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Hello and welcome everyone. This is Minoo at anglo-link. Today, we are going to look
at 15 words that as a Romance language
speaker, i.e. Catalan, French, Italian,

Portuguese, Romanian, or Spanish speaker, you may have been using incorrectly.
These are words that look very similar
to a word in your language but have a

different meaning in English. So, let's
now look at the 15 words I've chosen for

today's lesson.
Remember that the only way to avoid
vocabulary mistakes is by checking them

in a dictionary that doesn't just give
you the direct translation but also the

English definition and example sentences, so before we end this lesson, I'd like to
introduce you to our sponsor for this

Reji. Reji is a completely free app
that can be very helpful to you in

learning vocabulary.
Reji allows you to save and practise

the words you've picked up in class or
while reading or watching television. It

can automatically look up translations,
definitions, example sentences, and even

images. It also shows you the phonetic
transcription and lets you hear the

correct pronunciation. Because Reji
uses spaced repetition, it will help you

to easily learn all the words you have
saved. So, let me demonstrate how Reji

works. As you can see, I have already
created a deck called 'false friends' and

entered four words: actually, currently,
eventually, and sensible. Now, I'm going to

add the word 'sensitive' to the deck. As
I'm using the translation feature, Reji

is giving me the French equivalent. I can
choose the translation I want displayed

and also one of the example sentences.
And here we are: 'sensitive' has been added

to the deck. A nice feature is that you
can edit the entries and replace the

information with your own translation or
your own example sentence.

if I were using the definition feature, I
would have the definition of each word

instead of its translation. So, as you can
see, Reji is very easy to use and will

greatly facilitate your saving and
learning new vocabulary. Well, that's all

for this vocabulary lesson. I hope you've
enjoyed it. Remember to check out my online

self-study course at anglo-link.com.
Thank you for watching, and see you again

very soon.
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Common mistakes with English vocabulary: 15 false friends

270 Folder Collection
Josh published on February 19, 2019
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