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Just keep asking myself,
who would want to kidnap Katie?
She's so annoying, you'd be guaranteeing yourself
hours and hours with her. I--
Don't you worry about that.
When the kidnapper calls, just keep her
on the line for two minutes, then we can trace it
and get Katie back.
From Lucatania Cruise Line!
Oh god.
This is the captain speaking,
you've been selected--
It's a scam call.
You get a lot of these, do you?
Oh yeah, you know, one day it was nothing,
the next, bam, like every hour.
I must be on a list or something.
Me too.
Yeah, I'm so glad I'm not the only one.
It's so annoying, right?
It's like I barely even answer my phone anymore.
Okay, but we do need to answer the phone,
so is there someone else's phone
that we can use or?
The kidnapper said that they were calling this line only.
Okay, but maybe we can--
Unknown number, it's probably another junk call.
But it's a local area code, this could be our guy.
Well, you never really know.
Yeah, it's called neighbor spoofing.
They take numbers from the same area code you're in.
Yeah, it's probably more likely that it's a scam.
That is so true, yeah, and then you pick it up,
and it's just a pre-recorded call in Mandarin.
Okay, but if it is the kidnapper,
this could be our only chance to save Katie.
We can't take that risk.
Your social security number has been--
I told you!
Oh no, I'm not picking that up.
That's definitely a scam, it says scam likely right on it.
Unless the kidnapper's name is Scam Likely.
No, what kind of a name is Scam Likely?
Yeah, that sounds like a Dickensian orphan.
It could be a street name.
A street name?
-Street names are like Bones or like Jack.
Okay, but I've never seen this scam likely thing before.
I think only certain carriers do it.
I'm on cricket, and I'm probably getting more calls
from scam likely than I am my friends.
100%, I mean who calls anymore?
Just answer it before it's too late.
If you're not careful
death will be on your hands.
Well I don't want that,
so just tell me what I have to do--
With Persephone Life Insurance,
you can be sure that your financial--
Oh come on!
Why would they even make an ad that sounds like that?
I don't know these junk calls are weird.
They're all weird like that.
Can you just trust me that I know which calls are legit
and which ones aren't.
Do you though?
Are you willing to bet Katy's life on it?
I swear to god if this is--
Be careful how you talk to me
or I'll send Katie back in pieces.
You're actually the kidnapper?
Uh, yes.
It's actually the kidnapper.
All right, that's what I'm talking about.
All right, I'm sorry no, we've had a morning.
Wait a minute, who's we?
I, not we, there's no cops here.
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Kidnapper or Scam Call?

270 Folder Collection
Liang Chen published on February 15, 2019    Clément translated    Evangeline reviewed
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