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Popcorn, movies, a match made in theater heaven.
But there was a time when this was banned.
Popcorn has been around for over 8,000 years.
But when it hit American streets in the mid-1800s, it took off.
It was cheap and could be mass produced on the go, not to mention it smelled amazing.
It was the go-to snack at circuses, sporting events and fairs.
In fact the only place you wouldn't find popcorn was at the movies.
You see, going to the movies used to be a major event.
The only people that went were fancy rich folks because you had to be educated enough to read.
Fancy, like there was even a coat check.
But there was definitely no concession stand.
There was, however, popcorn street vendors who set up shop outside theaters.
They made a killing selling to waiting theater goers.
Theater goers that started smuggling their popped treats inside.
Not cool.
Early movie theaters kindly asked patrons check their popcorn before entering.
Then, in 1927, films started adding sound, meaning everyone went to the movies.
The Great Depression followed making movies a cheap escape.
Huge crowds plus crunch muffling sound equaled another revenue opportunity for theater owners.
By 1945, over half the popcorn consumed in America was being eaten at the movies.
A marriage that has continued ever since.
To get ourselves a treat!
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When Popcorn Was Banned at the Movies

10413 Folder Collection
Vvn Chen published on March 17, 2019    Vvn Chen translated    Evangeline reviewed
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