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Ha ha!
Ah, there's nothing more peaceful than a morning swing through the park.
I don't want to play with trucks!
Dinosaurs are more fun!
Dinosaurs? No way!
Ugh, spoke too soon.
Then I don't want to play.
Me neither!
You know, it's OK to disagree, but finding a solution that will make both of you happy might be a lot more fun.
I learned that the time Spider-Girl and I had a run-in with super-villain hothead, Electro!
I love swinging in the sunshine but...
Heh heh, it sure is hot.
Ice cream break?
I was going to say that!
Great Spideys think alike.
What'll it be, my friends?
Mmm, how about two chocolate cones?
Hold up!
I'm sorry, Spider Man, but simple creamy vanilla is a much better flavor.
What? But, everybody knows chocolate is the greatest flavor since... flavor!
[door jingles]
Hm, nope, this is the only shop on the block without power.
Let's check the electrical box.
The electrical panel was blown.
That would take a giant power surge.
And I'm guessing that surge was no accident!
Follow that scorch mark!
For Electro!
That hot-handed super-villain always signs his work!
Let's get him!
Whoa! Whoa, whoa.
I think we should restore the power here first.
Or all the ice-cream in these freezers will melt.
That's a lot of disappointed people.
But Electro may cut off power to other ice-cream shops.
We have to go after him first.
But this shop will need their power fixed.
Or their ice-cream will melt.
Main street ice-cream and downtown ice-cream have lost power too.
Since we can't agree, we'd better split up!
Mm hm.
Knew I was right!
If I want to find Electro, just follow the scorch marks and popped light bulbs.
I've checked out two other shops and they've got their power back on.
Central city ice-cream is the only one left in the area.
Looks like some careless villain left the door open for the sneaky Spidey.
Ha! Caught you red-handed!
You're mine, Electro!
I see we're back in sync, Spidey.
Great Spideys think alike!
Hey, Electro, what have you got against ice-cream anyway?
What did such a delicious treat ever do to you?
My electrcial energy always melts them in my hands.
And if I can't have creamy delicious ice-cream, no one can!
You could have just had a milkshake.
Huh? Argh!
Arguing over whose plan to follow, almost cost us all the ice-cream in town.
By splitting up, we came up with a solution that made us both happy and saved the day.
Let me buy you an ice-cream.
What will you have? Chocolate?
Hm, nah. I think I'll have strawberry.
That's my other favorite flavor.
Heh heh, mine too.
Beep beep beep beep.
[sound effects]
Look at that! The construction trucks built a bridge for the dinosaurs to cross. Nice compromise.
Rarrr! Thanks, Miss Bulldozer!
Vroom! You're welcome, Triceratops.
People don't always agree, but finding ways to compromise can make everyone happier.
That's for sure! Rarr!
Gotcha, Spider Man. Vroom!
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Spidey Compromises | Marvel Super Hero Adventures - That's Why They Make Chocolate & Vanilla | SHORT

8481 Folder Collection
Liang Chen published on March 21, 2019    Liang Chen translated    Evangeline reviewed
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