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Hey, guys.
You know what?
I was, I just had a class with a student this morning, and he made a request, a student in our course, because I only teach them, but he made a request for a couple more vocabulary videos.
So, if you're watching, student, you know who you are.
Thank you for the request.
So, today, we're talking about vocabulary to describe a work of art.
Now, guys, you know that you have to really broaden your horizons in your IELTS preparation, in order to be ready for anything.
And I am certain that describing a work of art is difficult for a lot of you out there.
It's even difficult for a lot of native speakers, okay?
So, guys, include this in your study plan.
Choose a museum.
It'd be cool if it was a museum in the city you wanted to live in or where you live now.
Go to the museum's website.
Choose one work of art.
And then, look that up.
Look up that specific painting, or sculpture, what have you.
Look it up on Wikipedia, any resource.
Just read a description of it, okay?
That's how you're going to get really comfortable in the language, the tone, the vocabulary we use to discuss this very specific topic.
Okay, so, let's get into my recommendations for some vocabulary, here.
Um, all right.
So, first of all, if you're describing a sculpture, some things you might say, "a marble bust."
So, marble is a material, like a stone material, um, and, very expensive, and heavy.
And, a bust is like from the hips to here.
That is a bust.
So, that is a marble bust.
I looked at one just an hour ago when I was preparing this.
Um, and, the description for this piece was, "It is elegant."
This word, it, it's like a graceful, flowing appearance, okay?
I like graceful, as well, as an adjective.
You can also describe a work of art as "restrained".
Now, this, it's simple, right?
There's not a lot, there's not tons of, like, fancy detail or additional, decoration, okay?
So, restrained.
Um, if you're describing works of art that are from a classical period, or either, or might mimic that style, you could say it has a "classical sensibility".
So, that means it looks like a traditional work of art.
That could, anything, guys, sculpture, film, paintings, okay?
I love that phrase.
Now, describing it more specifically, right?
The materials, like marble; paintings are often oil on canvas.
So, in your description of a work of art, knowing the material is very helpful, right?
It completes the details.
Um, sometimes, you might see a "mural".
This is, uh, fantastic.
A mural is a huge piece.
You can see them outside.
They cover whole walls.
Inside museums, as well, something that covers the whole wall.
I am thinking specifically of one of my favorites, the Guernica from Picasso.
So, I looked that up on Wikipedia, and that gave me some ideas for vocab, today, so I encourage you guys to read that article, as well.
Important historical piece.
Guys, if you are wondering about any of my vocab, remember, look below the video.
I type it all out for you guys.
Okay, um, another phrase, which is nice, "It utilizes a palette of..."
So, palette is like the range of colors, right?
So utilizes a palette of grays and blacks.
We normally colors aren't pluralized, but in this phrase, they are.
Um, okay, another adjective, you could describe it, any piece, as "moving".
If it made you feel something, okay, it is moving.
And last one, I love this one.
If you're describing what you see in the painting, you could say, "Prominent in the composition is ..." is a woman and her child, whatever.
So, that's a great way to introduce what you actually see in the photo or painting.
Okay, guys. So, please, write down some of this vocab.
Practice using it, but most of all, I encourage you to start your own research into art.
Guys, all these, all the famous museums have, like, virtual tours you can take.
Just choose a couple pieces that strike you and research them.
Okay, guys. Thank you so much for watching, today.
And remember, you can become one of our students by going to allearsenglish.com/keys.
All right, guys, thanks for watching.
I'll see you next time.
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8+ Vocabulary to Describe a Work of Art

6159 Folder Collection
Jessieeee published on April 5, 2019    Jessieeee translated    Evangeline reviewed
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