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- Humans can experience over 10 million colors.
It's rather amazing
but not to the mantis shrimp.
Beautiful, isn't it?
This is a mantis shrimp.
Mantis shrimp have 16 color receptors in their eyes,
the most of any animal on our planet.
Now what does this mean?
Now think about the world you live in.
You're experiencing all this with three optical receptors.
Because the mantis shrimp has so many more than us,
their light detecting ability is astronomically better
and this can help them spot pray quicker,
making it an extraordinary hunter.
It's only about four inches long
but can strike with the force of 335 pounds.
- Wow.
- It takes nine pounds to break a nose,
25 to break a small bone
and 400 to break through a block of cement.
The movement of the mantis shrimp claw
is one of the fastest for any animal on earth.
They've even been know to break through aquarium tanks.
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And Just Like That, You're Struck: The Aquatic World with Philippe Cousteau

516 Folder Collection
許大善 published on February 17, 2019
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