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  • Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite

  • #ThatWasTMI stories from you guys.

  • This first one´s from @jeremyart. She says,''One tim eI called my mom and she asked, 'Are you drunk dialing me?'' I told her no, ans she said,'Well, I'm drunk answering.''

  • Last call.

  • This one´s from @emilyscoby.She says, ''A cashier once carded me and said, ''Oh, your birthday is October 2nd, That means your parents did it on New Year's Eve!''

  • This one´s from @MexicanSamoan. He says--

  • Right there is TMI almost.

  • That's TMI, yeah. Tell me everything about him. He says, ''One time a random guy using the urinal next to me told me he knew how to plan the ''perfect murder.''

  • Don't want to piss that guy off.

  • This one's from @camdfish. She says,'' A client on the phone once asked me to ''make the birthday cake as ugly as possible because I hate this woman's guts.''

  • Why even get her a cake?

  • I don´t know, man.

  • Give her a sock on the nose.

  • This is from -- Kuh--jade? Kuh--ji--

  • Kay-ya-day? Key-hade?

  • K-E-J-A-D-E.

  • Could be Key-yah-day? Kuh-jade?

  • Kej-dee?

  • Shazh.

  • It's pronounced "Shazh." She says,''My grandma told me she bought a dress for her funeral and she was gonna give it a test run at my wedding.''

  • Thanks a lot.

  • You never know.

  • This one´s from @CXO-Insights. She says,''A woman sitting next to me at ''Hamilton'' told me that the key to avoiding long restroom lines at the theatre was to wear an adult disper.''

  • Can I change seats, please?

  • This last one here is from @-jeffreyhudson. He says,''My family was having a party, and I offered my grandma more cake. She said, 'No, thanks, honey,' then winked at my grandpa and said, 'I'm gonna have more cake later.'''

  • There you have it.

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Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite

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