the tree

I think that this is pretty good,
how are you feeling about it.
- I feel excellent, I feel festive
and I feel like I have
mascara all over my face

- Do you wanna take off your blindfold,
and see what we've done?
- Yes!

- Our blindfolded tree
decorating challenge?

- Yeah, yeah! Okay, ready?
- Okay. One, two, three!
(oohing and ahhing)
- Oh no, buddy!
- Oh no.
- Oh, god.
- We broke it.
- He has seen some things.
- Oh no, my ornaments (laughs).
- Aww, we haven't even plugged it in yet.
- We have to plug it in.
(Ro laughing)
- Well, this is it,

the perfect time to turn on our tree,
it is now nighttime, the sun has gone down
and let's turn this thing on!
- Let's light it up, girl!
- Alright!
- I wanna see those Christmas lights!
- [Justine] This one?
(oohing and ahhing)
- Pretty!
- Okay, but I need one more,
there's another one, here it is. Ready?
- Yeah!
The rainbow. Oh my gosh.
- It's really good
- Blindfolded Christmas tree challenge.
- You know, this looks better than my tree
when I decorated it with my eyes open.
So, that's unfortunate.

These actually look good!
If you guys wanna make little
D.I.Y. Christmas balls,
just crinkle up some paper

and shove it in this thing.
- I like that, that's really cute.
I liked your (laughs) star.
- That is not yellow paper, (laughs)
I was hoping it was gonna be yellow.
- But I like it, this is really creative.
- Okay, this is really
good. That's a blindfold--

- Blindfolded reindeer ornament.
- That's amazing, I'm pretty impressed.
- This is pretty much the ornaments
that I made when I was two years old.
- I mean the lights may
be slightly tangled,

but that's okay.
- Oh yeah, but I will
say, the back of our tree

is also not naked, there's
a lot going on over here.

- I think kind of I lost track of what was
the front or the back or the sides,
so we were just decorating
absolutely everything.

Well guys, thanks so much for watching!
Thank you, Ro, for participating.
- Thank you
- I'm so sorry I made a mess in your house
- No, this was so much fun.
- We're gonna have to do
some serious vacuuming.

- Worth it!
- Make sure you guys go
check out Ro's channel,

we have done so many fun videos over there
and you also have so many
amazing baking videos.

If you guys are fans of actually good,
incredible baking stuff.
Anything good that I do is
because Ro has taught me how.

Well, thanks for hanging
out and making a tree.

Happy Holidays?
- This feels like the holidays now.
- This does.
- Now that we've got a
tree, let the holidays roll!

- I'm ready, I'm just gonna go put this
in my living room now,
it's gonna look great.

- Or we could gift this
to our favorite YouTuber.

- That's true, hey Joey!
- Hey Joey!
- Or Jordan?
- We made you a tree!
- I don't think Jordan would
be that into this because--

- He doesn't like reindeer.
- Does he not like reindeer?
- I don't know, or gingerbread men?
- See, I was more
concerned about the glitter

- Oh it's too much bling.
- No, I'm thinking it might shed,
and then he'd have to clean it up.
- Oh, he'd have to vacuum it a lot.
- He's got a lot of vacuums, though.
- Yeah
- Think he'd be alright (laughs)
Alright, well that's it.
Let's go find a home for this.

We'll see you guys later.
- Sounds good, I'll pick it up
at the bottom.
- Oh okay, wait it's plugged in though.
- Ohh, oh yeah. Never mind.
- Let's just leave it here and enjoy it.
- Okay!

- Okay, bye! (laughs)
- Bye you guys, happy holidays!
- Happy holidays!
(cheerful percussive music)
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Blindfold Christmas Tree Decorating Challenge with Ro!

72 Folder Collection
Feng Ting Tsai published on March 4, 2019
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