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One sunny November morning, Miss Sassy -- an aptly named bird if
ever there was one! - went to visit Henry, a young turkey with a heart of
gold - and only a little experience in his young turkey life.
Miss Sassy loved to tease Henry and sure enough, that's how the morning began:
"Henry," Miss Sassy called. "Henry, do you know what humans eat on
"No," replied Henry. "What do humans eat on Thanksgiving?"
Miss Sassy looked at him. "Why Turkey, of course!" she laughed.
Now, Henry didn't believe that. Not one little bit.
He ran as fast as he could to see the humans.
As Henry looked through the kitchen window, he couldn't believe what he saw!
A recipe for Double - Roasted - Turkey!
Henry gasped. He felt sick. He felt scared!
He went immediately to talk with Quinn the Peacock.
Quinn was loved by everyone, especially the humans. Quinn would know what to do.
Henry blurted out what Miss Sassy told him.
Quinn said, "Don't worry Henry. I have a great idea!
"Wear a disguise! Make a peacock costume for the Thanksgiving party!
"I'll help; let's look in my costume trunk!"
So, armed with peacock feathers from Quinn's big trunk, Henry hurried home to make
his disguise.
What will it take? Turning a turkey into a peacock; what will it take?
Well, feathers, of course. How about paint? What color of paint? And string?
How about glue? Yes! Lots of glue!
Well, er, uh, Henry's first attempt, uh, misses the mark.
And, uh, the second try is, uh, - a little haphazard, too.
"Perfect!" Henry shouted , as he admired his final costume.
" I'm Quinn's Twin! Well, uh, sort of."
So Henry headed off to join the Thanksgiving party, as a well disguised guest.
Or so he thought!
"He's here!" the humans cheered. "Henry!"
"Oh no!" Henry gasped. His disguise didn't work!
"Our guest of honor has arrived," someone shouted, "Here's Henry!"
Slowly, Henry made his way to the dinner table.
And there he saw - The - Menu!
Henry blinked and looked again: "Double Roasted - Turkey - Seed - Cobbler!?"
"What?" Henry gasped. "Turkey Seed Cobbler is my favorite!"
"We made it just for you!" Miss Sassy giggled.
And with that, the whole gang gave thanks and ate Turkey Seed Cobbler
'til the cows came home!
Happy Thanksgiving and Best Wishes for the Holidays!
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Thanksgiving Henry

2730 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on October 18, 2013
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