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  • Popcorn, movies, a match made in theater heaven.

  • But there was a time when this was banned.

  • Popcorn has been around for over 8,000 years.

  • But when it hit American streets in the mid-1800s, it took off.

  • It was cheap and could be mass produced on the go, not to mention it smelled amazing.

  • It was the go-to snack at circuses, sporting events and fairs.

  • In fact the only place you wouldn't find popcorn was at the movies.

  • You see, going to the movies used to be a major event.

  • The only people that went were fancy rich folks because you had to be educated enough to read.

  • Fancy, like there was even a coat check.

  • But there was definitely no concession stand.

  • There was, however, popcorn street vendors who set up shop outside theaters.

  • They made a killing selling to waiting theater goers.

  • Theater goers that started smuggling their popped treats inside.

  • Not cool.

  • Early movie theaters kindly asked patrons check their popcorn before entering.

  • Then, in 1927, films started adding sound, meaning everyone went to the movies.

  • The Great Depression followed making movies a cheap escape.

  • Huge crowds plus crunch muffling sound equaled another revenue opportunity for theater owners.

  • By 1945, over half the popcorn consumed in America was being eaten at the movies.

  • A marriage that has continued ever since.

  • To get ourselves a treat!

Popcorn, movies, a match made in theater heaven.

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When Popcorn Was Banned at the Movies

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    Vivian Chen posted on 2019/03/16
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