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Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite
#ThatWasTMI stories from you guys.
This first one´s from @jeremyart. She says,''One tim eI called my mom and she asked, 'Are you drunk dialing me?'' I told her no, ans she said,'Well, I'm drunk answering.''
Last call.
This one´s from @emilyscoby.She says, ''A cashier once carded me and said, ''Oh, your birthday is October 2nd, That means your parents did it on New Year's Eve!''
This one´s from @MexicanSamoan. He says--
Right there is TMI almost.
That's TMI, yeah. Tell me everything about him. He says, ''One time a random guy using the urinal next to me told me he knew how to plan the ''perfect murder.''
Don't want to piss that guy off.
This one's from @camdfish. She says,'' A client on the phone once asked me to ''make the birthday cake as ugly as possible because I hate this woman's guts.''
Why even get her a cake?
I don´t know, man.
Give her a sock on the nose.
This is from -- Kuh--jade? Kuh--ji--
Kay-ya-day? Key-hade?
Could be Key-yah-day? Kuh-jade?
It's pronounced "Shazh." She says,''My grandma told me she bought a dress for her funeral and she was gonna give it a test run at my wedding.''
Thanks a lot.
You never know.
This one´s from @CXO-Insights. She says,''A woman sitting next to me at ''Hamilton'' told me that the key to avoiding long restroom lines at the theatre was to wear an adult disper.''
Can I change seats, please?
This last one here is from @-jeffreyhudson. He says,''My family was having a party, and I offered my grandma more cake. She said, 'No, thanks, honey,' then winked at my grandpa and said, 'I'm gonna have more cake later.'''
There you have it.
Those are our "Tonight Show" hashtags.
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Hashtags: #ThatWasTMI

783 Folder Collection
Clément published on February 20, 2019    Clément translated    Evangeline reviewed
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