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Weather said 70.
I should probably wear a sweater
and bring a jacket for later.
I feel really good about this.
Just the right amount of cats.
Fruit intake for the day, one clementine.
I should eat some protein before three.
Mmmm. I think I just made a new flavor.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
Okay. You wanna get dinner? Maybe like dimsum?
- Hey, you okay? - Oh, yeah. I'm fine.
You don't seem fine.
Actually, I'm having a really weird day.
- No. - Yeah, I don't know ...
20% of 17.45 divide by ten.
17.45. I'm just going to give her ten.
She was great. Follow your dreams, Donna.
I just think it's kind of weird that I've never
Oh! Do know where we parked the car?
Yeah. We're on the second floor, row B.
It's quite near the elevators, but...
I know we parked by a red car.
I think it might have had lightning bolts on it.
- Which floor? - Um, I don't know.
Yeah, I mean, I think I'm going to see him again,
cause, he's, you know,
he's from the Northeast, his family's healthy,
they don't have any history of heart disease,
and he wants to have kids.
So if that's not compatibility,
eventually followed by love, I don't know what is.
Yeah, I don't know, it's just
my heart feels really light, I guess, when I'm around him.
Does that make sense?
This movie is full of plot holes.
Yeah, but it looks incredible.
Sure, but how can he be her sister?
Just let it go. Just let it go. Just focus on the colors.
I can't.
Are you an alien? You have to tell me if you're an alien.
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Left Brain Friend Vs. Right Brain Friend

1301 Folder Collection
michelle published on February 27, 2019
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